More than a surf camp, Wavy Surf Camp in Sagres, Portugal is a new, simple lifestyle and a magical, adventure-filled place. Join in for some sea, sun, and surf.

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8 Day Surf Camp in Sagres, Vila do Bispo

Available in September & October
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15 Day Exciting Surf Camp in Algarve

Available in September & October

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Sean Berg

from Germany, September 2019

"Review of WavySurfCamp Sagres, Portugal "

I enjoyed the entire surf experience. Having been to two other surf camps prior to Wavy Surf the weeks before, I felt a positive difference being here. The waves were quite nice for my intermediate level and I drastically improved my surf skills during the week I spent here, as I was highly motivated to catch as many big waves as possible. Even though it was necessary to always drive in a group of vans to the surf spot, this did not take away from the experience. In fact, it contributed toward the group atmosphere before and after surfing and I was able to make some good friends during the week.

The camp itself offers a relatively comfortable stay. The tents are nicely fitted with electricity and spaciousness. Furthermore, the "chill out" area provided a great place to socialise and simply calm down. The staff was very friendly and fun to be with. Overall, a very decent and fun-centred surf camp.


from Austria, November 2017

"Good Surf"