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How to Surf & Work Remotely

by Octavia Drughi

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The global pandemic has reshaped our entire world. When a large segment of the global workforce went through a remote work experiment, the line between our jobs and personal life became more blurry than ever.

As productivity upped, the stigmas surrounding teleworking were slowly lifted. Its benefits and limitations are now clear. Sure enough, day-to-day social interaction suffers and many miss their co-workers, but just think of all the perks!

To start with, not having to commute will save you a lot of time that you can use however you wish. Plus, working remotely doesn’t always mean working from home. For example, you could swap the office chair for the beach and clock in from a tropical paradise.

For those looking for a change of scenery or want to try something new, surf camps have adapted to this new situation and have put together work and surf packages where you can comfortably work remotely and surf in your free time.

Dreaming of packing your laptop and bringing your work with you on an epic adventure? Now you can! Read on and find out how to achieve the perfect work-life-surf balance.


The rise of remote work


The COVID-19 pandemic normalized remote work.

It has taught employers and employees many lessons – sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 doesn’t necessarily make you more productive, some meetings are just not necessary, and flexible teleworking can be even more effective than rigid office arrangements.

Employers have had to adjust, loosening restrictions and supporting their staff. Employees realized that they can do their job from almost anywhere in the world, and that they can be just as motivated and productive as in the office, if not even more.

According to a survey, more than half of teleworkers would like to continue to work from home after the pandemic, if given a choice.

Even though vaccination rollout may mean that things could return to a somewhat “normal” state, some companies plan to remain remote even post-pandemic. Others plan to adopt a “hybrid” work model, combining remote work and office time, which would give employees a lot more flexibility.



Benefits of taking a surfing workcation


Image credit: Selina

When one week of vacation just doesn’t cut it, why not extend your stay and take your work with you?

Combining a vacation with remote work is becoming increasingly popular. You can visit incredible surf spots around the world without using up your days off.

Working each day from your home can get you into a slump, and a change of scenery can leave you feeling refreshed and more productive. Just imagine hopping on the surfboard every time you feel stuck or uninspired, getting your groove back, and returning to your laptop with the solution.

A workcation is not exactly a vacation, but it’s not your average workweek either. You can wake up to a morning surf session, get some work done afterwards, and then spend the afternoon riding the waves again or relaxing with a gentle yoga flow.

Why not take an actual vacation?”, you might ask. Well, a workcation can be a great addition to your actual time off.

You still work during the day, but you get to spend your mornings, afternoons, and weekends enjoying activities you normally wouldn’t during a regular workweek, such as surfing, yoga on the beach, or hiking, to mention a few. You’ll live like a local, truly getting the feel of a place.

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How to combine work & travel?


A workcation does have its fair share of challenges. With so many temptations – the views, the waves, people having fun, etc. – it can sometimes be difficult to focus on your work.

Of course, in order to have a successful workcation, you must make sure to stay productive and enjoy your time away at the same time. Pick a location you've always wanted to visit. While you might think you'd be distracted by the things to do, being there for a longer time means you can plan to explore the place at a slow pace after you’re done with work.

Plus, not every place is suitable for productive work. Swinging in a hammock or lounging on a beach chair, laptop in hand, might not be as effective as you think.

Some places are just too loud, uncomfortable, or there may be too many distractions, especially if associated with holidays and relaxation. Find a quiet place to work, preferably in a comfortable workspace with a reliable internet connection.

Working remotely means that you are able to customize your workday to some extent. Make sure you plan your meetings and projects accordingly, making time for surfing and other activities.

Find out during which part of the day you are most productive and take advantage of that to wrap up your tasks faster. Use the rest of the day to enjoy your getaway.



What can you expect on a work & surf camp?



Image credit: Selina

The only way to get better at surfing is to surf more. If that’s always been your dream and you don’t want to quit your job or use up all your vacation days in one go, a coworking and surf package could be the solution.

Whether you’re an experienced surfer who just can’t get enough or you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, access to consistent waves and a guide makes a big difference.

Work and surf packages are tailored for all budgets and levels. They offer coworking spaces close to the beach and the waves. They are quiet, comfortable, and have a reliable internet connection.

You can expect a vibrant community of like-minded digital nomads, travelers, and surfers. You’ll wake up to wonderful views, have a healthy, delicious breakfast, and spend the rest of the morning surfing. After that, head on over to the coworking space and get some work done. Use the rest of the day to go surfing again, explore your surroundings, or enjoy other activities.

Depending on your level, you’ll get surf lessons or surf guiding during your stay. Surfing equipment rental is usually included so that you can surf on your own as well.

Many surf camps offer yoga classes, too. Daily meals may be included, as well as other facilities, workshops, and tours.

Coworking and surfing camps aren’t just for remote workers and digital nomads with a passion for surfing. They’re for everyone who loves the beach, would like to give surfing a whirl, and achieve a better work-life balance.

*Cover image credit: Steven Zwerink

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