Desert Point Surf House

Desert Point Surf House, located on a small desert with a private beach spot in Morocco, offers surf courses for beginners and intermediate level surfers.

Instructors 2

Hicham Gssimi

Hicham is originally from Moknari / Desert Point village. After studying electrical engineering for five years at school and university in Agadir, he came up with the idea to start Desert Point Surf House. Wanting to offer a unique cultural experience with the combination of surfing along with many other activities, you have the opportunity to discover the traditional Berber way of life and embrace this beautiful culture with him.

Fayssel El Marrach

Fayssel and Hicham have known each other for many years and are good friends. Originally from Taghazout, Fayssel studied English at university and now has his own surf shop in Taghazout.

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