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WAYRA Spanish School has been offering Spanish classes to foreign students and residents by following a full immersion program since 1996.

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Maren Elise Hovet Norway

WAYRA Instituto de Español website

he time at WAYRA has been a great experience. I always enjoyed the Graduations on Fridays with the whole group and the great typical Food they served.

Samuel Métraux Switzerland

WAYRA Instituto de Español website

The schools relatively small size helps to create a great atmosphere. Living in a host family has given me a nice insight into the Costa Rican way of living.

Jeremy Shane Canada

WAYRA Instituto de Español website

My experiences while studying Spanish at WAYRA were most beneficial for me as they were for all the other students I met during my stay in Tamarindo. This is why I can honestly state that all the teachers at WAYRA have a thorough understanding of the Spanish language, and an incredible ability to share that with their students. I went there not knowing a single word of Spanish. After a few weeks of in-class studying as well as applying my skills with locals and practicing in the student house I left Costa Rica with a more than adequate ability to effectively communicate in the Spanish language.

There were many other conveniences such as Internet access, and numerous weekend excursions to other parts of Costa Rica. These excursions led by one of the Professors of WAYRA enriched my understanding of the Costa Rican culture as well as enabling me to practice more of my language skills.

I recommend this language school not only because of its excellent language program but because of the mystical tranquillity of Tamarindo that emanates in every smile.

Tom Blanchard United States

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We live in Tamarindo every summer and this year our son (6.5 years) attended Wayra for 2 weeks. He thrived in an excellent academic environment with loving staff who encouraged him and had a set curriculum for him. Wayra is Cervantes Institute Certified, which means they have passed specific academic criteria that represents quality and a higher standard of school. Their children's program is exceptional and the staff invest in their students from start to finish. We highly recommend Wayra over any of the other camps advertised heavily but that do not follow through on any quality such as ISLS. "The proof is in the pudding" as the saying goes and this pudding is high quality, dedicated staff and professional services to help anyone of any age meet their goals. I am a Spanish professor in the USA and if anyone should have any questions about Wayra, please e-mail me, Colleen, at Queens University in Charlotte.

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