Simply stated Swell Surf Morocco is a small, friendly, and flexible surf and kite camp run by a Lithuanian and Moroccan power duo.

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8 Day Kitesurf Camp in Tamraght

Available all year round
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8 Day Yoga and Surf Holiday in Tamraght

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4 Day Beginner and Intermediate Surf Camp in Tamraght, Agadir

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Gaëlle Fournier

from Switzerland, December 2019

"My water sports and yoga experience with Swell Surf Morocco "

I liked the spot were we went to surf and kite surf. It was fun to learn surfing in the waves (small and big) even if it was scary to go through the big waves the first time. With the good advices of Abdou and Driss it was easier and made me more confortable at the end to do it on my own, knowing there were here to supervise was helping a lot too. The instructors were listening to our needs and did there best to answers them as for the water lessons than about the food for lunch or bringing us to places we needed to go to.

The two yoga teachers were nice also and those sessions in the morning helped me a lot to feel less stiff in my body. I could enjoy even more the surfing session after that.

The staff at the Riad were all kind and very helpful for everything.

Max Håkan Bromée

from Sweden, November 2019

"Great value for money and flexible set-up"

Abdou was a great surf instructor and made the entire stay in Agadir very smooth, pleasant and rewarding! Would recommend anyone that wants to best utilize their vacation for wave/kite-surfing to book this camp. Abdou was very flexible and accommodating depending on our groups General mood and the weather conditions.

Annalisa Dovey

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Definitely coming back next year! Excellent hospitality. "

Abdou was incredible and Z and M... everything was taken care of and he always had the best plans! Plus lunches and photos and endless motivation and encouragement.

Chris Cherry

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Surf holiday"

Excellent group who helped us all with patience and enthusiasm

Mina Levy

from Great Britain, September 2019

"It was amazing"

My friend and I found the surf/kite school absolutely amazing ! the teachers are super patient and extremely nice which made us improve a lot in surf/kite ! The yoga lessons organised were also very helpful !

Audrone Skardziute

from Germany, April 2019

"Excellent experience "

I really enjoyed competent and professional instructors providing personalised lessons tailored lessons for my competency level. I was only starting with kitesurfing and even though it was challenging, i was able to already stand ont he board at the end of the week. I was lucky to be alone in the camp during the period- but the team took very good care of me and made sure I was never bored and lonely. 10/10.

Agnieszka Brannsether

from Norway, December 2018

"Fantastic holidays with Swell Surf Marocco"

I loved Riad and friendly people. Instructors are super patient and want to teach. Everything organized perfectly. I'll be back for sure.

Emeline Lock

from Netherlands, October 2019

"Superfijne ervaring in Marokko"

Abdou, Laura en de overige instructeurs zijn geweldig. Iedereen is betrokken, geduldig en behulpzaam. Er wordt goed naar je niveau gekeken waarbij wordt aangesloten. Ze geven je goede adviezen om verder te komen in het kitesurfen en daarna tijd om te oefenen, te vallen en weer op te staan :). Daarnaast is de lunch van Laura heerlijk, is er genoeg tijd om te relaxen op het strand en worden er heerlijke tajines op het strand gemaakt. Ik ben alleen naar SwellSurf gekomen, maar heb me echt geen moment alleen gevoeld.

Myrthe Van Den Bogaard

from Netherlands, May 2019

"Actieve gezellige vakantie"

Abdul spreekt goed engels wat het makkelijk en gezellig maakt om een week samen op te trekken. Zijn vrouw, Laura, maakt heerlijk eten en ook de andere instructeurs zijn erg behulpzaam en aardig. Ik reisde alleen en voelde me snel op mijn gemak in de groep. Vooral in het kiten gaven de instructeurs (abdul, Ismael en 1 naam ben ik vergeten) hele goede tips! Ik maakte snel progressie. In de surfles moesten we iets meer vragen om tips, hier lag niet hun focus. Wij konden echter wel al surfen en ik zag dat ze bij de beginners hier wel veel meer echt naast waren om te helpen. Er was maar 3 dagen wind, wat jammer was. Maar ze organiseerde dan gewoon een ander uitje waardoor je alsnog de hele dag op pad was. Ze zijn erg flexibel en je kan ook zelf aangeven wat je prettig vindt. Kortom een mooie ervaring. Bedankt!

Igor Plesiak

from Republic of Lithuania, March 2020

"Amazing spot, friendly and chill instructor and staff"

Despite the fact that i was lucky enough to come during corona virus outbreak and couldn't fully enjoy my kitesurfing lessons as i was forced to leave the country earlier - it was an amazing experience! Totally recommend to everyone! Abdou is a professional instructor who is super friendly, patience and was always eager to help and explain kitesurfing technique. The food and accommodation were perfect as well, even in this short period of time you could feel the grasp of moroccan lifestyle (we were eating moroccan food and living in small moroccan village which is not so touristic, so you can see how locals are living). Overall loved the vibes during this camp as everybody is relaxed, friendly, making fun of each other and there where no rush whatsoever. will come back once corona virus will take it's guns down. Wishes to Abdou and Zakaria: Nanana coroooona, Nanana corooooona😂

Natasha Mark

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Professional, for everyone & much more than (kite)surfing"

We have had a great experience and enjoyed to be part of this team!

Unfortunately not much wind in Agadir but that does not stop Abdou. We chased the wind in Essouaira and other places.

This was my first experience with kite surfing and Abdou and his team gave me a lot of confidence in the kite and trained me well. There was a good separation with the beginners and experienced kite surfers, so everyone had their fun. The times that we could not do kite surfing we had surfing lessons. Everyday we have spent a lot of hours in the water and if we wanted it could even be more.

With the nice relaxed atmosphere we learned how to chill again and experienced a lot of the Moroccan culture which was a nice extra.

We have had a lot of fun and might be back in the near future.

Thank you guys!

Ruben Fakkert

from Netherlands, November 2019

"Beyond my expectations"

Abdou, the instructor, learned me how to kitesurf and surf within one week. The lessons were structured and Besides our daily surfing, he brought us to many cool locations, such as the Sand Dunes and Essaouira, a good place for kitesurfing. He provided us every day with a good lunch on the beach and made sure we enjoyed every moment of the holiday. I would definitely recommend this trip to others!


from Netherlands, November 2019

"Awesome (kite)surf holiday."

I've not met many instructors who give clear step-by-step instructors, but at Swell Surf Morocco you'll find them! I really liked how Abdou and ... explained everything step-by-step with a lot of patients. This really helped me learning the techniques.

Furthermore, even when we had some bad luck with the weather. Abdou made sure we won't regret coming, because he introduced us to some cool activities like sand surfing and lunch at a local fish market. He really introduced us to Moroccan culture and is always in for a talk. Abdou and his team put a lot of effort to make sure you'll have a fun time and will drive you to a place when you ask for it.

Robert Gardner

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Great week!"

The guys from Swellsurf are excellent instructors and great fun. They are very accomodating and will take you to different places or for different activities if you ask.

The accomodation is great and all the food provided, both at the accomodation and on the beach, was tasty.

I plan to return!

Yan Si

from United States, May 2019

"excellent camp"

People are generally very friendly, Laura's lunches are beyond delicious, I started to appreciate Moroccan's food more ever since. Abdou is a fabulous instructor, he is willing to go extra miles to take us to the right place. Under his guidance, I started to build up skills for kiting both directions. Also when there's no wind, Abdou and his team took us to surfing and tech us the surfing technique, which is an absolute fun! Thank you all.

P.S. will try to avoid booking during Ramadan next time.

mark michiels

from Netherlands, May 2019

"The best experience ever for a sportive holiday and more"

The kind and good instructor and his Friends. They tried everything tot learn our family to surf. They went also with us toch great places. Sandsurfing was amazing. Good food from Laura every Day. Good Hostel. Kind people. We love Zacherya. He was amazing the Whole week tot help and support us. Endless energy. Abdoul and his staff where great . Thank you all. The cookies where great in the plain. And thank you Abdoul for Carrie my bag.:-)

Mark Evans

from Great Britain, April 2019

Abdou and his team were very well organised. Laura was very easy to contact before flying out with all the information I needed. Unfortunately the wind wasnt as good as it could of been but when we did Abdou was a very good instructor with very good English, when the wind was down he was happy to take us to other places e.g the sand dunes for sand surfing. Abdou was always happy to go out of his way to make us happy. Laura's lunches were also very nice. I would definitely recommend them and will hopefully be back again. Mark

Israel Del Campo

from Netherlands, December 2018

"Amazing trainers"

Everything in this course was outstanding. The instructor (Abdou) is not only an amazing kitesurfer but a great trainer, patient, and extremly knowledgable

Willem Gordijn

from Netherlands, December 2018

"Unforgettable experience"

Swellsurf exits of close friends around Abdou an Laura (organisation and excellent healthy food) that made jobs from their hobbies. You experience every day the joy they have!

it seems like Abdou knows everyone and every place from Agadir to Essouira and let us benefit from that. Friendly, patience and chill as he is. Even afther work, he is always there for you!

If the wind for example is better in Essouira, he drives us 160km. Abdou is capable in doing everything, except the weather. That's إن شاء الله,! Few days were not optimal for kitesurfing, but even better for surfing!

Being home, except beautiful (kite)surf experiences, I miss my new friends, Abdou, Laura, Rashit and Badr, King Loub I! Till next time!

Jerome Eckert

from Austria, November 2018

"Lots of Learning and Laughter "

The guys (and girl!) at Swell Surf were awesome. Its easy to see that they love what they do and they make it look easy making sure everyone is learning quickly, safely and having fun. Not only did I learn a lot about kitesurfing but I came back with a refreshed outlook on life, human relationships and a nice tan.

Andras Dacza

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Fantastic camp"

Would like to thank again for the camp Abdou and Laura.

It was worth it definitely and I loved been there. I know I was a bit tough nuts to teach for kitesurf but Abdou was so calm and all the hard work paid well 👊🤙

Loved Laura’s lunches everyday 😘

A bit shame about the last 2 days weather but still had really good time 👌😉

Hope to see you guys in the spring time, already looking at the fly's 😁 lol

Thanks again guys, all the best 👍

The hungarian from England 😆😆😆

Karolina Kosiedowska

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Great time with an excellent company "

Unlimited kitesurfing or surfing classes with experienced and encouraging instructors. Very relaxing and friendly atmosphere and people who are always willing to go an extra mile to make sure that you have the best time ever. Also guys took us to few nice places around Agadir and Bannana Village only known to the local people so we could have a real Morocco experience.

He Peng

from Kuwait, October 2018

"Amazing holiday "

The 8 days I spent with swell surf is just incredible. I did not expect the hostel to be so delicate while the staff are just so friendly and helpful all the time.

Abdou is not only a great instructor but also a very nice person indeed. He is so patient and tried to teach us as much as he could. While the wind condition is not so satisfying he always finds something else amazing for us to explore. He took us to the paradise valley and small Sahara which are just perfect. He is always on time, always ready to listen and help. He even bought me a box of cookies when I was about to take the bus to my next stop coz he knew I would be hungry on the way. How thoughtful he is!

I did not have the chance to meet Laura but I bet she is as great as the lunch she has prepared for us. The food is not only healthy, delicious but looks like masterpiece every time I opened the lunch box.

Badr is the assistant instructor and he is being funny all the time. I really think he should start a talk show and I'll be a big fan of it.

Maximilian Brenner

from Germany, September 2018

"Awesome stay in Morocco with many activities and great instr"

Individuality of planning the day. Lots of action and fun

Franziska Karutz

from Germany, September 2018

"amazing experience "

Just an overall perfect experience. I didn’t just learn the technique, I learned to live in the moment of the waves (thanks to Abdou) and found new friends. The food/lunch was always extremely delicious, thanks to Laura!

I’m just very very happy I booked with swell surf Morocco!

Linda Jacobs

from Netherlands, July 2018

"exceeding my expectations"

both abdou and badr made me feel more then welcome! even though the surf season was almost over, i had the best time ever.

if you are looking for a small surf camp with warm and welcoming people, this is the place to be.they will do all within their power to give you the best experience there possibly is.

Philippe Morin

from Canada, May 2018

"Unreal experience! "

I started the camp with very limited experience (couldn't water start). By the end of the camp, Abdou had me doing jumps! The whole week was the perfect combination of structured kite sessions and free time to visit the beautiful area. I hope I will have the opportunity to go back and kite with them again! Laura, your lunches are amazing. Abdou and everyone else involved, thanks for the great week.

Gabriel Fernandes

from Canada, May 2018


My week in Agadir with Swell Surf was just perfect, lots of sunshine, strong winds, perfect for kitesurfing lessons. Abdou, Badr and Laura make fantastic team, very professional and fun. Abdou was a very good instructor, extremely patient and kind, always encouraging me, I am really glad that I could progress a lot and feel comfortable enough to start doing it all by myself here in Canada. ADVISE: bring water shoes, bit if don’t have them, go to Agadir’s Decathlon store. Laura’s lunch boxes are delicious, my first contact with Moroccan food couldn’t be better, she contacted me in advance to check on my food allergies. Badr was in charge of all my transfers and he is the one took me to Paradise Valley (which is incredible).

The accommodation (Riad Imourane, in Tamraght) is very cozy, clean and the staff is friendly. The village is small, but is it has convenience stores and local restaurants with good Moroccan, vegetarian and Mediterranean food for very good prices.


Johannes Zeller

from Switzerland, May 2018

"Value for Money --> Absolutely Amazing!"

Bader (Surfing) and Abdul (Kite-Surfing) are fantastic. They are very cool people and fun to be the entire day with. Even though we didn't have wind on a few days, it was always fun with these guys to hang out, try surfing instead of kite-surfing or just chilling.

The everyday's Lunches made by the wife of Abdul are delicious! Also the dinner at the hostel are just awesome. It's been a while since I ate so good and so healthy at the same time!

Everybody seems to be very eager to provide the best service. Also the people in the hostel are fun and stayed with us a few times in the evening just to talk and chill.

All this for such a price is simply unique. Thanks guys, I had a great time and will probably come back someday!

Nicole Behr

from Germany, May 2018

"Amazing experience "

Passionate Instruktor

Sabina Kramberger

from Slovenia, May 2018

I highly recommend the kite surfing holidays with Swell Surf Morocco!

Reelika Helde

from Estonia, April 2018

"More than You can wish for! :) "

As we arrived in Agadir we had a very warm welcome from everyone throughout the holiday.

Me and my boyfriend had tried kitesurfing few times but had not got far so kitesurfing for beginners felt like a good idea – it turned out to exceed all expectations!

Thank You Abdou for being the absolute best kitesurfing instructor we have ever met! It was easy to learn from someone so skilled, attentive, thorough, patient and happy.

Another wonderful surprise were the lunches at the beach. Thank You Laura for being absolute genius in the kitchen! As we tried many different restaurants the lunch was always better than dinner – amazing!

The whole trip was very well planned to details and so much more than we expected! There are no words to describe how happy we are that we had this wonderful experience.

There are so many places to discover in the world but this was one of those where you know you want to come back.

See You all next year around same time – if not sooner! :)

With Best Wishes from Estonia

Reelika & Heigo

Martin Pope

from Great Britain, April 2018

"60 year olds bucket list ticked"

I’ve just returned home from one of the best holidays I have ever had. I booked a beginners kitesurfing course for both myself and my son. Neither of us had any kite surfing experience or been to Morocco. I’m a fairly agile 60 year old however I was understandably a little apprehensive as kite surfing can be a dangerous sport if you don’t follow some fairly simple basic rules. However, through Abdou’s patience and expert tuition, by our last day we were almost riding the board. If the wind conditions hadn’t have become too gusty for beginners I’m confident we would have got there. We met many other kitesurfing students from around the world who had taken kitesurfing lessons elsewhere and they all said the same thing, “Abdou was the best instructor they had ever had”. I personally didn’t participate in the surfing however the feedback I got from the surf students was that Bader was also an excellent instructor. Both Abdou and Bada did everything they could to make our stay in Morocco as interesting and enjoyable as possible by taking us to a local Moroccan fish market for lunch and to paradise valley. Abdou’s wife Laura works hard behind the scenes and swiftly answered any questions or concerns I had before our trip. She also provides delicious packed lunches on a daily basis which we all looked forward to eating. Swell Surf Morocco are a professional outfit that has customer care as a top priority. They are also excellent value for the money. I recommend them 100%

Pavel Mateju

from Czechia, April 2018

"Best surf guiding experience ever !"

I was very lucky to book my surf guiding package with Surf swell Morocco company. Abdul, Badr and Laura, small but very effective team of very nice persons which you agree on almost anything with. Abdul is very flexible, yet always on time, ready to take you to the best spots for surf just when the tide is right and wind's offshore. For Surf swell Morocco company, virtually nothing is a problem. Even if the conditions do not favor the wave surfing, you don't have to worry, you can switch to kite surfing and go with the wind if you like. I was really impressed, this was one of my best surf holiday ever.

Ross Mullane

from Ireland, April 2018

"kite boarding paradise"

I loved the fact that abdou would stayed later a couple times when there was no wind during the daytime and picked up in the afternoon. Equipment was all in mint condition. Had a good selection of kites too for different winds. Had me standing on the kite board by on the third day. Can’t thank the guys enough for the whole holiday one ill remember forever

Ross Mullane

from Ireland, April 2018

"Week of paradise!"

Our instructors being just so friendly and professional and willing to be so flexible to accommodate all 5 of our needs! Willing always to find the best surf spots (some local and secret:) ). Any days without decent waves were spent adventuring anywhere we wanted....paradise valley, jet skiing and quad biking! All lunches were sooooooooo nice and fresh and different every day (thanks Laura!😁). Thanks to the guys abdoul and badr for an amazing weeks surfing hope to do it again some time!

Greg Fabijanski

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Kite upwind!"

Abdou knows his stuff, I was going upwind in no time... nice flat spot at the back of the kings palace!

Kris T

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Wind, sun, ocean and good company;))"

Fantastic people, exciting sport thank you very much for a fantastic week with you and of cours fantastic food of laura ;)))

I highly recommend👍👍👍

Ruben Timmermans

from Belgium, March 2018

the food and the hostel was good.


from Netherlands, November 2019

"Leuk surfcamp op niet-ideale spot"

- Het team van Swellsurf Maroc is jong, leuk & enthousiast.

- De instructies zoals gegeven hebben me beter gemaakt in het kitesurfen.

- Het strand van Agadir is geen drukke kitesurf spot, er zijn over het algemeen slechts een beperkt aantal kitesurfers op het water (als het waait).

- Dagelijks vervoer (30min) van/naar het hostel was inbegrepen en gaf geen problemen.

- De mogelijkheid om uit te wijken naar golfsurfen op momenten zonder wind.

- Het uitje waarbij we naar de zandduinen zijn gegaan (i.p.v. Paradise Valley), inclusief o.a. zandsurfen. Ook leuk was om een middag golf te gaan spelen.

Anne Fritsch

from Germany, May 2019

"Perfect Surf Holiday"

Abdou and his team are great.

They try to make a really great holiday.

When there was no wind, we learned wave surfing.

The lunch on the beach was always awesome.

Jurre Homan

from Netherlands, January 2019

"Very nice instructor's and enjoyed my stay very much! "

I booked a kite surf camp and from the first day I felt really welcome and a chill vibe! Abdou, the instructor was very good in explaining all the theory and safety instructions before we went kiting. Also they give you a lot off feedback, so you will learn really fast. The people were very chill and nice, so I felt comfortable right away! Although we didn't had wind all/ every day abdou really made sure you had a good stay. We went on few excursion through out the week that were nice and although I didn't book a regular surf camp the days we didn't had wind I got to do regular surfing instead, so that was nice as well.

The accommodation is a nice riad to relax after busy day. Although there is no Wi-Fi in the rooms (I didn't mind) it's a good place to stay.

So Abdou, Zakaria and Laura many thanks for the great week I enjoyed it a lot!


from Germany, November 2018

"Great Trip"

I really liked to not only do surfing and kiting but also to get to know the people better and the area.

Jerome Campiotto

from Germany, September 2018

"Awesome experience for little money"

All in all everything was a pretty positive experience.

The surf school has cool staff with whom you can joke around a lot.

Enough alternative activity is provided if there is no wind.

The meals were provided by the instructors wife and they were cooked with such love that everything tasted really amazing!

Lisanne Hoekstra

from Netherlands, May 2018

Bij aankomst had ik meteen een warm welkom gevoel, iedereen die ik heb ontmoet was super aardig. De instreuteurs waren fantastisch, meedenkend en geduldig. Vooral Badr, mijn surf instructeur ging altijd net een stapje verder om te helpen of je wegwijs te maken in het gebied. De Riad heeft een hele fijne huiselijke sfeer en het eten is echt heel goed. Alles bij elkaar echt een top week!