El Ranchito Surfcamp

El Ranchito Surfcamp is located in Guanico, at the southern-most point of Panama. They run a small surf camp that provides guests with a cozy, family-like atmosphere through cabana-style accommodation.

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Laurent Dutruilh

Laurent, also known as Lorenzo, is the owner and surf instructor of El Ranchito Surfcamp. Because he was born in the famous surf town of Biarritz in France, waves and surfing have become one of his priorities. Therefore, he turned his hobby into a career. Every summer, he goes back to France to work professionally as a surf instructor. Due to his eleven long years of experience in surf coaching, he knows all the essentials required for successful surf lessons.

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Jacopo Salerno

El Ranchito Surfcamp Facebook page

El Ranchito Surfcamp had a nice, quiet, and clean place. Lorenzo was very kind and helped you whatever you need. The location was perfect for surfing tours. I absolutely recommend El Ranchito Surfcamp!

Katjees Austria

TripAdvisor website

I had a great stay at El Ranchito Surfcamp and they are just about to make it more and more beautiful for high season. The garden is super pretty and well-groomed gem! Plus, they will do their best to improve your surfing. Keep up the good work!

a traveler Germany

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El Ranchito Surfcamp is a relaxed and shady garden place. They have little cabanas for one to three people located close to Guanico bay. This place is green and fresh even in the dry season. I came here while traveling in Panama with my surfboard and stayed for two weeks because I liked it so much. It's nice and calm. There were also good opportunities to work out a bit. There are mango trees and sometimes monkeys around. The male owner was really friendly. He speaks French, Spanish, and English. His big passion at the beach is surfing and his big passion in the garden is the workout, which is why you can find handle bars and pull-up opportunities all over the garden area. It's great, plus there is a slackline available. I liked the open garden kitchen for cooking, which had an impressively high palm roof. I also liked the excellent fresh water provided from the nearby mountains. There is a little shop within walking distance for daily grocery. El Ranchito Surfcamp is a good base for surf trips. If you have a rental car, Tonosi is just a 20-minute drive away and Guanico beach takes only five minutes. I went surfing in Guanico by bicycle and taking some rides. It always worked out. I love El Ranchito Surfcamp!

a traveler Canada

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I spent a couple of days in this wonderful surf camp with my girlfriend and we enjoyed nature as well as the waves with really good conditions. It was possible to catch waves for every level and the different surf spots were never crowded. The water was warm and the landscapes were awesome. We loved meeting people from everywhere and getting the surfing spirit spread by Lorenzo and his friends. Food quality and the cleanliness of the rooms were also elements that have to be mentioned. That is why we definitely recommend this amazing surf camp to enjoy surfing in Panama in a very beautiful setting.


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I really liked this place. I felt like almost in a secret garden, but a tropical version of it. Imagine having a piece of mango straight from the tree. If you're not a fan of plain fruit, little Jiani will prepare for you probably the most delicious food you can imagine. When you're too full to go surfing, you can stay in a hammock and read a book without any chitras around. I love nature and that surf stop was perfect for me as it was not only on the beach. I had some amazing runs across the mountains there such as admiring the sunrise, listening to the twittering birds, and from time to time, stopping to say hello to the locals with horses. If you're lucky, you might have a ride too. If you're not a fan of horses, you can also use a bike or have a lift from Lorenzo as he always takes his guests to the beach. The beach was amazing. The waves were pretty consistent, which was so great even for beginners. The water was warm. The rooms and the kitchen were very basic but that's about all you need while you're in a paradise.

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