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The Benefits of Going on a Surf Camp

by Octavia Drughi

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It should come as no surprise that surfing has many health benefits, just like any other outdoor activity that challenges both your body and mind.

From cardiovascular health to fitness, flexibility, balance, stress relief, better sleep, increased cognitive performance, and more, you can reap all of these benefits in just one session out on the waves. So, you may find yourself wondering what are the benefits of going on a surf camp.

Surf camps have become the biggest trend in the world of surfing. Located near the best waves, they welcome a community of surfers and travelers of all levels and with different backgrounds.

But how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?

Here are some good reasons why you should go on a surf camp, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro:


But first, what is a surf camp?


Image credit: Magikvanilla Surf Camp

It could be described as a camp for surfers, but don’t mistake it for a campsite or a bootcamp. These beach holidays combine surf lessons (for beginners and intermediates) or surf guiding (for advanced) with accommodation, great community vibes, great food, and plenty of time to relax.

Whether you’ve never surfed before or are already a seasoned surfer, surf camps are a versatile solution for a surf trip.

Overall, they’re a great opportunity to learn to surf, improve your skills, or increase your wave count, as well as relax and connect with other surfers. No matter your level, they’re all about having fun.

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Beginners will learn to surf


Image credit: Magikvanilla Surf Camp

Getting surf lessons doesn’t come close to learning from books or videos. For beginners, having an instructor by their side is of massive importance.

On a surf camp for beginners, the instructors will be at your side during the lessons, both on the beach and in the water, correcting your posture and technique, giving tips and feedback. They’ll show you which waves to catch and when to do it. They’ll point out and correct your mistakes on the go. Plus, you can ask as many questions as you like.

To get a good grasp of surfing, it’s recommended that you take lessons at least five days in a row. Most surf camps provide just that, as they have weeklong packages (7-8 days) with at least five days of surf lessons.

If you can spend even more time in the water, that’s even better. Luckily, some camps offer free surf time as well, meaning that you can use their equipment to surf outside the lessons on your own.

Don’t worry if you’re short on time. You can find shorter surf camps (2-4 days) that you can join over the weekend.

Furthermore, if you have surfed before but haven’t done it in a while, a beginner surf camp can help ease you back into it.

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You’ll master the basics


Image credit: Oceanside Gran Canaria Surf

You’ve probably seen videos of pro surfers riding waves with such grace, making it seem effortless. That comes with lots of patience, determination, and loads of practice. No one ever stepped on a surfboard and caught a head-high wave on their first session.

At a surf camp, no one expects you to shred after a few hours of surf lessons. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never surfed before or have already tried it several times. To be able to catch waves on your own, or to progress to bigger waves, you need to master the basic techniques first. And that is precisely the focus on a surf camp.


You’ll improve your surfing


Image credit: Surf Spirit Costa Rica

Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, the only way to progress is to up your wave count.

By joining a surf camp, you’ll have the opportunity to surf in new places and catch different types of waves. This will improve your ability to read waves, an important step in your evolution as a surfer.

Many camps have programs for different levels. Therefore, you’ll practice with and observe other surfers that are better than you. Perhaps you won’t be riding the same waves. However, simply watching them position themselves and executing different maneuvers is a great opportunity to learn.


Advanced surfers get guidance on the best waves


Image credit: The Pineapple House

As an advanced surfer, you are fully capable of surfing on your own. But when you travel to a new location, finding the best waves can take up time and resources. On a surf camp for advanced surfers, experienced local guides will check the forecast and take you to the best waves of the day, including secret surf spots.

Surfing with a guide may sound like cheating to some. But it guarantees that you’ll score more waves. Not to mention that having to find the waves can be daunting and paying for transportation, especially boat transfers to offshore waves, can cost a pretty penny.


Everything’s covered


Image credit: Surf Life Tenerife

If all you’re looking for is to increase your wave count and score epic surf without the hassle of planning every little detail of your trip, then surf camps are the way to go.

All you have to do is book your flight and the staff at the camp will take care of all the rest.

Many offer airport pickup (either included in the package price or for an additional cost). You’ll get accommodation, surfboard rental, transport to the best waves, and lessons or guidance (depending on your level). Some packages include daily breakfast or full board, too. So, all you need to worry about is catching waves and having a good time.

For an added sense of comfort, opt for all-inclusive surf camps where everything is included, from airport transfer to accommodation, tuition, equipment rental, transportation to the waves, and all daily meals.

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You’ll surf your heart out


The more you practice, the more you’ll progress; and the more you progress, the more you’ll love surfing. Surf camps are usually located in a wave-rich location, which means that you’ll have ample time to practice.

Depending on what you want out of your surf holiday, you can choose a program with two or even three surf sessions a day.

Some offer surfaris as well, for the entire length of your stay or on select days. You’ll get in the surf van in the morning and drive to the best surf spots along the coast, surfing your heart out all day long.


Surf camps are cost-efficient


Paying for surf lessons, equipment rental, and accommodation separately can add up. Most often, it can leave you spending more than you would by joining a surf camp. Since everything is taken care of, they are a versatile and wallet-friendly solution.

You’ll find various accommodation standards for every budget, from dorm and hotel rooms to boutique villas, resorts, glamping areas, and more. Therefore, the biggest price difference between surf camps in the same location lies in the accommodation and amenities.

Keep in mind that the price of the camp is not a reflection of the quality of the lessons but rather of the quality of your stay. Lodging, food, facilities, treatments, or extra activities are all reflected in the price.

The bottom line is that you’ll have just as much fun riding the waves on a budget surf camp as you will on a luxury one.

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Surf camps cater to solo travelers, groups & families


If you’re traveling alone, you can join a surf camps for solo travelers where you’ll get to meet lots of different people from all over the world, all sharing the same passions and interests.

They’re also a great solution if you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t surf or is at a different surf level. Most camps have programs for all levels, from beginners to advanced. If someone you’re traveling with wants to learn to surf, they can do so while you’re out there shredding.

You can also bring your family along and introduce them to the joy of surfing. Family surf camps take care of the entire bunch, from kids to seniors. There is no age limit, and you’ll get to try a new activity together. The instructors will adapt the lessons to your family members’ individual needs. Some also provide childcare, so that you can surf with peace of mind.


You’ll meet like-minded people


Image credit: Magikvanilla Surf Camp

Heaps of people can attend a surf camp, which makes them a great opportunity to meet fellow surfers and travelers that you otherwise wouldn’t at other types of accommodation.

At the beginning of your first lesson, the instructors will assess your level and fit you into a group of students of similar abilities. Those people will be your surf buddies for the length of your stay. You’ll learn together, progress together, and share amazing moments together. Who knows, maybe you’ll make lifelong friends.

On the other hand, if you’d like to have some privacy, opt for private surf camps where there’ll only be you and the group you’re traveling with.


You’ll step out of your comfort zone & embrace new experiences


Image credit: Tamarindo Backpackers

Since many countries across the globe are landlocked, it’s often necessary to travel to a different country to surf. This can be on the same continent or oceans away.

Regardless, joining a surf camp in a different country or location opens the door to new experiences. Many surf spots around the world are located in quaint fishing towns that have managed to preserve their authenticity. Therefore, you’ll have the chance to experience a new place just like a local – taste delicious food, meet interesting people, embrace new customs, and enjoy the chill vibes alongside the surf community.

*Cover image credit: Magikvanilla Surf Camp

Ready to go on your very first surf camp? There’s no need to break the bank to do so. Opt for a budget surf camp near the world’s best waves and reap all the benefits.

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