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Kitesurfing: 4 Great Reasons Why You Should Take It Up!

by Francois Berck

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Kitesurfing is one of the most thrilling water sports. The rush you feel from being lifted up in the air by the wind’s power does not compare to any other type of surfing. It’s pure adrenaline! 

If you’d like to learn more about kitesurfing, we've got four reasons that will make you take up kitesurfing right away!


You’ll get to clear your mind




Going to the beach for your kite session is the best way to get away from the crowd. Maybe it’s the fresh ocean breeze in your face, the vivid blue gradient ocean, or perhaps it’s the thrill of flying high above the horizon as you chase the sunset towards that last beam of light.

It could also be the feeling of heading out on the water and knowing that you can leave everything behind for a few hours. No bills, no deadlines, no urgent matters to attend to. Just you and your kite between the ocean and the sky. In other words, pure bliss.

Everyone has their own reason why they kitesurf, the only thing that is for sure is that kitesurfing is one of the most exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping, timeless ways of spending your time out of the office. Leave your problems behind for a few hours.

Enjoy your session and you will surely come back with a fresh mind, ready to deal with your everyday day life again. The sensation you have after a good kitesurfing session is unbelievable!


You’ll get to make new friends




The kitesurfing community is definitely getting bigger every day. Anywhere you choose to go kitesurfing, you will meet some like-minded people with whom you can exchange tips, laugh, talk about the forecast or simply sit on the beach and watch some other riders enjoying themselves. Being surrounded by other riders for your session is definitely advised but it is almost necessary. Using someone’s help to launch and land your kite is a lot safer than doing it yourself.

During your surf session, you will always see someone lose his board in the water so bring it back. You might see someone getting their lines tangled and you can help them. You might see a beginner just about to launch their kite in the power zone so feel free to advise them. You might see an amazing rider going big and crazy so you will congratulate them. These situations also happen the other way around.

After meeting these guys and interacting a few times, some of them might become your friends with whom you can organize your next kiteboarding session. You might also meet the same people at your home spot every time you go. You could find out that you have colleagues who also kitesurf. You will surely meet loads of new people with the same interests as you. Lastly, you will become a lucky member of the kitesurfing community.


You’ll become fitter and healthier




Kitesurfing can be relaxing and therapeutic, but it can also be the adrenaline rush you have been searching for. An innovative and inspiring way to exercise and stay fit, kitesurfing is a welcome escape from the city life and the A/C environment of the gym.

Kitesurfing is a great way to get outside and get fit and can also dramatically improve your level of fitness, core muscles, balance and posture! Kitesurfing is without a doubt the most fun workout you’ll ever have. Every single part of your body is involved during a kiteboarding session. End the day with a good 2-hour session and you will understand what we are talking about. Don’t forget to warm up before your session and stretch the next day when you wake up.


You’ll get to travel




For us, traveling is by far the best part of kitesurfing. This amazing water sport will bring you to places you never thought you would visit. You can kitesurf year-round around the globe that’s for sure. If you get the same addiction as we did, you will definitely travel to kite. Follow the kite seasons when your home spot gets too cold. Try to find the best spot according to your desires and needs.

Look for a wave riding spot, a flat water lagoon to practice new tricks, a spot with good nightlife to enjoy the evenings with your friends or a spot in the middle of nowhere to find the most remote area? Kiteboarding can bring you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. You don’t always to fly to the other side of the globe to find an amazing spot. It could just be 2 hours’ flight away.

Kitesurfing might be the new reason to travel. Come back fit with a clear mind, powered up and ready to rock in the office again. Traveling is also really fulfilling. You will meet different cultures, loads of people, try different food and drinks. Exploring the world to kitesurf could also lead to unintended life change - for the better of course! 


Inspired to do a bit of kitesurfing? Or maybe windsurfing? How about some wave surfing? Whatever you like, you can find it on BookSurfCamps.com! 

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