Dreamsea Surf Camp

Cantabria, Spain

Dreamsea Surf Camp creates a sustainable environment through the respect of nature, while encouraging physical activities. They believe in a healthy style of life, especially for the young people.

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  • Warren

    Trip Advisor website

    As volunteers in the camp, my friends and I had an awesome experience! Arriving with one friend, I left in a group of 11. A great way to meet people, surf (regardless of your initial ability) and meal times together leaves you feeling like a part of a family. A short drive but relatively lengthy walk (although doable) from town, you will spend a lot of time with people from the camp. In my experience, the result was genuine connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. The experience is what you make of it with plenty on offer in terms of excursions, surfing, yoga and kilometers of beautiful beaches.

  • Jessi

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    My photographer and I first came to Dreamsea as "all in" guests for a fitness photo shoot for a client in the states. We arrived in the middle of the night and were welcomed by a very friendly face, Antonio. He showed us to our tents at 4:00 am and even killed a couple of bugs for us upon entering our tent. The camp was clean, organized, neat, and friendly. We had surf lessons from Reinaldo, who was an amazing surfer, and furthermore, gave extremely clear, concise, and simple instructions while teaching us technique. Even though both of us were first time surfers, we were able to catch wave after wave on our first day under his excellent instruction. We took yoga every morning at 7:00 am, and sometimes again in the afternoon on the beach, and had group workout sessions and jogs to the beach daily (for those who were into that type of exercise). The bathrooms and showers were immaculately clean, the food was amazing, there was always something to do, and everyone always had a smile on their face with positive energy. Dreamsea will remind you of just how little material it takes to be happy. A lot of physical activity, moving around, learning from and about other people, and becoming one with the wilderness. I was so sad to leave, that after I went home and took care of some business matters, I jumped on a plane and came right back to Dreamsea as a volunteer one week later. If you are looking to reset your perspective on life, and feel like a child again, this is the perfect place for you. If you require fancy things and can't handle dirty toes and bugs, you should probably look elsewhere. We left this camp in the most excellent shape. Leaner, stronger, happier and wiser. You will meet people from all over the world and learn something from everyone, so long as you give the new experience a chance. Magical experience. I will be back.

  • a surfer Canada

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    I stayed at Dreamsea for 3 weeks and absolutely loved it If you care a lot about your comfort/personal space/time alone and have never camped before, it is maybe not the best place for you. However, if you want to live an unforgettable experience, meet, connect and party with people from around the world in an enchanting environment, go for it!!!

    The energy from the staff is incredible, everyone is super sociable and if you like party vibes, you won't be disappointed. It is also a great place to learn how to surf, at your own rhythm with no obligation. The food is delicious. The camp is well organized, activities are planned daily and you will never be bored. The place is beautiful and the people make it even better. You'll want to go back as soon as you get home!

  • Christ Greece

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    This is the best vacation of my life. I met people from all over the world and this is perfect, all is happy and the staff is amazing. Dreamsea Surf Camp make you feel like you will be in the holiday of your life. As for the staff I can only say that it is amazing, from the manager to the people who clean and serve, everyone with a big smile and understand how they like what they do. Thank you all. I'll be sure we meet again soon!

  • Kimberly Spain

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    I have never felt so in my element. The people, the place, the atmosphere, everything was so amazing. I booked my stay on the second week of June, so the camp was not as busy as it usually is during mid season. Yes there is drinking and partying filled with young people, but that's what summer is about. If you're not having fun you're not having fun. Dreamsea is a place full of open minded people who want you to feel apart of something greater than just a camp. For those who are seeking a quiet get away with their loved one book a glamping tent. They're these beautifully decorated luxury tents that come with a queen size bed and electricity. You get some nice privacy because they're a little bit further away from the camp, but close enough to make it to breakfast on time. The camp is right next to a lovely beach town where you can ride a bike or long board down to. The surf was good and the instructors are always positive when helping you out. I definitely learned a lot with the intensive course, so I recommend taking that if you really want to get better. Usually after a day of surfing you go back to the camp, wash off, you can go do yoga, sleep (which is what I did because I was so tired), go explore, or roam around the camp site which is filled with fun things to do. Dinner is around 7:30 pm and afterwards the camp puts together a fun activity for everyone to do (watching the sunset on the beach, movie night, flunkyball, beach volleyball tournament, and a lot more.) 11:00 pm is when everyone has to quiet down (camp site rules - to not disturb neighbors) so people sometimes go to the town and party there, leaving the camp quiet for those who want to go to bed. Wi-Fi I wouldn't know. I was barely on my phone and it felt so nice. This is really a good way to detach away from the world and just spend time with good people. But if your life depends on your mobile then maybe get a sim card with GB because the wifi is kind of weak. If you are staying longer then a week, yes you will have the same food. If it bothers you there are restaurants in the town where you can get food, but I can't guarantee it's as good as the camps. In conclusion: if you are someone who isn't afraid of getting in touch with nature, having fun, and making new friends, this is the place for you.

  • Natalia Bondina Russia

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    The camp is just 15 minutes from the beach, nicely hided in the shades of trees, tents are big enough to accommodate from three to five people, healthy food, free wifi is included but almost never worked, so plan to leave your cell behind. Camp is actually Spanish not French and most guests speak ether German or Spanish. Age range was a little different from what you may expect it is somewhere between 17 and 24 mostly, so do not expect to have a quite time in the forest. Be prepared for "high schools parties" almost every night!

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