Montanita Spanish School is an award-winning school in Montanita, Ecuador, where the surf lifestyle combines with the beauty of learning language.

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a traveler

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I stayed in Montanita for ruffly a month. The combination of good party, surfing and a real good Spanish school was perfect. The teachers of the school always try to make it an interesting and funny class combined with excellent teaching. Personally I have to say my Spanish skills did increased rapidly. Nevertheless as I took both private and group class, for people who like to gain speaking skills fast private lessons will do the job better then group.

Carly S. United States

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Montanita Spanish School is located in a party town which wasn’t my favourite thing but the school itself was great. Fantastic teachers, well organized classes and fun extracurricular activities. I would recommend the school but just note it’s a busy town. The surf is also quite good.