Curious to learn more about the Surfing Santas? We are here to give you the lowdown on the Surfing Santas from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Who knows? Maybe this year, you can join them and hit the waves!

It all started with George Trosset on Christmas Eve, 2009, when he dressed up as Santa Claus and went surfing on Cocoa Beach with his son and daughter-in-law dressed as Santa Elves. A photo of them showed up on the front page of the newspaper the next day and so the word got out like wildfire.

By the next year, there were 19 Surfing Santas and in 2011, it grew to 84! Over the years, it continues to increase as more and more people joined in on the fun! In fact, last year, there were over 600 Surfing Santas and they had a record number of spectators of over 8,000! This year, they expect around 800 people to dress up and the jolly old man and surf on Christmas Eve.


So why do the Surfing Santas surf? Aside from the sheer joy one gets from surfing, the Surfing Santa event has been supporting a local charity, Grind for Life, for the past four years. Surfing Santas sell T shirts and last year alone, they’ve sold over 2,000. All the money goes to Grind for Life, which helps people who have been diagnosed with cancer and also the Florida Surf Museum. Across the years, the Surfing Santas has raised over $30,000 for charity and you can help out too! Buy T shirts, caps and shorts here and support Grind for Life and the Florida Surf Museum, one of the few surf museums in the world.


Anyone can be a Surfing Santa, according to their website,

“People from all walks of life and professions join in the holiday spirit to celebrate with Santa, their friends and family and everyone else who comes, to surf the waves and have fun in the sun, on Cocoa Beach!We have Doctors, Lawyers and many other professional people participate. We have men, women boys and girls of all ages. Our oldest Surfing Santas are well into their 60’s. Our youngest Surfing Santas are in Elementary School. We have teen age Surfing Santas and pre teen Surfing Santas. Surfing Santas are not just dressed in Santa Suits. There are Frosty the Snowman Surfing Santas. There are “Rasta” (Jamaican) Surfing Santas. We have Elves, Christmas Trees and Reindeer Surfing Santas. This year I even saw a Batman Surfing Santa! The costumes are as diverse as the people that wear them.”


If you want to join the Surfing Santa this year, the event will take place on December 24, at 8am, at 2 Minutemen Causeway, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Whatever you do, don’t arrive later than 9 am, because that’s when the photo session takes place and you want to be in the picture!

This year, there’ll be a new event, the Surfing Santas Costume contest. So if you want to make a splash, be sure to put on your best Santa outfit and hit Cocoa Beach! Anna Lusk will perform the new Surfing Santas anthem and Pastor Fox will make an invocation for the event. The entire event is scheduled to end at around noon or 1pm, as everybody needs to head home and start prepping for Christmas day.


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