Jimmy Aycardi - Viajes y Excursiones S.A.S is located in Barranquilla, Colombia where you can find many surf places for beginners and intermediate!

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Omayra Dias

from Mexico, February 2024

"Fun Experience"

We felt safe traveling with Jimmy from Cartagena to different locations up to Palomino. Surfing in the Caribbean was more challenging than I expected, but Jimmy gave me tips for improving my pop up, when to get out of the water and when/where to go back in. My friend didn't end up surfing, but she really enjoyed the different locations we visited. Jimmy also chose great places to eat restaurant and street food. I think my favorite added activity was going to Poza Encantada in Santa Marta.

Sam Brunschot

from Netherlands, October 2023

"Een super leuke ervaring."

Het was de start of mijn solo trip in Colombia. Jimmy is mijn personal guide geweest voor 5 dagen. Hij heeft mij leren surfen en hij was een goede instructeur. Hij heeft me veel leuke plekken laten zien van Colombia. Ik heb me deze 5 dagen enorm veilig gevoeld in het voor mij onbekende land.

De twee dingen die ik heb geleerd tijdens deze trip:

Just go with the flow and relax.

Yoko Suzuki

from United States, September 2023

"Awesome, Flexible and fun !"

Not like regular Surf camp, you have opportunity to explore different cities and surf spots. Surf instructor and owner Jimmy is flexible and supportive. He took me to different spots depending on wave condition. I arrived Barranquilla and ended at Cartagena so that I could meet with my friend to continue trip from there.

Another good feature was video analysis of my riding. What you feel and what you see are different. It's helpful to improve your skill.

Both accommodations were great location in front of ocean and hostel staff were friendly.

Besides surfing, he took me out for fun area in Barranquilla and Cartagena. Thanks Jimmy to make my surf trip to be such a unforgettable !

Chris Ludlow

from Canada, December 2022

"Dream Come True"

What I liked most about this trip was the variety of locations we visited, one day we were in the city, the next the mountains, then the ocean side beach. I needed the schedule to work around my need to be at a wedding, and all of that went perfectly. There is everything on this trip, different levels of surfing, access to a variety of foods, and a selection of amazing Colombian culture. To accomplish all we did on your own someone would have to take more time and energy which would take away from the amazing opportunity to become a Colombian surfer.