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7 Day Fantastic Surf Vacation in Sayulita, Nayarit

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024
    from US$ 1,692
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    4 Day Fantastic Surf Vacation in Sayulita

    Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024

    Instructors (2)

    Corey Whitely

    Robert Valencia

    Reviews (2)

    Matthew Jamer

    from United States, March 2023

    "A Professional Instruction on the Wave Riding Process "

    I'm turning 68 in April '23. I'm in excellent shape for my age and have a regimented work out , however my surfing has been limited on flexibility and challenging even having a vacation home at OBX, N.C. Variant Surf was excellent ! Corey worked with me day after day we consistently went over pop up drills on the beach, and worked with me on his four step process in the water and other concepts of the wave that I will not reveal. I had bad habits of the surfing process, and Corey knew as soon as he saw me out in the water. I commend him for giving me a platform now to train and practice on the his teaching concepts so I can become a better surfer at my age . We spent hours in the water for four days, a day rest, and a night cap which was outstanding .I'm regular footed and would hardly go backside because Iack of confidence . Corey recommended we learn on the backside first. His process actually allowed me to have better control on backside than going right. Let it be known .. Corey and I were serious about my surfing and I was determined to regain my surfing experience through training. This was serious business. When he spoke I listened... When he wanted me next to him in the water on the shoulder I was there We trained and surfed Punta Burros and not in crazy Sayulita. Waves were consistent and the last night at sunset surf was awesome. Direct contact is talk to Corey. reference me with my contact info. It was a great surfing experience!!

    Vanessa Curtis

    from United States, January 2020

    "Great instruction, excellent location, memorable experience"

    Variant Surf provides an experience we could not get elsewhere. Corey met us at the airport, gave excellent surf instruction (including helpful etiquette and safety info, lots of practice reading the waves), and was a great resource for local culture. It was helpful that he is a native English speaker. I really appreciated Corey’s attention to safety in the water and coaching style.