Travel Surf Morocco is a surf and SUP school located in Imessouane. This project stems from both love of the ocean and passion for sharing surf moments.

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7 Days Astonishing SUP Surf Camp Imsouane, Morocco

Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul, 2019
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7 Days Amazing Surf Camp Imsouane, Morocco

February | March | April | May | June, 2019
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from Germany, November 2017

"Surf, eat, sleep - repeat!"

Great place to relax and disconnect!

Perfect spot to surf for every skill level.

Really nice team. Diong their best to make you feel home and get to know the Maroccan hostility.

Patient teacher.

The team speaks a decent English, so it's easy to get along.

Testimonials (2)

Marleen Mathiowetz

Travel Surf Morocco Facebook page

The best surf Camp in Morocco! I have stayed there already several times, and we had always a blast with all the team. Surfing two or three times per day at Imsouanes huge bay, having chef Ahmed's delicious lunch and dinner, enjoying incredible sunsets from the rooftop terrace and having nice chats with the team and other surfers...don't Need more to feel alive and be happy. Thank you Travel Surf Morocco for an incredible time with you!

Sloogy DaBass

Travel Surf Morocco Facebook page

We spent only 2 nights, But it was an amazing time. The house is lovely and very clean. The cook is fantastic. All meal are very tasty with a great variety of food. The contact with Elsa for the booking was very nice. The location of Imsouane is one of my favorites in the area. And last but not least: Youssef is a by far the best surfing coach I ever had. He's pushing the limits and is able to take he best out of yourself ! Big up to Elsa, Youssef & team.