San Sebastian Surf Camp offers affordable surf camps with top value at the world’s best destinations with an authentic feel and budget options.

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4 Days Surf, Yoga, Hiking in Basque Country, Spain

June | July | August | September, 2019
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4 Days Van Surfari and Surf Camp Spain and France

June | July | August | September, 2019
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7 Days Van Surfari and Surf Camp France and Spain

June | July | August | September, 2019
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Reviews (17)


from France, October 2018

"An experience to avoid for the future"

The location, the people, the food

Adam Boulton

from Spain, September 2018

"Beautiful location and very friendly and welcoming hosts"

I loved staying at the surf house, Adam and Ben were super friendly and made me feel very welcome from the moment I arrived.

The schedule was flexible which suited me perfectly, I could drop in and out of the things that I wanted to do.

The surf lessons were great and I could stand up on the board after only a few days practice. They took us to several different beaches in the area, all beautiful.

The house itself is set in a lush green area with lots of trails to walk or run along. The whole area made me feel very relaxed

Maurice was a fantastic yoga teacher, very relaxed, gave lots of options for each pose depending on our level and was generally a really nice guy.

All the staff looked after us well with simple healthy food. I would definitely return :)


from Italy, August 2018

"Less than memorable surf camp experience"

Basically nothing

Tjaša Derstvensek

from Slovenia, August 2018

"Great experience"

I loved it. Everything about it. The people there, other visitors , surf and yoga lessons, food, beach... It was really relaxing and fun at the same time.

Matteo Ferrario

from Spain, August 2018

"Everything was perfect"

The location was just unbelievably amazing and quiet, exactly what you would look for for a surf camp. Surfing was perfect, twice a day and the waves in Zarautz were really beginner-friendly and easy to catch. The guys made sure everything was well organized and they also took us to San Sebastian more then once at night and showed us cool places where to eat and drink that we wouldn't have found if we were on our own. The food was also always enough and with a great variety and good quality. I will def repeat my experience here

Fraser Gray

from Italy, June 2018

"San seb review"

Everyone at the surf camp were incredibly welcoming and easy going, I felt a part of the family as soon as I walked through the door! The house was an epic creation, props to the guys for making it such a sweet living space! Adam and Kayls were absolute legends, I can’t thank them enough for being so helpful and calming, and understanding when things are a little tough. The surf lessons were great, they catered for everyone’s ability and even when the conditions weren’t the best you’ve always still got the option to get out there and give it a crack. There was a perfect mix between relaxing and just hanging out, and then getting a bit roudy on some party nights. Epic experience! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of fun in Spain!

Stephanie Lee

from Ireland, September 2017

"Lovely surf camp in Northern Spain"

A very relaxed place - with fantastic views, and great hikes in the area. The food was gorgeous, and the surfing instruction was excellent.


from Spain, July 2017

"It's not a Surf Camp"



from United Kingdom, July 2017

"Dirty location, bad equipmet even worst instructors"

The party was the only good thing.


from Spain, June 2017

The friendly nature, the feeling of not being treated as a customer but being part of a surfing gang and being able to share that first experience with other first timers who hot the waves. A wonderful experience and a marvelous memory to treasure

Julie Dubief

from France, July 2017

Les cours de yoga étaient supers rien à redire.

Les repas étaient globalement très bons bien que frugaux le midi or nous surfions le matin donc étions affamés.

L'ambiance était bonne et le site est bien car le village et la vue sont superbes.


from Italy, August 2018

I liked the vibes.. The mood was the one of a real surf camp.. Wild and free. You feel home. You can meet people from allover the world and enjoy your time in many different ways.

Andrea Witt

from Belgium, August 2018

Good location in the middle of a green area - excellent for hikes. They feed us continously with good food and the own bar with beer and sangria is cool. There is always a programme to participate in, but one is entirely free to choose what to do. Ideal for socialising and fully switching off from your everyday reality.

Bart Kuiter

from Netherlands, June 2018

"Great experience!"

We had a great time in the hostel. People were very friendly, made friends quickly, the surfinstructors were good, the food was good and it was very flexible depending on what you wanted to do. The staff works hard to facilitate you well. Overall a great vibe and I would surely recommend it.

Marc Villeger

from France, September 2017

"How to discover surf in a Aussie World ! Awsome"

Many thanks to Kailha, Cairy, Adam, Anzie, Jackson, Tallie, Victor

Camilla Zeltner

from Spain, July 2017


The stoke team with their energy and positive attitude.

Carolina Gonzalez Honorato

from Spain, August 2017

"Yoga y surf, algo diferente y muy divertido"

Muy buen ambiente. Los días en la playa haciendo yoga y surf han sido geniales.

Testimonials (5)

Sam Australia

San Sebastian Surf Camp website

The surf house was a cool place to stay, and the food was unbelievable. All round good times.

Lewis Bariola

San Sebastian Surf Camp Facebook page

Never ever met such an amazing bunch of people and made so many long life friends in such a short period of time!!!!

Maddie Arnold

San Sebastian Surf Camp Facebook page

I have been to many of Stokes festivals, plus the San Seb surf house (which is amazing!). I can't recommend stoke travel enough, I'll always chose them.


Because the atmosphere is awesome, the staff know how to put on a party and the food always excels my expectations, especially when they are cooking for sometimes a thousand + people.

Sometimes things don't go to plan (ie buses not arriving on time at running of the bulls - which isn't really Stoke's fault, more so the bus drivers/company... or having to wait a while to check into the tent) but overall the bad outweighs the good by far.

If you want comfort, luxury and stability then maybe get a hotel. But if you want to party, make life long friends and experience festivals/surf with all the added bonuses then book with Stoke �

Ryland Jordan

San Sebastian Surf Camp Facebook page

The best week of my trip!

The moment I walked into the San Sebastion surf camp I immediately felt apart of the family, with a beer in hand the good times had just begun.

In the week I spent at the camp everything was run so smoothly and professionally with never a dull moment.

Thanks to the amazing instructors who go the extra mile to help everyone of all abilities, I importantly saw a great improvement in my surfing.

After the day is spent at the beach the staff would organise nightly activities to keep the good times going, from pinchos tours in San Sebastions old town, visiting one of Basque countries famous sidra (cider) houses or fun nights in at the amazing house on the hill.

In the two years I have spent travelling I don't believe I have had a more enjoyable week than the time with stoke.

When exploring Europe in the summer months stopping in to Stokes surfing options & other festivals is a must.

Thank you again to all the team & guests for an amazing time, Legends.

Chrystal Boyd

San Sebastian Surf Camp Facebook page

I absolutely adore Stoke Travel. I can understand that the hippie/party atmosphere isn't for everyone, but they have never lied about who and what they are. They are a super budget, party tour group. If camping/inclement weather isn't for you, or if you get angry over minor hiccups like late busses and food lines, go with a different company. If you can roll with the punches, love meeting awesome people, and want to have the time of your life, go with Stoke!