To provide a safe and comprehensive approach to surf instruction. Teaching why is needed to reach the next level in your surfing.

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Tao-by Aleman

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from United States, April 2023

"surf in luxury"

If you're an absolute beginner in surfing and of an older age, then look no further than 'Tao Destinations' surfing school I had the pleasure of attending. From the moment I arrived, I knew I was in good hands. Tao is extremely friendly, and patient, which is exactly what you need as a beginner surfer.

The lessons were structured in a way that allowed us to learn at our own pace, which was essential for me as someone who had never been on a surfboard before.

The instructors were knowledgeable and experienced surfers, and they were able to break down the technique and theory behind surfing in a way that was easy to understand.

It could be intimidating to learn a new sport at an older age, but the instructors were patient and understanding, and they were able to adapt their teaching methods to suit our individual needs.

The equipment provided by the school was 'beginner-safe', soft-top boards, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

The living accommodations were exceptional. The custom built resort was small and intimate, with only a handful of rooms, which gave it a cozy and exclusive feel.

But what really was absolutely unexpected was the private chef service. Every meal was a culinary masterpiece, with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a creative flair that made every dish a delight for the senses. The chef took the time to get to know our preferences and dietary restrictions, and he tailored each meal to suit our individual needs.

Dan Grauer

from United States, October 2022

"Best Surf Camp Ever"

The facilities were excellent. Tao and Ruby exceeded our expectations, we were lucky and got very good waves. Tao and Andrew got us to the next level of Surfing. Dan Grauer and Robert Relle

Amol Singla

from United States, March 2022

"Surf, Eat, Sleep...Repeat"

Here’s why I loved my surf camp experience at Tao Destinations:

- communication

- all inclusive package

- incredibly kind and laid back

- rooms and property are clean and very quiet,

- beautiful property with pool, patio, an outdoor shower, fruit-bearing plants and trees.

- a 10-min walk to the beach.

- surf instruction and photography included

- onsite massage included

- amazing food included

- airport pick up and drop off included

Tao took me to a pharmacy in Tamarindo when I needed some meds during my stay. He also let me use a bunch of his first-aid kit bandages and neosporin for some minor cuts and scrapes on my feet from flip-flop incidents (not from surfing, lol) b/c I failed to bring any first aid supplies for myself.

Tao and Ruby are amazing cooks and I was eating delicious food all week. Waffles, eggs, steak, carne asasda chicken tenga tacos and tostadas, grilled chicken, parmesan pasta, bistec burritos, grilled mahi, cheese burgers, smoothies, fresh Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea), and plenty of bottled water and Gatorade and sodas. He also stocks a great bar with beers served in Tajin-rimmed beer glasses and has a full selection of spirits.