The Surf Experience is the original European surf tour and surf school company all wrapped in one offering quality surf holiday with yoga and other activities.

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Carina Frandsen

from Denmark, April 2022

"An amazing week"

Everything. My week could not have been better, everyone was so friendly and outgoing. The surf was great and all the instructors did their very best to help us all. Over all an amazing stay and I can’t wait to go back!

Valentina Grandesso

from Italy, September 2021

"Best surfing week ever!"

Amazing from beginning to end. The staff was great in making feel everyone at home and by the end of the week I felt nostalgic leaving the surfhouse. I feel my surfing skills have definitely improved and I would totally recommend this experience to anyone! Loved it!


from Germany, September 2021

"Amazing surf camp"

We enjoyed our time with the surf experience very much. The instructors were amazing and we learned a lot in the 5 days. We also enjoyed all the meals and the accommodations. We met some amazing people on this trip and we are looking forward to going back.


from Netherlands, November 2020

"Great place for party-surfers"

Super food

Long surfing sessions

Enthusiasm of Abbey and Kim during the surf lessons!

Hester Pellegrino

from Ireland, November 2019

"Have fun, improve your surf and enjoy Portugal"

The surf house is a very nice, cozy and clean place, where you can always have lovely chats with the staff and meet always new people from all the world, the beaches they drove us where amazing spots and I had great tips to improve in surfing. Instructors are professional and very nice too, the location is in the centre of the old town and you can have lovely relaxing strolls around or explore the algarve after your surf. Looking forward to do it again!!!

Robert Kose

from Germany, November 2019

"Mixed Experiences"

- The hostel was really worth the money. Good rooms, clean and friendly.

- We had a lot of time on the beach and in the waves

- Nice mix of guests, from 30-50 years, so a pretty qiet an relaxed stay, no party kiddies

Steve Murray

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Great Surf Experience"

A fantastic week in Lagos, organised and run by a friendly crew. Everyone from the instructors to the staff where amazingly friendly and made you feel welcome from the moment you arrived.

The lessons where great and tailored to my needs and each day my skills improved. A great variety of surf experiences throughout the week and a variety of wave sizes.

The food through out the camp is of the highest quality and tasty! Recommend the dinners at the surf-house.

I would highly recommend this to anyone and will be returning as soon as I can.

Nicole Jones

from Great Britain, August 2019

I was an amazing experience, And we hope to come again.

Lisanne Hoen

from Portugal, September 2018

"Thank you"

I had a great time, during the day surf lessons with delicious lunch and a nice group and enthusiastic motivated instructors. in the evening there was often a dinner on the roof terrace, such as paella or BBQ, other days we went to the city to eat something with the group. I am very grateful for this week

Alex N

from Spain, April 2022

"Episode IV: A New Hope"

From the minute I arrived, I felt the community. All the hosts and instructors were kind, patient, and gave feedback to help improve my skills. The food I will especially miss; all of it fresh, healthy, good proportions, and all in reusable containers. It's a great combination of planned activities and the freedom to do your own thing. I can't wait to go back!

Julia Regehr-smith

from Portugal, November 2021

"Good vibes!"

Good vibes!

Marc Haentjens

from Germany, November 2021

"Great surfcamp"

All good.great people, great teacher, great staff.amating times .can only recommend :)

Harsh Chandan

from Germany, October 2021

"Just do it"

Amazing trainers (Hazel) extremely patient, amazing food and most of all the best vibe.

Filip Grooten

from Denmark, October 2021

"Wonderful experience"

Overall the experience has been good.

The people facilitating this surf camp are very good at creating a friendly and good experience. I like they take everything into consideration when creating a surf experience and don't just run on autopilot.

Also Mark is the best.

Dominic Paquin

from Netherlands, October 2021

Since it was a camp you got to know more people and make bigger connections. People are super enthusiastic and the instructors really know what they are doing. It was good to go our for dinner with them.


from Germany, October 2021

"Challenging but super fun surf camp!"

The 3-day surf camp is definitely recommendable!

The team seemed pretty well organized, the location is top, the food was 11/10 and the people were really nice and approachable.


from Portugal, September 2021

"its more about social than surf"

The food is good - healthy and varied.

The people are friendly and funny, you will meet a lot of people from different walks of life.

The overall vibe is good.

The beaches are beautiful.

Chiara Colosio

from Italy, September 2021


What an awesome week!

As soon as we arrived the staff were lovely and welcoming, the food was EXCELLENT thanks to the chef Nina and there was so much of it!

You will have tons of practical lessons in the water with super legendary and patient instructors, doesn't matter your skill level, the coaches will bring out the inner surfer in everyone!

Absolutely loved everyone there and could not recommend it more.



Bethan Jones

from Great Britain, September 2021

"The perfect active holiday "

Location spot on - the beach that we surfed on wasn't overcrowded with tourists nor the sea too busy with other surf schools. There aren't any facilities on the beach (e.g. shop/ toilets) which is fine if you forward plan.

Instructors were great - Jorge is hilarious and the rest are so patient and genuinely seem to enjoy supporting your progress. Full body warm up to ensure you don't pull anything, video analysis of your tekkers or lack thereof and regular coaching in the water. I was also really impressed that we got pulled out of the water when another surfer hit me quite badly + on a separate occasion I took a very bad wipeout. Very attentive, safety conscious and eager to teach.

Food was spot on - fresh and healthy. Similar to other reviews, the breakfast probably needs to be bigger. It would be pretty cheap to put out toast every day as need carb alongside yoghurt/ fruit. That said, so long as you know this, then just bring your own second breakfast. The value is very good.

Accomodation spot on. I stayed in Pensao which is a minute up the hill. It is spotless and receives daily cleaning. Own shower ensuite, kitchen (with kettle, oven, fridge-freezer) and an outdoor terrace to dry clothes, eat, read book. I travelled solo and loved everything about the experience. My dorm days are over so was very glad to have this option so readily available. I think the surf house is noisier from dogs barking and nightlife. Pensao is really well priced and you wake up to bird song.

Nadja Jovanovic

from Serbia, August 2021

"It really is a surf EXPERIENCE! "

I really enjoyed everything in the camp - surfing sessions, accomodation, food, but above all the overall atmosphere. The instructors are all very professional and encourage every student to actually learn how to surf at their own pace. The volunteers were doing a great job bringing us all together which helped make friends. I highly recommend The Surf Experience for solo travellers and surf beginners.

Sabina Orazem

from Belgium, August 2021

"Exceeded all my expectations "

Instructors and other staff is kind and professional. Very easy to talk to and fun. Organization is very efficient, not only transport to the beach and surfing, but also "after hours" like yoga, group dinners and drinks, movies,... Surfing is split in small groups and instructors have an eye on you the whole time. One can learn a lot in just a day. Food is the best! Healthy and delicious breakfast and lunches. Accommodation is very comfortable and modern. The most I liked how instructors integrate with guests and make us feel like we're all old friends. Can't wait for my next vacation with them! :)


from Italy, August 2021

"Nice experience, learned surfing green waves in 4 days"

Surfing location, my instructor and day schedule

Beatrice Maria Rosso

from Italy, August 2021

"Amazing experience!"

Everything was so fun! Amazing vibe and people, I strongly raccomend it. The instructors were so nice!


from Switzerland, August 2021

Ben is not yet in the instructor list! I rate him excellent.

Carlo Pasqua

from Italy, August 2021

"Great experience for beginners!"

Chill environment. Passionate instructors. Overall, highly recommended. I’d come back!

Aleksandra Milewska

from Poland, July 2021

"Glad I didn't cancel!"

I was feeling quite adventurous when i booked the 5 day experience. I'll be honest - after the first day I was thinking about shortening the trip. After the second I was almost sure of it. My whole body was sore, I couldn't do much on the board. In all fairness - i'm not the most fit person in the world, but it could be worse! Luckily, the staff convinced me to give it another ago. Aaaand I'm glad i did! Not saying I'm a surfer now (although my friends DO make funny of me saying that), but I did manage to catch a few waves, sometimes even by myself. So all in all - a great experience that I'm proud to say not to regret, not even a bit.

Special shout out to Rui (MOM), for pretty much being my private instructor daily. And also George for giving LOUD advice on what to do, while I'm already on the board.

My advice for people who are not sure - just do it. But don't give up after the first day. Or even the second one. It's totally worth it!

Oh and the breakfast pancakes on my last day were aaaaamazing! Glad your cook is back. She's a star.


from Portugal, July 2021

Really loved the vibe of the place and best of all is the connection and the bond you get with all the people from the SurfExperience, feels like a family just after few days.

Steven García Mckenzie

from Spain, June 2021

"Awesome experience, great vibes"

I loved the breakfasts at the rooftop, the special care that they all put in keeping a positive chilled atmosphere.

The fact I got to surf at two different beaches in three days and catch green waves the second day!

The homemade lunches were delicious

Joël Kiana

from Switzerland, April 2021

"Go for it! "

Friendly people taking care of you.

Good surf vibes, nice lessons, delicious food. Located in the city centre The Surf House has everything you need. Definitely worth it, don't hesitate just go for it!

Arnaud Charpentier

from Netherlands, October 2020

"Couldn't recommend them highly enough!"

Serious about surf (and food :)), relaxed and fun about everything else. The perfect combination for enjoying a great holidays while taking your surfing skills to the next level. I'll definitely go back if I ever have the opportunity to.


September 2020

"Not worth the money"

Tilgher Valentina

from Italy, August 2020

"Everything was better than expected, really open people"

I Really liked the surfing and the frequency of the sessions, also the people were really great and very disponibile.

Joachim Niederberger

from Germany, August 2020

Excellent trainers, nice people, Well located near city center, good place to stay longer

Imane El Rhomri El Fatmi

from Spain, August 2020

"3 Diferents instructors"

The staff is great and friendly.The beginnig of the class was good, with clear and interesant instructions from each of the three instructor.


from Great Britain, January 2020

"Excellent instruction and great surfing vibe"

Instructors were really good and friendly. They provided constant feedback during sessions. I felt like I learnt so much.

Bed was really comfy. Loved the duvet!!! Also terrace was a great area to socialise.

Food was healthy and there were good quantities.

Darragh O'keeffe

from Ireland, November 2019

"Amazing experience "

Loved the freindliness of the staff, the camo is very welcoming, the lunches are amazing and the travel time to the beaches is perfect


from Great Britain, October 2019

Great food, great lessons and great people

Irene Matlingere

from Latvia, October 2019

"short get away"

the weather, beac hes, Lagos as city in general


from Republic of Lithuania, September 2019

"I have enjoyed camp :) "




Lukas Mickiewicz

from Poland, September 2019

"Time of my life!"

I had a feeling that this 4 days surf camp is going to be great and it was just how I wished for. Friendly people, cool atmosphere, a true surf experience with packing up the van, going to the beach, unpacking, dressing in swimsuits, work-out, surfing for 1,5 hour, having a break, lunch on the beach, chilling, going for 2nd surfing round, chilling, packing the van and going back to Lagos.

What I liked the most: great beach we were surfing at Atlantic Ocean (1 day was on a beach in Lagos, for a change), tasty lunches (breakfasts were nothing fancy, but were ok), great spot right next to old town market (easy access to bars/restaurants etc).

It's also good value for money, yet the money is really reasonable, so don't expect a 4 star hotel rooms:-)

One remark I want to share about surf experiences as a guy who did it fot the first time: surfing is tough and phisically demanding. So if you expect to really surt after a 4 or 7 days, you need to be really fit to maximaze the stay. Otherwise you can just have a nice time, surf a bit, catch white waves, relax on a beach a bit, take a day off etc. That's my advice to manage expectations: either prepare well (swimming, running, etc.) or just go for the course as for a nice holiday with surf-elements.

And when you decide to do that in Algavre, The Surf Experience is definately the place to go! :-D


from Great Britain, September 2019

"5 days of great surf"

Great location, lovely hosts, welcoming and helpful staff. My surfing improved through fantastic lessons.

Kristina Altengof

from Russia, August 2019

"Great experience "

I liked absolutely everything!!

Accommodation, food, training, surfing, team, parties, atmosphere

This camp experience made my summer!!

I would definitely recommend it to everyone and would love to come back soon again!

Joana Isabel Abrantes

from Great Britain, August 2019

Óptima experiência para pessoas a viajar sozinhas que procuram alguma diversão e descontração! Apesar da falta de experiência e jeito para o surf toda a gente foi muito motivadora tornando a experiência agradável (mesmo quando as quedas na água pareciam o modo centrifugação da máquina de lavar). Todos os dias conheci pessoas novas e acabei por me divertir imenso nos jantares e convívios proporcionados pelos voluntários! Experiência a repetir :)

Samantha Claire

from Denmark, July 2019

"Honeymoon surf experience"

Best 4 days of my life. We loved every moment.

We cant wait to come again with the kids


Jamiel Sultan

from United States, July 2019


Very friendly and fun. Great diversity in surf house. Made new mates from around the world.


from Great Britain, July 2019


Amazing experience, lovely food, great people!

Stefani Maricic

from Norway, June 2019

"how one hater suddenly loved it all"

Very chill atmosphere but still very productive days.perfect balance of hard work, fun and relaxation. Staff was very approachable and positive. They managed to stay cool despite my relentless questioning! thanks! thanks to Louis for very good tips! Relaxation yoga with Igor was amazing. Great memories of Rachel's food and Rachel per se. But most of all i enjoyed the big sea, nature and atmosphere of the place. And all the instructors so good lookin ;)


from Ireland, June 2019

The experience

Jo Horsnell

from Jersey, May 2019

"3 days of fun and learning "

The organisation, banter in the group, food and options were all excellent. Transport efficient and guidance great.

Esmeralda Lundén

from Sweden, April 2019

"Wonderful days with so much progression "

I got so impressed by the alertness of the instructors, their wonderful feedback made me really grow as a surfer. And I enjoyed the super nice and laidback feeling of the whole camp.

Gary Waters

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Can't wait to go back and do it all again"

I loved everything to be honest. Every single member of staff were always happy and helpful. I stayed in the main house and would do this again. The house was filled with laughter and fun from morning to night. I met so many awesome people there. The surf lessons were great, especially as I was a total beginner. Even other guest, with more experience, were happy to help and encourage you. I only arrived back yesterday and I'm already planning my next trip out to see everyone again. I would highly recommend this camp to everyone.


from Great Britain, October 2018

Overall atmosphere in the surfcamp, relation between participants, hostel staff and instructors - you could feel really comfortable and relaxed

Wolfgang Sowitsch

from Austria, September 2018

"Great experience"

The beach was amazing

The overall mood of the people

Zoë Inderwisch

from Netherlands, August 2018

"The real deal"

The people were natural. They could be understanding or just frank, silly or serious, but at any time I felt part of something real.

Jörg Trautmann

from Germany, October 2019

Die meisten des Personals waren sehr nett u. offen.

Lässige Atmosphäre.

Katja Caspers

from Germany, June 2019

"Great surf experience"

Lovely people, great staff, nice atmosphere!

I will come back for sure. :)

Christian Türk

from Germany, March 2019

Das ganze Team ist super nett und die Unterkunft ist echt klasse eingerichtet. Mit dem Van wird jeden Tag der Strand mit den besten Bedingungen angefahren. Nach der ersten surfeinheit gibt es jeden Mittag am Strand ein lunch. Das Essen ist wirklich richtig gut und alles ist einfach top organisiert. Ich kann dieses surfcamp jedem empfehlen. Ich habe dort sehr nette und hilfsbereite Menschen getroffen

Enes Karatas

from Switzerland, September 2018

""The Experience""

As soon as I arrived I felt rather welcome. The instructors, the people were just great! And I absolutely loved the food from Rachel and I am going to cook it at home 😝 If you need to just shut down and have a great time, go for it 👌🏼