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Feed your passion for water sports with our captivating surf & travel guides. Read inspiring adventure stories and surf news, and amp up your skills with tips & tricks from experienced surfers worldwide.

Kitesurfing for Beginners: All You Need to Know About Wind Conditions

Before throwing yourself into the water, it’s important to know what the weather conditions and wind directions are. This is a basic rule every kiter should know. 

6 Amazing Places for Active Holidays in Australia

Breathtaking landscapes and azure seas – those are only a few of the many treasures Australia has to offer. Although many visitors come to enjoy its urban scene, more and more tourists want to experience active holidays in the Land Down Under. 

What to Pack for a Surf Trip – The Ultimate Checklist

Surf and travel are inseparable. But the ubiquitous question arises: What should you pack when you go on a surf trip? It’s so easy to get caught up in all the planning, trying to figure out where to score that perfect wave, where to sleep and what to eat, and overlook some of the essential items that you should take with you.

The Flow State in Adventure Sports: What Is It and How to Tap into It More Often

Think back and try to identify those brief moments of absolute commitment and determination, when you were fully engaged while surrendering to intuition, in complete harmony with your surroundings, powered by an unrecognizable force coming from deep within you.  

25 Useful Tips for Beginner Surfers that Guarantee Fun in the Waves

Is surfing something you’ve always wanted to try, but you weren’t sure whether you’d be any good at it? Or maybe you were afraid you would fail? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, future surfer! 

9 Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Surfer (That Make You Look Like a Kook!)

If you were taken by the attractive photos of surfers gliding on gigantic waves and had an idea that surfing could possibly be an easy sport, then you are so wrong.

5 Surf Camps in Morocco to Take Your Surfing to the Next Level

Have you been dreaming of surfing the legendary waves that Morocco is so famous for? If you’ve been intimated by their notoriety before, no need to be anymore. Morocco is one of the best places on earth to progress and improve your technique in record time.

Catch Your First Wave! A Complete Guide to the Best Surfing Destinations for Beginners

When was the last time you packed up and left for a new destination, leaving routine way behind you? If you’re reading this, you’re already taking the first steps towards discovering your passion. Kudos to you! But if you’re going to learn to surf, make sure you do it the right way!

Top Budget Surf Camps Located all over the World

Surf camps are becoming more and more popular, but there are still some people who think that you would need to spend big bucks to go on a surf vacation or a surf camp. 

8 Surfer-Based Ocean Conservation Organizations You Can Join Today to Make a Difference Tomorrow

The awe-inspiring coastlines we all love so much are under serious threat. Surfers are among those who see and experience ocean pollution first-hand, and it is now becoming more clear than ever that these lands might not still be around for future generations to enjoy. 

5 Kitesurfing Camps in Europe You Must Check Out Before the Summer Ends!

Some of us wait for those perfect summer days all year long and when they finally arrive, it seems as though they pass by too quickly. It might feel like summer’s about to end, but there’s still plenty of time for some rad kitesurfing. 

Do Shark Repellent Devices Really Work?

With the increase in shark attacks and in the manufacturing of shark repellent devices over the past few years, many surfers want to know if these products really can keep them safe in the water. 

The Most Affordable Surfing Destinations in the World

When it comes to doing what we love most, there should be no limit to how much money we spend. And yet, money always seems to get in our way. How wonderful would it be if we could spend less and travel more!

7 Types of Surfing Waves You Should Know About

For any beginner in the world of surfing, imagining that you can paddle out to catch waves and pull off some crazy tricks can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. It is okay to be scared when you are about to face the waves for the first few times.

5 Inspiring Books About Surfing That Everyone Should Read

If you go beyond the misconception that surfing is just another sport, you will find that reading and riding waves have very much in common. There are tales, autobiographies, documented history, and classic novels crafted around the art of catching waves and the surf lifestyle.

6 Tips to Help You Recover after a Serious Surf Session

Surfing is one of the hardest sports out there. You are using every muscle in your body, usually for hours on end, and sometimes even for several days in a row. When you are busy riding the waves, it is nothing but amazing; however, after your body has had some time to process what you just put it through, it can start screaming out for help.

14 Surfing Gadgets & Accessories You Absolutely Need in Your Life

Nothing beats that feeling of being out there in the ocean, just you and your surfboard, waiting for the next set of waves to kick in, surrendering to your instincts. Nothing but some cool gadgets that will allow you to share the experience with your friends and relieve the moment years after.

Winter Camping Tips for a Snowy Adventure (Essential Gear + Useful Tricks)

For many of us, winter is the prime time for engaging in exciting outdoor activities during the day and sipping mulled wine and hot cocoa by the fireplace during the evening. But how about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something even more spectacular?

Top 30 Surf Blogs for Surfers and Water Sports Enthusiasts

Surf legend Philip Edwards, credited with being the first professional surfer and making the first signature surfboard in the world, famously said that “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. We strongly agree with him and we also believe that surfing is so much more than just a sport; it is a lifestyle and, for some, a religion.

The 10 Best Surfing Destinations of 2018

Are you ready for your next great adventure? Is taking up surfing one of your New Year’s resolutions? Would you like to check off some of the greatest surf destinations in the world? Regardless of what your surf plans are for 2018, we’ve got you covered!

Beach or Snow? Surf & Ski on the Same Day in these 5 Locations

Oh decisions, decisions… Christmas is knocking on our doorstep, snow has already started to fall and ski resorts are opening their doors for the season. At the same time, the surf is pumping too. How can you possibly pick one or the other?

The Ultimate Surf Gift List: What to Buy a Surfer for Christmas

Some of us are preparing our wish list for Christmas while others are already buying presents. While I strongly believe that giving love, friendship and kindness is more important than material presents, the latter are always welcome. Moreover, they sometimes have the power to make dreams come true.

Sea Kayaking for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know

Can you think of a more stress-free experience and a better connection with nature than when you are paddling your kayak on the open sea, passing by stunning stretches of coastline, surrounded by crystal clear water, absolutely no one and nothing to break the silence?

Planning to Go on a Surf Camp? Here’s What to Expect!

Have you ever wondered what happens on a surf camp? Do you imagine it to be some sort of a bootcamp for surfers? You’re close, but it’s much more than that. It is an adventure, a fantastic opportunity to surf your brains out, a bonding experience, and an exploration of new lands and cultures as well as of your inner self.

8 Tips for Planning a Successful Surfing Trip

A surf trip offers you a great opportunity for adventure as you visit a new destination and surf on perfect waves. You will also get the chance to meet many new people and learn about a different culture. 

What are the Best Water Sports for Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology has a rather bad reputation, that’s no news flash! Adepts and non-believers form two battling sides, each finding (solid) arguments to support their theory. Ironically enough, even non-believers have a peek at their horoscope from time to time, nonsense or not. Yes, I’m talking about you, I bet you’re nodding right now!

How Are Waves Formed? The Anatomy of a Perfect Wave

These days, we have surf reports, swell reports and surf forecasts that show us when and where we should be hanging ten next. Reasonably accurate online charts save surfers the hassle of deciphering complicated weather forecasts. However, the more you know about how waves are formed, the easier it is to predict the optimal surfing conditions all by yourself.

The 10 Best All-Rounder Surfboards for Your Everyday Surfing Sessions

Surfers never forget their first surfboard. Years into the business, and we still can’t help but develop a close relationship with our boards. It goes without saying that the surfboard is the most important piece of our surfing equipment – what else are you going to surf on, duh? But you can’t just ride any old surfboard, and that’s where the tricky part comes in.

Meal Planning for Surfing: What You Should Be Eating for a Great Beach Body

We all need energy just to perform our daily, most mundane chores. When we add physical activities to our day, our energy requirements grow. But we all know that, right? However, how many of you know what and when to eat in order to help your body recover and perform better each time?

Surfing Lessons: 3 Mistakes Beginner Surfers Make

There are many different sports in the world. For most of them, you can learn all the basics in a relatively short period of time. However, surfing is a whole different ballgame. Surfing can be challenging, there’s no denying that! It can take a great deal of patience and perseverance to master even the basics. But don’t be put off! Once you become confident in the water, your knowledge and skills will quickly develop.

How to Survive a Surfing Wipeout like a Pro (The Surfer’s Test of Strength)

Going face-first into the reef, being held down for a few sets of waves, feeling helpless, trapped and not knowing which way is up, is the ocean’s way of reminding us that we are but mere mortals. Being held down under the waves for much longer than you might like can be traumatizing, and can question your entire commitment to surfing.

10 Calorie-Burning Water Sports for the Perfect Beach Body

During those long, hot summer days, why stay indoors under the air conditioner when you can go outside and get active in the water instead? You’ll get your heart rate pumping and melt away those extra calories without even knowing it. Plus, you’re bound to cool down too. Let’s all turn fun in the sun into a workout in the sun!

25 Exercises to Get into the Best Surfing Shape of Your Life

We all dream of trading our day job for the beach and surf life. However, even though full-time surfers appear low-key and carefree, their daily schedule is anything but laid-back. Don’t get me wrong, they do have plenty of freedom and are living the dream, but they must work hard to play hard.

Surfing Nutrition 101: What and When to Eat for the Perfect Wave Riding Session

One of the most important decisions any athlete can make to improve their performance and wellbeing is to make wise food choices. Sports nutrition is not a fad. Knowing what to eat and when to eat is pure science, and nutritionists believe you should adapt your meals and snacks to the physical effort you plan to undertake. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Living the Van Life

Study hard, find a well-paid job, save money, buy a house, buy a car, have kids, buy a bigger car, feel trapped every single day. Why? Because society tells you to? Maybe you do not want those things, perhaps you want to spend your money on meaningful experiences, escape the rat race and gain control over your life. 

10 Handy Surf Apps to Help Improve Your Wave Riding Experience

Technology is making its way into every aspect of our lives. It’s getting us our news, helping us keep schedules, take notes, keep in touch with friends, make new ones, find love, and so much more. 

Tube Riding: the Definitive Guide to the Holy Grail of Surfing

Getting barreled is the Holy Grail of surfing, that perfect moment when you are riding under the curling lip of the wave. Being inside the whimsical tunneling area created by a wave about to break, also referred to as tube riding or getting shacked, is on top of any surfer’s bucket list.

35 Surfing Hacks that Will Help You ‘Slay’ the Ocean

Surfing is an activity like no other. In an environment that’s constantly changing and moving, keeping up the pace sure is hard, which is why it’s often better to go with the flow or, in this case, with the wave.

The Ultimate Surf Seasons Guide for the Perfect Wave Riding Trip [Infographic]

You planned your summer break months in advance, thought about hitting the beaches and doing some quality surfing while you’re at it, but you’re not sure whether the time and place coincide with the season. Choosing the right surfing season and destination makes the difference between an unforgettable surf holiday and possibly the worst time away.

Fighting Off and Surviving a Shark Attack like a Pro

Oh, that precious moment when we are surfing into the sunset, no one in sight, complete tranquility, just you and the waves. And yet, you feel as though you’re not alone. You look around and see a shark’s fin nearing. What do you do?

Ditch the Wetsuit in these 5 Warm-Water Surfing Destinations

Imagine riding those crests wearing nothing but a pair of shorts or a tiny swimsuit, soaking in the sun, finding shade in swinging hammocks on palm-fringed beaches and getting a tan that arouses envy. That’s how surfing in tropical water feels – like you’ve just died and gone to heaven!

7 Essential Pieces of Surfing Equipment (You Need to Have if You’re a Beginner Surfer)

If you’ve just started surfing, then chances are you don’t even own a surfboard. And that’s perfectly fine. Most surfers will rent or use their friend’s surfboards and general surf gear, but if you want to take it a step forward and have your own little surfing equipment, we’re here to offer some advice. 

20 Tips & Tricks for Stand-up Paddling Beginners

Stand-up paddling, or SUP, is the fastest growing watersport in the world. It’s fun, easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for intermediate and advanced surfers. It provides a great entire body workout and it can be done pretty much anywhere from lakes to oceans. 

10 Awesome Instagram Surf Accounts You Must Follow

It’s no secret that surfers are some of the greatest fun loving people out there! The best way to get in on the fun, aside from grabbing your surfboard and hitting the beach, is to follow some of the best surf accounts available on the web.

Surfing in Morocco – 5 Awesome Surf Camps to Get You in Shape This Winter

Morocco has hundreds of surf beaches, and some of the most popular ones include Taghazout, Dakhla, Essaouria, Sidi Kaouki, Mirleft, Imsouane, Safi and many more. Morocco is a surfing destination that all surf lovers must go to at one point in their life for an unforgettable surfing adventure.

10 Useful Tips for Big Wave Surfing (That Will Help You Catch that Perfect Swell)

Big wave surfing is by far the most spectacular surf discipline. Tackling big waves is both scary and thrilling, and it can take a surfer years before they are able to ride such massive waves, that can reach 80 feet. Yes, you read that right, 80 feet! 

15 Surf Cities in the US that You Absolutely Need to Visit

Any surfer knows that finding a good surf location isn’t the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, the U.S. offers a large selection of awesome surf spots. 

5 Great Tips for Traveling with Your Surfboard (from a Pro)

If you’ve been to an airport you already know this – airline baggage handlers don’t care about your luggage. Their goal is to get all the bags onto the plane as quickly as possible, and whether your bag is dropped, thrown, flipped upside down or smashed into other bags doesn’t matter to them. 

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