João offers in Porto/PT, accommodation, yoga, and small groups surf coaching, focused on sustained fast evolution, from total beginners to advanced surfers.

Surf Camps (4)

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5 Day Surf Coaching Program in Porto

Available from June till December
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7 Day Yoga and Surf Coaching Program in Porto

Available from June till December
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5 Day Yoga and Surf Coaching Program in Porto

Available from June till December
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7 Day Surf Coaching Program in Porto

Available from June till December

Instructors (2)

João Ferreira Gomes

Pedro Varela

Reviews (27)


from Netherlands, June 2021

"Top notch teaching"

If you are dedicated to truly learn give it your all to surf during your trip, than João can take your surf game to a new level. He will have constructive feedback on every wave you take, starting with the basics but as soon as you got a grip on that he will shift to understanding the waves, the timing and get more advanced understanding of surfing. From a beginner level all the way up to a pro level.

Amber Lakeman

from Switzerland, June 2021

"100% recommendation for surfing in Porto"

I have joined for 5 days and had a wonderful time: as a beginner, I have been instructed and guided very well (position, do’s / don’ts, safety, etc) but was also given the courage to try it out myself - and succeeded! There was good communication, a lot of flexibility and was very happy it was just a small group of other people. Because of this, there was a nice, relaxed and personal ambiance + a tailored approach for everyone. I felt that João really monitored my every day progress very closely, gave me a lot of attention during the lesson in the water but also after each session gave a short summary of the things that went well / could be improved for the next day.

Next to the surfing, the additional service from Surf Coaching Porto was amazing: João recommended and showed a lot of local things to do and visit, arranged the transfers and was always reachable for questions.

Also the yoga lessons (that were scheduled in the evening) were very beneficial and were a good addition.

All with all a great experience I would highly recommend for everyone that wants to start or improve their surfing skills in Porto!

Maria Hristova

from Bulgaria, June 2021

"Nice spot, smooth organization"

I like that we had a daily routine and in this way we could experience different state of the tide every day. The group was always small, nice mix of foreigner and local women.

Amal Mathew

from Germany, May 2021

"one word - Amazing"

João Is the best coach anyone could ask for . I came with absolutely no surfing the experience and João laid down the bsciad for me so well that I'm sure that I can take it with me anywhere I go.

He is the right combination of uncompromising with the technique and not forgetting to let you have fun .

amazing experience and I will be back again to train under him.

worth every penny !

Reut Nahum

from Switzerland, May 2021

"The best in Porto!"

João is very professional and experienced coach. I felt very lucky to have his coaching and learn surfing with him. The accommodation and all of the overall experience was amazing and I am highly recommend it. Wouldn’t choose another option in Porto.

Meike Bernert

from Netherlands, October 2020

"When energies meet... "

My trip to Porto will always have a place in my heart. Being a big kite surf lover and a recent surf beginner in the Netherlands with not the best surf conditions, I doubted that I could ever become equally addicted to surfing. However, João’s passion totally rubbed off on me and has definitely made me become hooked to surfing. Every single day, he has a 100% focus on every single surfer in the group and tries to push everyone’s limit in a way the individual allows it. Whether I had challenging waves (Maceda), less energy (2nd session on the same day), João’s drive and motivation pushed me to the limits. I loved it.

The vibe in the group was always awesome.

In line with the conditions, we also discovered beautiful and more remote spots, which were totally worth the trip.

Next to surfing, João was a great host, inspired me to go to yoga classes (opening my eyes to a new world as well), showed us around in Porto and went to different restaurants with us.

The accommodation is a really nice place; friendly staff, clean rooms and very central.

One recommendation: it’d be great to offer separate groups for beginners and intermediaries.

Mihir Parekh

from Great Britain, September 2020

"A laid back experience with lots of time on the water!"

João was a great instructor. He's laid back but will push you to make the most of the lessons so you have the best experience. He also kindly drove us into Porto to try the local francesinha and was a great way to get to know the other surfers. The hostel was also clean and a short walk from the beach.

Jiuting Sun

from Germany, September 2020

"Excellent surfing experience "

João is such a good coach and friend. Always in small groups and he will drive you to amazing and local surfing spots rather than the tourist popular beaches. He also takes good care of everyone, introduces local restaurants, pick-up and sends me from and to the airport. I'm looking forward to joining this next summer as well.

Nicolo Maranzana

from Italy, September 2020

I decided to get the package: 4 nights/ 3 Lessons....after the first Lesson with Joao i immediately asked him to add more lessons! Joao is a great teacher for every level of surfing: perfect if you want to start for the first time, perfect if you want to reach the next level! Very helpful with us. He also picked me up from/to the Airport and suggested the best places to visit and restaurants. Thanks Joao!! About the Guest house: clean and close the beach for surfing and chilling! Modern and comfortable beds. About Yoga lessons: very good after surfing. I really suggest the Experience with surf coaching Porto!

Oxana Trebuch

from Germany, July 2020


We had the most amazing time at the surf lessons and in the beautiful guest house. João is a great and experienced teacher, who wants you to do your best every day. He was always available, told us the best places to visit and drove us to amazing surf and food spots.

Kia Hampel

from Germany, June 2021

"Loved it!"

I made so much progress surfing in a short period of time. Joao is a great teacher! Also liked the yoga a lot, I am quite advanced and felt that I was challenged in the class which is always nice.

Minna Mustikka

from Finland, May 2021


This trip was one of the best experiences I've ever had! I felt very welcome and the atmosphere was always relaxed, caring and friendly - all the credit to João. Both João and Pedro are world class in their profession, and their enthusiasm and love for their work was evident from the first second. Not to mention how incredibly lovely persons they both are!

João revealed the secrets of surfing to me in a skilled, patient and safe way, without forgetting laughter and relaxing. His attention to detail is pristine, and I really felt the classes are just not another "tourist ride", but proper coaching with passion and goals (and always adjusted to the wishes of the client). His knowledge on the sport, as well as the constantly changing environment of the sea are amazing.

Pedro's yoga classes provided an excellent balance with the surf - both my body and mind were grateful after every single lesson. I have never received such individual attention and teaching in yoga lessons, and one's personal strengths and weaknesses were always taken into consideration. The windy weather did not allow training outdoors, but I didn't mind at all as the studio is beautiful, very clean and filled with good spirits.

My accommodation was next door to the Fishtail Sea House: a beautiful, tastefully decorated room with lots of light. The location is perfect - you can find everything you need effortlessly.

I wouldn't change a thing and would go straight back if only I could!

Thank you ever so much!!!

Katja Bekasova

from Netherlands, September 2020

"The trip of a lifetime!"

This trip was honestly everything I could have wished for, and more. I did not know what to expect and was a bit nervous traveling on my own, but starting from the very first evening when I joined the group at a restaurant straight from the airport, I felt at home. João is such an amazing host, he is very caring, making sure you have everything you need, and providing you with the best experience ever. João's surf classes are top notch, I had zero experience before this trip and after those 11 days I spent in Porto I feel I have improved a great deal and definitely lost my heart to surfing. João brought us to the most amazing places, wonderful beaches, and secret spots, and it was just perfect! You are so wonderful, thank you João!

My experience would not have been the same if it wasn't for Pedro's yoga classes. I've been doing yoga for half of my life, but I haven't felt this way about it in a long time, the way I felt after Pedro's classes. He is such an amazing teacher, sharing his wonderful energy with all the students in his class, and being able to find a personal approach to everyone. The classes made me so, so, so happy. Obrigada, Pedro!

The guesthouse is a lovely place, the rooms are clean and you have everything you need for the stay. The location is amazing, Matosinhos is such a cool place to be, and the whole vacation was such a marvelous experience and I will never ever forget it. If you are hesitating - don't. This trip is the best gift you can give yourself.

Lizzy T

August 2020

I enjoyed the yoga and the surfing. Pedro and Joao are both great and enthusiastic teachers.

Marco Barbarossa

from Italy, August 2020


I couldn't have made a better choice than to spend a week with João to learn surfing and have a great time!

The Surf House - which is a nice hostel with also other customers not related to the surf coaching experience - is located in Matosinhos, very close to the beautiful city of Porto. Every morning João will come outside the hostel to bring you in the best spots for surfing, not crowded and with good waves. The afternoon is free for doing what you like: lay down in the really close beach, or explore the sorrounding Porto area. Also Yoga classes are available every day and more experiences as well, such us having a dinner with the surf crew in some of the best local restaurants!

I have found the experience better than expected and João the best coach you could possibly have!! If you are reading this and you are in doubt if to book or not, my reccomandation is to not think twice! This experience is absolutelly worth the price and you'll have the possibility to really learn well how to surf with João, beside having a great time in his company.

Tetiana Leshchuk

from Ireland, August 2020

"Surf and yoga is an amazing mix!"

First of all, I want to express my gratitude for Pedro's yoga sessions here, they literally made me the happiest!

It was a great experience, and I'm sure I'll continue learning surfing after these 3 days. Coach João was trying to do everything to make sure we enjoy our time and I'm thankful for his patience especially!

Every surfing and yoga session was right on time, the commute was efficient and we were provided with all needed stuff like wetsuits, ponchos, etc.

Katja Caspers

from Germany, June 2020

"High-level surf experience"

After having daily surf lessons with Joao for almost a week he put my surfing skills and perspective on a whole new level.

I went from beginner, who liked to surf in white waves, to intermediate, who is more comfortable with green waves. He took me out of my comfort zone and made me push myself harder. Joao is a high-level coach, who is professional from the second you meet him. He paid attention to every detail and analyzed my style of surfing to understand each of my moves and give me the best advice to improve. In the water he was always by my side helping me to catch the waves, motivate me and take great pictures with his GoPro. :)

Thank you for putting so much work into me, I´ll be back for sure!


from Portugal, June 2019

"Nice stay for those who want to explore on their own"

The rooms and decor were absolutely gorgeous!