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Shamballah Retreats

Sintra, Portugal

Shamballah Retreats offers yoga and surf retreats by the sea in the amazing Sintra-Cascais National Park.

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from US$918


Based on 29 reviews
from US$918
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7 days / 6 nights


Based on 29 reviews

Reviews 29

  • Elizabeth Poll Switzerland

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Patricia and Zarqa were incredible hosts. They did everything and more to help us get the most of the retreat. They are truly walking a spiritual path, which for me meant that I got so much more from the week than I could have imagined. Not only was it brilliant fun with a brilliant group of people but I went deeper into my yoga practice, returning home more flexible in body mind and spirit. I would really recommend this retreat.

    The only thing I can say that's slightly negative is that it was a bit cloudy when we were there in August as the house is situated in a kind of microclimate.

  • Valentina Cassatella Netherlands

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I liked pretty much everything, but the best was the "journey" experience: the week developed with a specific focus every day. I came back regenerated!

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I really enjoyed the whole retreat, it was a perfect opportunity for me to calm down and rest. the house is perfectly equipped, food is amazing and both patricia and zarqa are wonderfully nice people!

    this is more a suggestion than a critique: the retreat was far more spiritual than i anticipated, which was fine for me because i came very open-minded. maybe consider stressing this aspect of the retreat more in your description, so that people who aren't into this know and don't book

  • Ilona Wyszynska-zajkowska Poland

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I recommend to everyone:)

    perfect organization, very nice and hospitable hosts,

    enriching additional classes and helpful massage :)

    Thanks guys!

    there is not enough hot water to take shower

  • Stephanie Terwindt Great Britain

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Shamballah Retreats was such a wonderful surprise. Patricia and Zarqa really make this place special, you can feel the love and care that they feel for each of their guests. From day one they make you feel right at home, and guide you through the week's activities with a thorough knowledge of their craft. We also had some surprise inclusions of Voice Therapy and Sound Healing, both of which were well worth the extra cost!


  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The retreat is excellent. Perfect instruktion in yoga and meditation, facilities are clean and nice. The food is tasting like a dream. ??

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps

    - Instructors were amazing and made us feel like part of a family

    - The group of people was diverse but open minded

    - There are lots of activities to choose from, so that you are unlikely to get bored

    - The locataion is close to the beach and ideal for hikes

    - It would have been more convenient to have more shower facilities

    - I would have preferred more food offered at breakfast and less at dinner

  • Lucia Pappalardo United Arab Emirates

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps


    To share the bathroom with other people

  • Sofia Gustafsson Sweden

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I had a great experience with Shamaballah retreat! The whole retreat feels very well thinken through with a holistic thinking for personal healing and with great consideration of details.

    I seems like the instructors are very passionate about what they do and put love into what they do. It is a very warm and welcoming couple and they were always making sure that I had a great stay. They were very generous with their time and sharing their knowledge and experiences.

    The food was delicious and healthy, containing a lot of vegetables and fruits. The house is modern, spacious, clean and with great light. The surroundings are amazing. Quiet and green, with beautiful mountains and beaches along the coastline.

    If you enjoy spending time in nature there is a ten minutes walk to the closest beach and the environment is ideal for walks and hiking.

    The yoga and meditation sessions seems to be very good adapted to the occasion and the groups. They pay attention to all individuals in the group.

    The retreat inspired me to bring back a regular practise of meditation and yoga in my everyday life. It inspired me to further explore the practise of detox, and the use of essential oils for healing. The daily sessions of yoga and meditation in combination with spending time in nature also got me more balanced, relaxed and helped me a lot on a personal level. Thank you!

  • Ksenia Babenko Russia

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Thanks a lot for Patricia and Zarqa for such wonderful holidays! I'm just the beginner in yoga and these meditation course was my first, but masters were very patient and helpful to guide me. I felt being at home at their lovely house.

    As for vegetarian food, it was awesome and it was a lot! I wasn't hungry at all! Nearby (10 mins walking) there is peaceful sandy beach and picturesque cliffs where I enjoyed listening to the ocean sound.

    Telling the truth, I think the price is really cheap for the above conditions. But atmosphere can't be bought for any money. Choosing this yoga retreat you will get not only the great yoga vacation and body detoxing but also the amazing experience and lovely evening conversations with hosts)

  • Pia Litleskare Norway

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I loved the warm hospitality of Patricia and Zarqa, they truly make you feel at home. The location was great, aswell as the house. You get a full detox of your body and the vegetarian meals that Zarqa cooks is so good that you don't even miss the meat. The yoga and meditation that we has every day was also a fantastic way to find inner peace and to calm down from a hectic life.

  • Devin Treger Spanish State

    June 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Zarqa and Patricia were the best hosts. They warmly welcomed me into their space and made me feel so at home. They also shared their wealth of knowledge about meditation and yoga with me. They suggested lots of fun activities for me to do- day trips in Sintra, surf lesson, and walks/hikes by the coastlines.

  • Sophie Drew Great Britain

    April 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The people that run the retreat go above and beyond. The location is amazing and the entire week was perfect

  • Anonymous

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Patricia and Zarqa are excellent hosts, very caring. Relaxing massages. The food was excellent. Every morning there was a lunch box ready to take with you (always a nice surprise to see what Zarqa made this time). Beautiful beaches, great surrounding for hiking. Sintra! Still practising the yoga excersises every morning.

  • Steven Van Oosterzee Netherlands

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Zarqa and Patricia are wonderful people, who surrounded us with love and care. Inspiring classes, absolutely great food, in a beautiful place. Thank you!

  • Félix Jiménez Spanish State

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The classes, the location, the food ... Patricia and Zarqa were very helpful...

  • Joan Porta Spanish State

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    La casa, el ambiente, la comida, las clases.


  • Matilde Matos Portugal

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Great location, close to interesting beach places, gardens and museums. Very nice house and space. Good food and very friendly atmosphere

    I would like to have a single room.

  • Victor Navarro Spanish State

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps

    La dedicación y el desarrollo de los instructores. Yoga y técnicas de meditación muy desarrolladas. El contacto con el mar y el precioso entorno de la ubicación de la casa.

    ¡Puedes hacer Surf !

  • Sandra Marchena Rejas Spanish State

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps

    El entorno, el yoga y la meditación y la calidad humana de los profesores y del grupo. Inolvidable:)

    Pienso que todo se puede mejorar, claro, pero me gustó todo. Muy buena experiencia. Repetiría sin dudarlo. Patricia y Zarqa hacen un gran trabajo.

    Quizá me hubiera gustado alguna clase en el exterior, aunque la sala era muy buen lugar y acogedor.

  • Letty Scheers Netherlands

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I loved the yoga, coastline and the possibility to go surfing. Also the food was delicious.


  • Emely and Therese Norway


    We are very satisfied with our stay at Patricia and Zarqas yoga retreat Shamballah. From the beginning to the end they took very good care for us. They always made sure that we where welcome and having a good stay so that made us feel very comfortable. Patricia who had the yoga classes was very calm, patient and observant. She always made sure that the classes where on our level. And she always observed us, so when she could see our progress she challenged us to try to go deeper or she tried to challenge us to try other more difficult poses. For us, as beginners in yoga she was good to correct us in the different poses so we learnt to do the poses correctly and we learnt how to breathe correctly through the different poses.

    Zarqa served us varied, healthy and tasteful meals every day. We learnt many new ways too cook vegetables! And it tasted very delicious! When we where on sightseeing or at the beach he always made delicious lunches we could bring with us.

    Zarqa was also our meditation instructor. He had a good calmness. We learnt different breathing techniques and how to not consentrate on our thoughts but to be in this moment right now. We also had one meditation at the beach so we could see the beautiful sunset.

    We had also the Ayurveda massage for one hour each. The massage was very good and deep, and afterwards we felt very relaxed.

    Patricia also introduced us to essentials oils that she used in the beginning of every yoga class. Each oil has different use for health issues. One of us had a cold and used the Breathe oil and after a few days the cold got much better. And also when we got sun burned we used Lavendel oil and almond oil to calm down the burned skin. And that was really helpful!

    The retreat was very nice and clean. We had a double bedroom with shared bathroom with another guest. It was always very clean and fresh. The retreat was close to a beautiful beach. We could either walk beside the car road or go hiking for 30 minitues. Hiking in the landscape around the reatreat was very beautilful! One day we rented bikes so we could go to another beach where one of us had a surfing class. Patricia and Zarqa made sure that the surfe instructor took good care of me while I was surfing. We also had some days sightseeing in the beautiful gardens and palaces of Sintra. It was nice to explore the gardens of Sintra and then finish the day with afternoon yoga and meditation.

    Now when we are back home in Norway and back to our daily routine at work we try to use yoga and breathing techniques we learnt to reduce stress. And we can say that this yoga retreat experience gave us some new ways to handle stress on a daily bases.

    Totally we are very satisfied with our stay at Shamballah retreat and we will definitely be back! We strongly recommend Patricia and Zarqas yoga retreat for yoga, meditation, and detox.

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