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Kitesurfing: What You Need to Know

Kitesurfing is for you if:

  • You are looking for a watersport that does not depend on waves
  • You want to try a fast-growing watersport with a smooth learning curve
  • You wish to step out of your comfort zone and perform tricks you never thought possible
  • What is kitesurfing?

    Kitesurfing is a surface watersport in which the rider makes use of a large steerable kite and a board to slide on the water. The kite is connected to a harness through lines and a bar, and exploits the power of the wind. Therefore, kitesurfing can be practiced anywhere the wind speed allows, from lakes to oceans.

    Is it hard to learn to kitesurf?

    Kitesurfing has a smooth learning curve, and is more about coordination and less about fitness levels. Contrary to popular beliefs, it does not require strength. The harness takes up most of the force, leaving the rider’s hands free to steer the kite quite effortlessly. The safety systems stop the kite as soon as the rider’s hands leave the power bar. Investing in kitesurfing lessons is imperative if you wish to learn the techniques correctly and stay safe!

    What are the most popular kitesurfing destinations in the world?

    Kitesurfing offers endless opportunities to progress, as there is great freedom to perform tricks in various conditions, even in the absence of waves. Popular kitesurfing destinations include Spain, Vietnam, Morocco, Philippines, Domincan Republic, Brazil, Peru, which offer something for all levels.

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