Cabo Surf Retreat provides exclusive surf retreats in Cabo. New friends will be met, new memories will be created, new skills learned, and new goals will be achieved, lots of perfect waves.

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Joe Martinez

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Bilge Alkan

from Turkey, January 2024


Best experience ever! As a first time surfer I was pretty anxious but thanks to Joe I was able to learn it. Also Cabos is a beautiful place definetly would love to come back there again.

Candy Kraft

from United States, November 2023

"More accommodating on taking me around than expected "

The location and laid-backness of host and helper

Logan Jeffrey

from United States, October 2023

"Amazing value in surf instruction and living the surf life"

Joe is a very cool dude. His passion for surfing is infectious. He jumped on every opportunity to get me in the water and paddling for waves. He wasn't done until I'd caught my fill of waves for the day and rode them into the shore. Each morning Joe prepared a simple, healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt, along with brewed coffee. Then we'd head to Acapulquito and surf. Afterward there were often snacks or lunch. The rest of the day I was able to explore San Jose by foot. The hostel is a 10-minute walk from the main square and 2 minutes from lots of shops and restaurants. Joe was generous with advice about places to eat and visit. I will cherish the memories of watching the sun rise from my surfboard. For reference, I'm a 41-year-old guy and did the trip alone, but there were folks of all ages and genders enjoying themselves.

Terri Clark

from United States, October 2023

"Great surfing experience!"

Food was great, bed was comfortable and Joe was amazing!

Rebeca S

from United States, October 2022

"I had an amazing time!"

I didn’t know what to expect, but this surf camp beat my expectations. The surfing was amazing thanks to Joe. He is hands down the best instructor I’ve ever met. He knows so much about surfing it’s unbelievable. The waves were perfect, to have a long awesome ride. The accommodation is not fancy, it is a hostel, but I ended up meeting a lot of other cool people. Everything about this camp is so laid back, and I believe that is exactly what surfing should be. No structure, we should leave that for our jobs. We would go surfing when the time was right and would wait until the waves were perfect. I surfed a lot, sometimes until I couldn’t move my arms anymore. You arrive to this place with your job or city energy and right away you feel another much more awesome and chill vibe. I’m leaving extremely happy, and I will definitely come back.


from Germany, August 2022



from Denmark, January 2022

"Okay but that’s it"

Great people and really chill vibe, great surfing

Kevin Neary

from Canada, November 2021

"Awesome experience "

Joe the instructor has an awesome style. He is Patient and Knowledgable. Every one that joe instructed got up on a surfboard on unbroken waves by the end of our lessons. Every thing about my stay at the hostel was brilliant and I look forward to doing it again

Mary Stikeleather

from United States, November 2021

"Better than expected. Amazing experience"

Great service, amazing experience every single day. The food was fresh and delicious. The location is prime! expect to immerse in the variety of colors art flavors only Mexico can offer. The hostel is walking distance from markets, plaza, church, shops, restaurants, etc. My bed was small but comfy. The place is kept clean and organized. I had limited time to surf due to work meetings, Joe was super flexible to work around my schedule and make things happen. He took my surfing skills to another level , I'm surfing long open waves and enjoying the learning process. Joe is a 5 Star host, an outstanding instructor and a really nice person. Can't wait to go back @The Riptide ...Highly recommended!

Kim Mühlberg

from Switzerland, October 2021

it was an amazing experience.

joe is such a good teacher & a realy good surfer. he was super patient & also funny & friendly.

i'm already planing my next travel to san jose & i will definitly book the same hostel and teacher. :)

Shura Fowler

from United States, April 2021

"All good , surfs up!"

The surfing ! Joe was very professional. He was also mindful of the body mechanics. I called him the wave whisperer. Joe knew exactly when a good wave would come and he even said he smells a good wave coming ! He would say, “this is your wave , paddle forward ,” I was frightful but he gave me the confidence. As a beginner at day 5, I was catching the waves on my own! The best feeling ever! His crew was so amazing and encouraging. Also a wonderful guid , went to another surf spot that was amazing. Woke up to the sunset . Very authentic trip! Highly recommend! And I’m 40! Cheers and salute!


from United States, February 2020

"Surf camp "

All around good chill time Joe is a great instructor really wants to get you surfing correctly from the start a great representative of surfing I couldn’t be happier

Braxton Beebe

from United States, November 2019

"Amazing Cabo Surf Camp"

First time surfing in my life and I caught a couple waves all by myself and was able to ride them out within my week here!! I am still so happy I made the choice to book this camp, Joe helped me catch so many waves and improved my skills incredibly! I love how welcoming and friendly Loco Joe is, he made my week there feel like home. As soon as I arrived he began talking to me about what our plans were and how we were going to improve my skills. He and his moms friendliness and hospitality are top tier making the stay so comfortable and I never wanted to leave. The food is absolutely fantastic; breakfast was healthy and tasty consisting of fruits and coffee; while lunch consisted of delicious, true Mexican food. Our night on the beach was awesome and sleeping under a sky full of stars was truly magical, bring a pair of warmer clothes because it does get chilly! We topped off the trip with a afternoon/night in Cabo San Lucas where we relaxed by the beach, saw the arch via boat, and finished the night at a bar!! I even stepped on an urchin and Joe took a ton of time that night digging the spines out until they were all out! I highly recommend this surf camp to everyone and anyone!

Teresa Wong

from Canada, September 2019

"Simple, Authentic, Relaxing, Fun & Safe :)"

Joe was very welcoming, accommodating & fun. He's a great teacher in helping you to progress faster in surfing. I progressed from a beginner-intermediate, to a confident intermediate surfer. Joe was patient and fun, and si, loco :) He answered all my questions and helped me catch enough different waves to ride some critical drop waves! Such an awesome feeling! I was throwing shaka signs all the time :) You can catch waves, but if you don't understand wave selection you won't become a smarter surfer. Gracias Joe for the fun hrs on the surf waiting for the olas, watching amazing sunsets & mucho laughing.

Joe would find the best breaks everyday, so we went to various breaks depending on the conditions. Even the East Cape. If it's a long day trip, he'll bring an authentic Mexican lunch to share with you and pitch an umbrella for shade to chill on the beach post surf. :)

Joe is very welcoming and lovely. He will help you out and recommend activities or things to do. The hostel is clean and quiet, in a good location; you can also meet his cute madre who is very nice and hospitable. She will take care of you too :)

San Jose del Cabo is also quieter and calmer than Cabo San Lucas, which is a commercialized Americanized party town. San Jose was relaxing, chill and more authentic to Baja. I had fun meeting the locals and practicing my Spanglish :) There are more beginner surf breaks on the San Jose side than Cabo.

This is 100% one of the best surf camp instructions I've had so far

Jill Fraser

from Canada, July 2019

"“Crazy Joe” is Fantastic!!"

Joe is full of life, professional, easy going, and flexible to personalize your surf experience. He takes excellent care of every detail, including your comfort level, and safety, allowing you to focus on what you’re there for - surfing!!! Joe is a fantastic instructor and really knows his stuff!!! I highly recommend this trip!