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8 Days Windsurfing Package in Croatia

Available in August & September

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Ales Komocar

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Tianheng Zhao

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Friendly instructor, good vibe school @ nice little village"

Renata was very responsive and responsible. She has provided much useful information on the website and she is always happy to answer any questions. The school kindly picked us up from the bus station and also drove us to the pier on the last day so we don't have to walk in the heavy rain.

The school always assigned 2 instructors per boat for max 3 students. One instructor will be using radio to communicate while the other instructor will focus on the boat for easy board pick-up etc. I noticed they sometimes park the boat upstream to the student to block the wave, how considerate are the instructors!


Viganj is also a nice village and provides a good escape from our daily routines. The restaurants all have nice food and good portion. Especially the waiters and waitress are all very friendly and speak perfect English.

Overall the experience is pretty good. Now we are ready for our next kite trip.