Stoked Surf Bali offers group, private, family, and kids surf tours or surf lessons and accommodation packages for budget travelers in the beautiful Bali.

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2 Days Surf Camp in Kuta, Bali

Available all year round
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Ozlem Ildiz

from Great Britain, October 2018

Difficult to learn but worth it ... so much fun everyone is so nice and very helpful.... everybody has different limitations that’s why very difficult to balance on the water but they always ask if you need anything or break and very flexible about surf lesson...Florantina is very helpful for everything and she is very good for the tips around, if you are travel to first time in Bali..bring some sun cream and lip balm the sea is very salty and warm weather... .thanks a lot I really like it ... planning to come back again..... rangga my surf instructor is very good , he will keep telling you everyday different things to learn with different waves ... that’s very helpful as well after 5 days yeah I can surfing now... not to bad for first timer ... love it .. by the way , try local food it’s very delicious... they will take care of you if you are hungry or need anything else... thank you all a lot hopefully see you soon


Simone Ramon

from Denmark, July 2018

Surfing lesson, Security, Food at the restaurant, the instructor Harry!

Brian Koester

from United States, April 2018

"First time surfer"

The camp was an amazing experience. I'd never surfed, so I didn't know what to expect going in. Stoked Surf was incredibly responsive and answered all of my questions. The camp was very informal, not like something I'd expect in the US, so that took a little getting used to, but I think it was for the best. Stoked Surf was a great value for the money. The instructors were great (Sonny and Harry). They were locals who had been surfing their whole lives. Half the time it was one-on-one instruction, and the other half I was with another student. The instructors were great at coaching. They taught us the basics, let us go try it, then gave advice on how to improve after each run. I highly recommend it. Harry not only taught me about surfing, but answered all of my questions about the island and life in Bali in general. My only regret is that I didn't stay longer!

Sebastien Bouette

from Switzerland, December 2017

"Great school for beginners "

Amazing hospitality and customer service. Everything was organised and they are helpful for advises on events and place to go in Bali. They are also helping for transportation and finding your next hotel rooms in Bali if you want to stay.

Jessica Sweet

from Thailand, November 2017

"Beginner surfer"

My surf instructor Froggie was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and patient. I learned so much from him in a weeks time. Froggie should have his own camp.

Jule Naegele

from Indonesia, October 2017

"Thank you for the great 5 days ??‍♀️?"

Very spontaneous and uncomplicated


from Thailand, September 2017

Craig and Florentina are wonderful and friendly people.

Louis Willems

from Indonesia, September 2017

"Really nice instructors and a beautiful place to stay "

You go to different places for surfing so you'll get to know different conditions of waves and other environments. That was perfect for beginning ?

Furthermore the Surfcamp itself was really pretty with a great pool to relax also ??

All in all it was a great and unforgettable experience!


from Malaysia, May 2017

"Best place to learn surfing!!!"

Craig and Florentina, the owners of the surf camp, are the perfect hosts. From the beginning on we had a really good time. The correspondence with Florentine was always nice and funny and we quickly realized, that this would be the place to learn to surf.

On the first day, Craig picked us up and brought us to the Resort\Surf Camp.

He is definitely one of the most friendly, pleasant and fun persons we`ve met on our journey. From the first minute on we just felt very welcomed.

When we arrived at the Camp, we just brought our stuff to the apartment and went on for our first surfing lesson. Like every day, Craig took us and the surf equipment to the beach. We could decide daily at what time we wanted to have the surf lessons. Every decision was made in arrangement with us. The surf instructors been very nice as well and we both were able to stand on the board on the first day. During our 5-Day course Craig took a couple of pictures of our surf lessons. Those are a wonderful memory and we even look kind of professional :) We had about 2 1/2 hours lessons every day which is really enough for a beginner. The boards are brand new and you can decide which size you want to use.

The apartment was cozy and there were a lot of space for us and our backpacks. They room wasn't the newest one but it got cleaned every day, had an AC and we had a good WIFI connection in the room. They also prepared DVDs, Coffee, Tee and 2 big bottles of water for us.

We had really good conversations with the owners during some Bintang at the evening and Craig told us a lot us insider tips when it comes to have food or massage or shopping or anything else. He had an open ear for all our belongings and was really kind. We even booked a sixth lessons after 3 days break and went out for Dinner afterwords with Craig, Florentina and their little daugther Nikita. We had an wonderful evening with them.

Florentina told us before we booked, that we would be the only guests during that time, because they just started the camp and we were there in the off-season. We had some doubts if we should book, but we are so glad we did and thankful for the honesty of Florentina. And over all they don't try to sell you additional products which is really pleasant especially in such an touristic place where everybody tries to sell you something.

There is also the possibility to have your laundry done and they do it very good :)

In the End we would like to commend the breakfast. We were offered to get the breakfast at any time we want and got Muesli with milk, fresh fruits, Coffee, Tea, Juice, eggs and bread/croissants.

We would like to recommend the place, because we had such an amazing time there.

Andres Duhau

from United States, June 2018

Great tours, and visits to different surf spots! Really great at helping you get to the best breaks for your level.

Florentina is super helpful and attentive!

Samuel Phua

from Malaysia, May 2017

"Meets Expectations "

- Friendly host and coaches

- 1-on-1 training

- Tasty cuisine

Lotte De Bruin

from Indonesia, May 2017

"Amazing surf experience at stoke surf! "

Graig and Froggy (surfteacher) where really friendly! They make you feel comfortable and take care of you.

Froggy is a good teacher, his englisch is verry good and he takes the time for you as a student. I learnt a lot during my 3 day course, not only about surfing but also about the tide and what the good waves are etc.

Unfortunately i got sick the last surfingday so i coudn't surf. Graig was concerned about my situation and offert me a free surfday when i'm back in town. They really want to teach students to surf instead of making money wich is hard to find in Bali.

Jen Randolph

from Myanmar [Burma], April 2017

"The perfect Bali surf vacation!"

I'm a beginner surfer and came to Bali specifically to improve my surfing abilities. Stoked Surf Bali could not have been a better fit!

I have to start by saying that Craig (the owner) and his family are incredibly helpful and kind, and they were always able to help with any questions I had or to give tips on restaurants and such. They're very knowledgeable about the area and frequently gave me a lift somewhere nearby if I needed it.

The property is located in a small homestay complex in Tuban, which is about 5 minutes' scoot from the main strip in Kuta. I really liked this location because it was close to the hustle and bustle if I wanted that, but far enough away that I could enjoy quiet rest and sleep at night. There are restaurants and shops all within walking distance and the school can arrange a scooter rental if you'd like to drive yourself somewhere further.

The rooms are simple; the bed is comfortable enough and the bathroom has western plumbing. It is not a fancy resort. You will see geckos in the rooms at times. The grounds are beautiful, with lots of trees and vines, a nice little swimming pool, and a nice veranda where you can take your breakfast.

The school offered a daily breakfast in the rate; Western breakfast was offered, though I could have asked for Indonesian breakfast or anything I wanted. Western breakfast consisted of eggs and toast, muesli with milk, sliced fruit, coffee, and juice - a big meal! I eventually asked the staff to just prepare me a mixed fruit salad for breakfast and they sliced up a delicious array of tropical fruits for me.

The staff cleans the rooms every day and can also do your laundry; I'm sure they could do more, but their English ability is a bit limited. Craig and his family are always available to help, though, and they can help you take care of anything you need at the property.

The school employs a few instructors, and I was paired with "Froggy." We hit it off immediately as he's a friendly guy and loves to teach surfing. Froggy grew up in Bali and knows all of the breaks like the back of his hand, so once he saw my ability, it was easy for him to keep selecting locations that would help me grow. We eventually decided to travel to some breaks further away from the school, and Craig put together a special rate for this so that I could go on a guided "surf safari" every day that I was there. That's another cool thing about the school - if there's a certain activity you want to do or you want to surf all day, they can arrange any sort of special package for you. All you have to do is ask!

Overall, my experience was overwhelmingly positive. My goals were to improve specific aspects of my surfing - get more comfortable on a hardtop board and improve my turning abilities - and Stoked Surf Bali easily got me there. They were professional and competent, very responsible and focused on safety, and had a lot of fun doing it.

If you're just getting started or if you have a little experience on your belt and want to take it further, I highly recommend this school!

Alina Abu-ghazaleh

from Germany, November 2019

"Es war ein kurzer aber sehr Surf-Intensiver Aufenthalt "

Glücklicherweise hatte ich alle 3 Tage quasi Privatunterricht und konnte viel lernen. Die Surf-zeiten waren variabel und an die Wellen angepasst. Es hat alles gepasst und ich war sehr zufrieden.