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Linha de Onda believes that surf is a lot more than just a sport. At Linha de Onda, they share their values and their passion about the waves.

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Alvaro Bibas

Alvaro or Bibas was born and raised in Porto and he has been surfing for over 20 years. Currently, he is the surf head coach at Linha de Onda Surfing School and he holds ISA Levels 1 and 2. He is also a certified surf instructor by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. He has been developing advanced surf coaching programs to prepare aspiring surf champions to compete in national championships, as well as surf courses which aim to improve the performance of beginners and intermediate level surfers.

ISA-1 (Wave Surfing)

ISA-2 (Wave Surfing)

Tiago Alves

Born and raised in Porto, Tiago discovered surf a long time ago. He has always been attracted to the ocean, not only to its waves but also to its dynamics and ecosystems. This drove him to a Marine Biology Bachelor's Degree and teaching surf lessons at Linha de Onda just for fun. He ended up realizing that it was incredibly rewarding to share his passion with others and so he looking forward to doing it with you!

Manuel Centeno

Manual Centeno graduated in architecture in Universidade do Porto and sponsored by Deeply e Pilatesaviz. He is 2 times World Champ of bodyboard.

Nuno Azevedo

Nuno Azevedo is a Graduated and a Masters in Physical Education and Sports in ISMAI. He is also a bodyboard or surf instructor course by FPS (Portuguese Surf Federation). Also a personal trainer. He is sponsored by Versus Project Boards.

Tiago Fazendeiro

Tiago Fazendeiro is a Graduated in Sports Science and specialized in Sports Training. He is a certified instructor by FPS (Portuguese Surf Federation) and IPDJ since 2006. National Vice Champion in the Drop-Knee category in 2014. Also a swimming instructor.

Portuguese Surf Federation (Surf Coach)

Reviews 3

Stevan Antonijevic

from Serbia, August 2018

"Best experience ever"

Linha De Onda Surfing School >

Tiago, Alvaro, Antonio and Katarina are the best combination ever.

Friendly, patient, careful, amusing, and the most of all - professional.

Looking forward for next year adventure.

Spot Hostel >

Really great place to be.

Owners and stuff are really nice.

Hostel is really clean, everything is in order.

3 floors, there is a room for everyone.


Naweed Ghanizada

from Denmark, August 2018

"Big waves"

Great teachers and leasons, nice location to wave for beginners.

Testimonials 3

Sasa Redelmann

Linha de Onda - Surf Experience's Facebook page

I am really stoked. Super classes. Cool guys with surfsoul in the heart. I come back again. I miss you boys...

Henna Merikivi

Linha de Onda - Surf Experience's Facebook page

The teachers were great! Motivating, giving good tips to improve your skills, really professionals in what they do. I really had a blast surfing with them

Tomek Misiejuk

Linha de Onda - Surf Experience's Facebook page

The best surf/bodyboard school !!

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