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Surf Camp Breakdown – What Goes On Inside a Surf Camp?

by Cristina Costea

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Surf camps are a great way to brush up on your surfing skills, improve your technique, meet like-minded people, and visit amazing destinations with picture-perfect beaches. 

But if you’ve never been on a surf camp, then you must be wondering what exactly goes on inside a surf camp? Do you practice on your own, or do you have an instructor at all times? Are your meals included? Do you get picked up from the airport? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re here to share with you what exactly goes on inside a surf camp!


Learning to Surf

Learning to surf or improving your surfing technique is the number one reason people go on a surf camp. Which is why your surf camp is basically mainly made up of surfing lessons with a certified instructor. If the surf camp is aimed at experts, then maybe the instructor is optional, but otherwise, they are usually included.

Depending on your level, an instructor will teach you how to hold a board, how to paddle, how to balance, and various surfing moves, such as duck diving, aerials, tubes, floaters and more. Most instructors are very passionate about teaching environmentalism or just how to be an ocean-conscious surfer, so our actions don’t hurt our lovely Mother Nature.

Some surf camps also provide you with a video analysis of your surfing, which you get to discuss with your surf teacher and/or surf camp colleagues. This is most helpful to get you on top of your surfing game!


The Logistics

Almost all surf camps require you to pay for your own transportation to the destination. But once you’re there, most organizers will take care of everything, from airport pickup to any other types of transfers the surf camp may require. If you’re unsure about anything, just call the organizers of the surf camp for any information you may need to safely get you to your destination.




Food, Lovely Food!

What do you eat on a surf camp? What’s included and what’s not? Well, almost always, the breakfast is included in the price. But there are a lot of surf camp organizers who also provide lunch, dinner and snacks. If you go on a surf and yoga surf camp, chances are the food there will be vegetarian, but otherwise, it’s just going to be the local good stuff! If you have any special requirements or you’re on a diet, best be sure to tell the organizer so that they can work something out for you.



When it comes to entertainment, the options are truly endless. Every single organizer offers something extra with their surf camp package. It could be something as common and useful as yoga sessions, or something along the lines of diving lessons or snorkeling.

Usually, at the end of the surf camp, there will be an event, a dinner or a party where you get to mingle and have fun with everyone who attended the surf camp.



As mentioned in the entertainment section, yoga is one of the most common forms of relaxation offered at a surf camp. There could be morning yoga sessions to help you become a better surfer, get you all stretched out and focused before you hit the surf.

Some surf camps provide guests with meditation or relaxation lessons, where you learn how to relax and connect with your inner self. Other offer massages to soothe your muscles after intense surf sessions.





Accommodation is almost always included in the price of the surf camp. It can range from a five-star hotel to a nice and rustic surf shack. This is basically what is going to drive your bill up or keep it low. If what you want from your surf camp is luxury and relaxation with surf sessions, then by all means, go for a luxury surf camp and you will not be disappointed.

But if your priority is surfing and nothing more, then we’re sure you would feel great on a budget surf camp, sleeping in the same room with other people, having access to basic amenities. It’s all about what you need and want from your surf camp!



This is another area you need to consider before booking your surf camp! Some surf school organizers will offer you the surfing equipment on the house, while others will charge you for it. And considering you can’t really lug your surfboard along with you on a plane, or you can for a steep price, you will need their equipment. But don’t worry, it’s not expensive. Their goal isn’t to rip you off, but to make you come back for more!


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