TOSEA is the leading eco-adventure company in Baja California Sur. When you travel with TOSEA you don't just visit Baja, you LIVE Baja!

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Latreash Duvall

Todo Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) Facebook page

Thank you Todos Santos Eco Adventures for our Baja Adventure. We loved hiking and surfing and exploring local culture with your group. The guides were extremely knowledgeable about history and culture. They were happy to answer all our questions and in the end it felt like we were with a friend. Loved our time in Mexico and so glad we found TSEA. I will certainly be booking with this group again in the future. Thanks TSEA for making our vacation extra special!

Bill Baty

Todo Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) Facebook page

Excellent, excellent group providing a wide range of touring options administered by a caring, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable staff. I would go back in a heartbeat. They are leaders in ethical practices in the viewing of wildlife, in the treatment of their staff, and in the use of locally owned facilities. Massive kudos to everyone involved with running Todos Santos Eco Adventures.

Matthew Guarno

Todo Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) Facebook page

Our trip with TSEA was to go whale watching with the option to fish. This is the second time my wife and I have booked a trip with this company. My first review was on 11/10/16 for swimming with whale sharks and sea lions. Their guides and trips are beyound amazing. We wish this company had places everywhere across the globe because they enrich you're life by connecting you with all that is beautiful and diverse in this world. Our experience started with meeting a guy from TSEA who quickly introduced us to the sea captain who was going to take us out. The trip was with a sea captain and a gentleman who drives the boat. The captain spoke good English and was very friendly throughout the entire tour. We did a quick drive to the beach where they put the boats in the water. Just the order and technique of how all the fishing boats go out was fascinating. A beat-up pickup truck would drag boats down to the Beach and the boats would hook up lines to one another. Each boat that went in would tow the next out. It might not sound exciting but it truly was a neat experience that is worth seeing. The boat was small making it more intimate with the whales and the water. My wife and I were the only tourists on the boat and we took Dramamine prior to be safe. You had the option of whether or not to fish. I chose to fish and my wife didn't want to. Within about 10 minutes I caught a two and a half foot mahi-mahi. Then shortly after we saw our first whale off in the distance. Basically the rest of the tour consisted of us going back and forth to spots where we saw humpback whales popping up. We would get up to 10 or 15 feet away from them. We have multiple pictures of tails smacking the water like you see in magazines. All of it was on my wife's camera so I can't upload a picture. We saw one with his head out of the water, and another actually breached , which was amazing. The whales would shoot up water and the sound was great to hear. We really lucked out where our entire trip was filled with being close to the whales. We also saw 2 sea lions about 20 yards away. Even if your tour lacked actually seeing whales, the boat ride alone is worth it. You're view of the coastline with tall mountains and jagged cliffs is breathtaking. TSEA in every way possible makes your touring experience a memory that will last a lifetime.

Kay Gallagher

Todo Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) Facebook page

Fourth visit to Todos Santos and each time it gets better. Thanks to Bryan and Sergio and the furry hosts for another amazing vacation. I cant say enough about the town, activities and beautiful Los Colobris Casitas. And of course, Camp Cecil, is the best luxury camping experience complete with a multitude of activities and Chef Ivan makes the most amazing food from a solar kitchen.

Jordan Nicole

Todo Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) Facebook page

We had the most amazing time with our friends at Eco Adventures. From swimming with the sea lions, cliff hiking, whale watching and beach horseback riding we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend checking our Camp Cecil and their amazing staff - it's unlike any experience.