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Swell Surf Morocco

Swell Surf Morocco is a dream camp for unforgettable surfing and kitesurfing holidays located in a small fishing village to the north of Agadir.

Instructors 4


Abdou will be your instructor. He is a surf coach who has been practicing since 2008.


Soufiane is one of the instructors of Swell Surf Morocco.


Hamza is one of the instructors of Swell Surf Morocco.

Reviews 19

Krzysztof Tomaszewski

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Wind, sun, ocean and good company;))"

Fantastic people, exciting sport thank you very much for a fantastic week with you and of cours fantastic food of laura ;)))

I highly recommend👍👍👍

Ruben Timmermans

from Belgium, March 2018

the food and the hostel was good.


from Belgium, December 2017

material kite was ok, lunch on the beach

Paul Caiger-Watson

from Great Britain, December 2017

"An experience, not just a kite surfing opportunity"

Abdou the instructor, a fantastic sense of humour, great knowledge as you'd hope on guiding me as a beginner and when the winds were too light there was an opportunity to 'attempt' to learn to surf. Very chilled out, great to experience eating in the local fish markets and the trip to Paradise Valley as an excursion to see something different than the coastline. Abdou makes all the difference, I was lucky to have such a good guide and now new friend. I hope to return to complete what we started.

Jessica Brand

from Republic of Italy, November 2017

"One week of fun :)"

The whole Camp was a great experience. The hotel was super cozy and I apreciated that it wasnt too big, in that way it is way easier to get in contact with the other guests (mainly wave surfers attending different surf schools). You can also eat dinner at the hotel which tasts really good. The staff of the hotel.is also really nice :)

Regarding the kitesurfing we were unfortunately only 3 times able to use the kite based on bad luck with the wind. But even with the three times we made it on the board even though it were just for few seconds 😅. However, when the wind was low we went wave surfing, played volleyball at the beach or just enjoyed the sun.

Even though it might be a small team, doesnt mean its bad at all, it makes you feel being in a great, fun family who really care about you and try to make your stay as good as possible.

And the lunches are awesome as well! I always loved the little notes on them that had sometimes one or two words in your own language on them, super kind :)

So all in all its just a great camp and its up to you what you make out of it when the wind is low,because Abdou and the others do the best they can to make it an unforgetable experience :)

Antonio Escartin

from Spanish State, November 2017

"More than just kitesurfing"

The entire team of Swell Surf did their best (and succeeded) in order to make us enjoy everyday we spent together. We didn't have the best wind conditions (not anyones fault), but after starting from a absolute beginner now I feel capable and confident to keep improving on my own with kitesurfing. Abdou made a good demonstration of experience and patience as a instructor and as a guide. Laura's food not only was very good but also always made me smile every time I opened it. Badr and Othman were with us all the time too and also were cool people to hangout with and good drivers (really appreciated in Morocco). Not only we did kite lessons (in Agadir and Essauira due to the wind) but also surfing, tourism, having typical lunches, and other things that I'll let you discover for yourself.

shukran/ačiū Swell Surf team!

Miria Alicino

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Is not just another experience,is "The Experience""

When I booked this package I was expecting to do kite surf every day, but this is a sport that depends from nature and unfortunately in Agadir there wasn't much wind in that week. And if there is no wind is up to you to choose to be upset and grumpy or choose to go with the Moroccan flow and enjoy every single moment because Abdou, Laura, Othman, Bader and Rashid will do their best to make your stay unforgettable.

I did surf and Thanks to Abdou I managed to stand on the board which I wasn't able to do in my previous camp; they took us to Essaouira where we had 2 wonderful day of strong wind and kite lessons and I also learned the crab/ kite dance with Othman, so much fun!! If you want to enjoy the movida night Bader is the party guy, he will make sure you have a perfect night out.

The Riad was clean and cozy, the people very kind and welcoming and the food delicious.

I had such a great time with this people and for me everything was perfect!!

Marc Vanderveken

from Belgium, November 2017

The stay at the surf hotel was perfect. This hotel is used by different surf schools (mostly wave surfing - Swell Surf Camp was the only Kite surf school). So at night you could meet different people with all the same interests, which was very nice.

Rachid (my instructor) is an nice guy. He really tried to make my stay as pleasant as possible. On low wind moments (unfortunately most of the time) we went visiting Paradise valley, some hot springs, Hamam...

Andrea Smith

from Great Britain, October 2017


The beach was really nice, and the Riad cosy. I met some great people!

Inge Van Kruchten

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Don't miss! Fantasic overall experience I highly recommend!"

I stayed for a 8 days in Agadir and had so much fun!!! Every day the main focus was kite surfing! What a great sport to be doing, I was addicted from day 1 onwards!! Nevertheless, if there wasn't enough wind, Abdoul and his team made sure we had the best time! Whether this was while wave surfing, paddle boarding, playing soccer on the beach, chatting on a blanket in the sun or visiting one of the surrounding places, every day was a success!!! Whenever the wind picked up we quickly got ourselves ready to practice as much kite surfing as we could!!! Because of this and their great teaching skills, at the end of the week I did manage to stand up and to ride the board on the water!!! Every day we received an amazing lunch from Laura who is super sweet and an absolute amazing chef!!! These guys really make your holiday and experience well worth!!!

Judith Sinke

from Netherlands, June 2017

"Great overall experience "

Had an amazing week in Agadir because of this kitesurf/surfing camp. Unfortunately there was not much wind this week. But they tried to go as much as possible and take every opportunity to go kiting. What's also a good thing is when there is no wind it doesn't mean that you can't do anything because they also offer wave surfing lessons. So I also learned a bit of wavesurving. Both Habib and Abdou give clear instructions and are real motivators, what makes a difference in learning how to surf. Besides the surfing you make trips and get to know more about Agadir and it's surroundings. Habib, Abdou and Laura are friendly and fun people that makes your stay one you'll remember. And also Laura's food is really, really good. So just go! :)

Sophie Evans

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Swell Surf Morocco "

Lovely staff. Very accommodating and helpful. Makes you feel like a big family

Francesco Zuliani

from Republic of Italy, April 2017

"Kitecamp in Agadir"

People, place, Hostel and food

Malika M

from United States, April 2017

"Swell Surf Morocco - best option!"

The flexibility of the program and ability to see the country.

Testimonials 5

Jason Brown US


Quite simply I had the most fantastic week, delivered by the coolest and most gracious of hosts who LITERALLY couldnt have done more for me.

The quality of the kite surfing instruction was awesome, and it was due to this that I picked it up quickly. All equipment I used was recent kit, in good condition. There was a wide variety of kite sizes to suit all conditions.

I don't often do this but I will definitely be returning to the same location with the same host. I'm so confident that I will have another fantastic holiday that I will try and take friends with me too.

I give Abdou and all at Swell Surf my highest possible recommendation.



This surf camp was fantastic and quite easy going! In another surf camp I went to, we were very scheduled and you did not have much option to modify.

With a few rough surf days, we were able to pivot and do some day trips that I highly recommend (Paradise Valley, Legzira, Marrakesh and the Sahara). You are with Habib and Abdou each day and can chat through options any time. Laura's meals are fantastic and we were honored to be hosted in their home for a meal as well. You end up feeling like family at the end of the week!

For lodging, the surf camp does not actually tie itself to a particular option. The riyadh we stayed had fantastic staff! The hotel itself only had wifi in the lobby and was more like a really nice hostel.

Federico F.


My experience was really super fantastic!!! I did not just learn to surf, unexpectedly I lived true Morocco with true friends!!! I recommend it to everybody!! I was really lucky to have chosen this school!

Daniel M.


I went to Agadir to get some winter sun end and to do a few days kiteboarding. I’d previously spent a couple of days kiteboarding last year in the Canary Islands and my aim was to stand and go for bit this time. Looking through the reviews on TripAdvisor I found Swell Surf and am so happy I did because Abdou and Habib are such friendly and fun people and such great instructors.

I really made a lot of progress with their patient teaching and by the end of the week was just about getting there on the water starts and had some good runs which made all the face-planting totally worthwhile! I was fairly lucky with the wind which picked up all days except for one and we were lucky that we could head down the beach to the Lagoon near the Palace which was a great and safe place to learn. Honestly I couldn’t believe how patient the guys were

I’d also really recommend Agadir as a place to visit (see other reviews) but lots of stuff from the Paradise Valley to the National Parks and a cool chilled out vibe especially compared to Marrakesh.

Would definitely recommend Abdou and Habib and would definitely go back myself.

Valentin L.


I recommend to all people (family, friends, couples..) to go to Swell Surf Morocco ! Habib and Abdou are very good instructors, friendly, disponible to help you and give you advises for a great surf session! It was a pleasure to spend the week with them!!

Agadir is a great place for surfing, conditions are very good (always waves) and days with many winth the waves can be big and very fun for surfing! We could try too kite surf! Great experience and Abdou give very good advises!

If you don't want to surf, you can plan others activities easily (visit of Agadir, the paradise valley, small village, desert...) Abdou and Habid are there to help you. We had liberty to plan each days of our holydays.

We can enjoy grilled fishes, just near the port of Agadir it was delicious!!!!

To resume, it was an amazing week in Agadir with Swell surf Morocco, it was the first time in Morocco and for surfing and for sure not the last! It was perfect.

Thanks to Abdou, Habib, Laura too for the welcoming, and for their kindness I will never forget that's first moments of surfing!!

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