Luhu Surf Camp is a local surf camp and school that is owned and managed by two local friends, Luis and Hugo. The camp is located right in front of the beach.

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Instructors (2)

Hugo Alves Ferreira

Luis Monteiro

Reviews (2)

Patrícia Santos

from Sweden, August 2018

"I really improved my surf and had a great time"

I only have good things to say and think about this place.

Hugo and Luis went above and beyond to make sure we had a good time and experience surfing there. They really care for your progress surfing and make sure you have a fantastic breakfast. It was also super nice to hang out with them, their dogs and their families around the camp. The amount of people staying in the camp is also perfect, like this they always have time to give attention to everybody.

The spot is perfect. It’s In front of the beach and only a few locals surfing there and they were very nice. That was great not to have to fight for waves in a crowded place.

Me and my boyfriend really hope to come back. We had a fantastic time there and also improved our surf with great tips from the guys. It was a great atmosphere in this place.

Also the food in the restaurants around are super nice and cheap.

Testimonials (3)

Mariana Lemos

Luhu Surf Camp website

With just a few lessons I had a lot more progress than expected. Fantastic surf school with very skilled teachers. The hospitality and atmosphere was even better! The whole team were absolutely fantastic and made it so much fun.

Myra de Ruiter

Luhu Surf Camp website

They are the reason that I want to go surfing every time I am in Portugal, great teachers, best friends, and fantastic surfers, who really love to teach surfing the way they believe is the best, no matter how good or bad you are. That, plus the fact that they are locals, who can tell you all good spots to eat, drink and relax! For me, I made friends for life: Hugo, Luis & the Ocean!

Klaes Boersma

Luhu Surf Camp website

Here you experience the greatest surfspots, restaurants and bars of the entire region! The instructors are some of the most wonderful, encouraging, supportive, and helpful people I have ever met. They are great teachers and awesome to hang out with. It is the ultimate surf experience for beginners and people who are looking for a more advanced level.