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10 Inspiring Surfing Videos You Absolutely Need to See

by Cristina Costea

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These days, lots of things can go viral. A video of a cat doing something mundane, such as standing up on its hind legs, can gather up millions of views. A video of a rodent looking over its shoulder in a dramatic fashion. And let’s not even mention the always funny compilation of fails and various trips and falls that seem to amuse pretty much everyone. 

But when something truly great goes viral, then it can be inspiring and thought-provoking. Surfing makes no exception! This is why we’ve put together a list of 10 surf videos that feature amazing surfers doing amazing things. Things that the average surfer only hopes to do, and things that a beginner surfer can’t even fathom of doing.

Take a look at Garrett McNamara breaking the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed, or at Robbie Maddison, surfing on his dirt bike. Just remember that these are professionals and you shouldn’t attempt any of this on your own!


10. Jack Robinson’s Hollow Ground



Jack Robinson has been surfing since he could walk. At the tender age of 8, he was competing against teens and he was winning. He is now 16 and he is touted as being the best young surfer in the world. He’s definitely one whose career you should follow, but before that, we recommend you take a look at Hollow Ground and be downright amazed at what this young surfer can do. This is what talent and perseverance look like, folks!


9. Chris Bryan’s 1,000 Frames per Second Surfing



What does ‘1,000 frames per second’ mean? It means the cutting edge of the film industry, and it also means super slow motion with incredible detail and gorgeous colors. And if you use this type of camera in surfing, you get one of the most stunning and exciting surf footages ever shot. Feast your eyes upon what surf cinematographer Chris Bryan has managed to create and let yourself be inspired by it!


8. Surfers Face Winter Storm Hercules



France has awesome surf spots, and Belharra is one of them. Even though it breaks rarely, when it does, it creates some of the biggest waves in Europe, which in turn, attracts surfers from all over the world. But when winter storm Hercules hit Belharra on January 7th, 2014, it created perfect big wave surfing conditions, and surfers rushed to ride the massive waves. Benjamin Sanchis, Shane Dorian, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, and Jamie Mitchell were among the many who dared to take big wave surfing to a whole new level. Enjoy Belharra meets Hercules!


7. Chris Bryan’s Biggest Teahupo’o Ever



Another gem from surf cinematographer and photographer Chris Bryan, Biggest Teahupo’o Ever shows the most massive and stunning waves to ever hit the small village of Teahupo’o, Tahiti. This happened on August 27, 2011, during the Billabong Pro waiting period. Kelly Slater himself felt terrified of the wave and feared for other people’s lives, while the French Navy sent out a double code red for the day. Filmed used the Phantom HD Gold Camera, the clip is a masterpiece of big wave surfing cinematography. We dare you to watch it without getting goosebumps!


6. Cam Richards’ Pardon Me



Cam Richards is a young and extremely talented surfer and has the potential to become one of the great surf legends of our time. Just take a look at this clip and see how insanely good he is and how everything looks so easy when he does it. Cam is also very active on social media, and we recommend you follow his Instagram account for more bits and pieces of his surfing and day to day life. 


5. Robbie Maddison’s Dirt Bike Surfing



We were lucky enough to get Robbie Maddison to answer a few question for us about his life as a dirt bike surfer and stunt man. If you haven’t already read the interview Maddo gave us, we can’t recommend it enough. Basically, what Robbie Maddison is doing in this video is something nobody had ever tried before: dirt bike surfing! He modified his dirt bike so he could surf with it and, with the help of the Red Bull team, managed to produce an absolutely stunning and inspiring video!


4. Cory Lopez’s 30 Second Barrel Ride



Cory Lopez, or Lopey, is one of the best elite professional American surfers in the world. He’s won Best Barrel titles before, but this particular barrel is truly special. Take a look at this video to see just how good he is and especially how lucky he was on that particular day. Lopey managed to ride inside a barrel for 30 seconds! You can see that the ride itself was actually a little bit longer, which is absolutely stunning when you think how rarely stuff like this happens in the ocean.


3. Stephanie Gilmore’s the Tempest



Surf legend Stephanie Gilmore teamed up with surf filmmaker and photographer Jon Frank to create one of the most visually pleasing surf videos of the decade. Watch as Stephanie Gilmore rides the waves of the far reaches of the Indonesian archipelago and let yourself get inspired by one of the best surfers of our time. The music that accompanies the clip is performed by Alberto Bof and it is called “Jeux d’Eau”, which means water sports in French. Simply spectacular!


2. Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool



We’ve written about Kelly Slater’s wave pool before. We think it needs to be included in a top of inspiring surf videos, simply because it’s a stunning wave pool that gives constant, close-to-perfection barrels. The Kelly Slater Wave Company, located near Fresno, worked on the pool for nearly 10 years to perfect the technology that produces the waves. But, let’s get one thing clear, this is not your average holiday wave pool where you can splash around and say you’ve surfed. This is a state-of-the-art wave pool that creates “the first truly world-class, high-performance, human-made waves”.


1. Garrett McNamara’s 100 Foot Wave in Nazare, Portugal



In November 2011, surf legend Garrett McNamara entered the Guinness World Records after having surfed a 78 foot (24 m) wave. But in January 2013, he did something even more amazing: he broke his own record for the largest wave ever surfed. The wave in question measured a whopping 100 feet (30 m) and he needed to be towed there. The above video shows an interview with the man himself and a few photos of him riding the massive wave. Let the words of one of the most successful surfers in the world serve as inspiration for your next surf vacation!


Interested in honing your surfing skills and shooting a surfing video yourself? Or you maybe just want to relax by the beach and catch a wave in the morning? Then book a surf camp in Europe and be on your way to having the perfect surfing holiday. 

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