Go Nuts Hawaii's warm and welcoming professional instructors provide surf lessons that gently introduce both kids and adult beginners to the world of surfing.

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Aidan Crafford

from Switzerland, December 2021

"Surf Camp with great Hawaiian Vibe"

Airport pick-up makes it easy to settle in.

The camp house is right next to the beach and makes you feel at home instantly.

Cesar and all of his friends/family are super friendly and accommodating. Surfing everday and going out after with locals really brings the Hawaiian vibe.

The food is excellent! Way over what was expected.

Overall Cesar and the surf house is all about fun, good food and a healthy lifestyle!


from United States, October 2021

I’m so glad that I joined this surf camp! My instructor Pedro is super fun and I learned a lot from him! Cesar, Katia, and Drako (the dog) are welcoming and kind host and I could experience North Shore lifestyle during my stay. Plus all the food I had during the camp were so delicious! Highly recommend this surf camp!

Kevin Zhao

from United States, September 2021

"Doesn't get any better than this!"

I honestly can't say enough about how great of an experience this was. Cesar and Katia were so welcoming, and served some of the best food I have eaten in a very long time (the homemade poke and feijoada were SO good). They provided awesome recs and easy accessibility to hikes/runs/beaches in the area, and also put on a Brazilian BBQ for me. For the week I stayed at Cesar and Katia's I really felt a part of the North Shore community.

All that above doesn't even include the surfing, which was amazing. They were so knowledgable and careful about picking the perfect beach/waves for me to learn on, and each session was awesome. Shout out to Pedro who was a great surf coach.

Overall, can't recommend this camp enough! Obrigado Cesar and Katia!

Julie Zhu

from United States, September 2021

"Best surf camp everrr!"

Literally had the best time when I stayed and surfed with Go Nuts! Cesar, Katia, and Petro are such nice people to learn from and hang out with. The camp and I believed in the same thing, which is to eat healthy, exercise, and get close to nature. I had great food, slept well, learned surfing, and made great friends. Their morning fruit platters and lunch Lasagna are to die for. You will meet the most patient and helpful surfing instructor here who also has great rock music taste. Not to mention a tour around North Shore on all of its scenic spots! I left with a deeper understanding on surfing and knowing I’ll be back. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the best experience ever!

Katharina Lix

from United States, September 2021

"So much more than a surf camp"

If you're hesitating, just go do this surf camp, you won't regret it! César and his amazing family welcomed me with open arms and immediately made me feel like I was part of their Ohana (family). They serve delicious breakfast with the freshest ingredients every day and are very laid back yet organized. The schedules are flexible and they really try to accommodate everyone's preferences and needs. We had so much fun surfing and having amazing conversations over food. Katia, Cesar's wonderful wife, took me on an amazing tour around the island where I got to see beautiful spots that normally remain hidden from tourists. The surf instruction is really high quality too! I had never surfed before and feel like I learned a lot very quickly because you get private one-on-one instruction. The location is kind of remote but right by one of the best beaches in Hawaii for watching the sunset. A few food trucks and a grocery store are within biking distance. They have bikes you can borrow.

Alexandre Dubos

from United States, June 2021

"A Perfect way of life in paradise"

I usually don’t write much about camps or do review but this was an exceptional trip.

If you expect an hotel accommodation don’t come there, for that go to Honolulu you’ll be fine. If you come for a true experience, for surfing, for sharing the Hawaiian and Brazilian vibe and for human connection there you are at the best place in Oahu (and maybe in the world). The surfing was awsome (thank you Pedro!) always looking for the best spots according to your level and expectations! And what about the food and the warm welcome in Cesar’s family!!! I really felt I was welcome in a Brazilian-Hawaiian family and it warmed my heart! Cesar’s vibe (and Katia and everyone’s there) is one you can’t forget and I will be forever grateful to have come there and for Cesar to call me his brother and friend!

North shore is a paradise and when you feel like you’re in family like Cesar made me feel, it almost already feel like a home and for sure now even if it’s far from France I have no choice but to come back!

Petite revue en français:

Ne vous attendez pas à un hôtel 4* ou autre, ceci est un surf camp où vous partagerez votre passion pour la vie avec Cesar et sa famille qui vous font vous sentir partie intégrante du North Shore! Cesar connaît tout le monde et vous amène partout où vous le désirez! Je me suis senti comme dans une deuxième famille mi brésilienne mi hawaïenne!

Un voyage parfait grâce à eux!

Obrigado mucho para tudo meu irmão, Mahalo my brother, merci mon frère! Alex

Alberto Ishida

from United States, April 2021

"🤙 World class surf experience, you can't find on Airbnb."

Cesar's Go Nuts camp is not just about learning how to surf, it about getting to experience an authentic North Shore lifestyle. This was my first time surfing and traveling to Hawaii and I was a bit nervous about booking thought this site, however Cesar's hospitality and communication thought WhatsApp not only was attentive but also authentic. With Go Nuts you are a part of a community and you can feel it. If you are interested in healthy food, good coffee, incredible people and ocean views this camp is for you. Now that I'm back in San Francisco, I feel like I have a new Brazilian uncle who I can go back to and learn from.

Ray Zhao

from United States, April 2021

Cesar was the most warm hearted hospitable host i have met. I was greeted with open arms by his beautiful family. The surf camp was great as well, i had a lot of fun while there. I couldnt rent a car, so cesar showed me the island from his perspective. by the end of the camp, my surfing skills had improved dramatically. It was one of my best experiences

Olivia Liang

from United States, November 2020

"Best Camp & Thanksgiving Holiday EVER! "

The trip was super amazing! I feel like I was treated like a princess. It is my first time traveling by myself and I feel sooo grateful to stay with Cesar (the host)'s family during the Thanksgiving holiday!

I have a surf lesson every day. I tried a few instructors until I find the best one. Please ask for anything you want. Cesar will try their best to satisfy your requests. I was improving every day on surfing and was feeling accomplishment. LOVE IT!!!

Cesar and his wife - Katia always served me absolutely delicious, authentic, local food like the best poke and shrimp in town. I got a chance to try some Brazilian food as well since the host is from Brazil and has been in North Shore for more than 30 years. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner with the local Brazil community which makes the best Thanksgiving for me as a Chinese who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.

They also brought me to explore the island and checked out some signature trails and spots.

Highly recommend!!! Go apply NOW!!!

Dave Harris

from United States, January 2020

"GoNuts is the place to Go!"

I went to GoNuts to take some surf lessons and experience Hawaii's north shore. I got that and along the way I made some friends as well. I felt like I was visiting family. GoNuts is across the street from Velzyland and just north of Pipeline. I recommend it. - Dave

Christina Klein

from Canada, October 2019

Perfect place to learn surfing and to explore the north shore. Great teachers and hospitality, feels like a second home while you're there and Cesar's food is superb! It's a bit pricey for a budget traveller but worth every dollar. Would definitely recommend and hope to be back soon.


from China, August 2019

"Great experience and super nice people!"

Cesar and Fabio are great guys. They improved my surfing skills everyday and knew exactly what they were doing. Everyday they were smiling and helping with whatever I needed. You could just see the passion for surfing, the island and their job. Very much appreciate the time I was spending at the surf camp.