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Zorah Beach Hotel has a kitesurf school that offers surf camps with touches of the tropics in the concept of exclusivity at one of the best places in the world.

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Carlos B Brazil

TripAdvisor website

For a 4 days relaxing time we choose the Zorah beach hotel, specifically the Vila. It was a great choice!

The staff

Very friendly!

The Vila

Very spacious, well equipped. The deck with private jacuzzi was a great choice to relax by the end of the day. We have not really used the private swimming pool, as water was too cold. Sun in the deck is more in the morning. From the deck the access to the common swimming pool is easy, and there is more sun there.

The bathroom, particularly the shower, is really something special! I enjoyed it a lot! The shower area is a partially outdoor experience, temperature of the water, as well as quantity and pressure were great!

The statement from the web site, on the see view, are somehow exaggerated. From the web site: “Facing the sea, our Vila … For an inviting sense of freedom, the shower area can be opened to the sea”. Based on that description I expected to wake up with a see view. Actually, the view is far from being direct, and the privacy of the deck, the jacuzzi and the shower is really limited.

The restaurant

Excellent food, particularly I was impressed by the quality of the ingredients. A simple cesar salad with shrimps was delicious. Breakfast was excellent too.

The location

Here there are some trade offs. Around 2 km from Guarijú and 4 km from Flecheiras, it is great to walk around in the beach. And because of the same distances, the beach is far from crowded, is very quiet and lonely. Get your credit card, walk to Flecheiras to the other end of the town, and there will be several beach bars to spend the day, as an alternate choice. We spend one day in Maré Alta, one of these bars, and was great.

However, at the end of the day is little to do in the hotel. And getting to Flecheiras in taxi will cost you around EUR 15 the two ways service… kind of expensive, thinking that Flecheiras downtown consists of half dozen restaurants and a couple of shops, that will be mostly closed in weekdays…

The IT

Internet is very slow. It is understandable when the location is considered, so is not to blame the hotel, but it is what it is. On the weekdays it was enough to see some Netflix, on the weekends forget to do anything further than a whatsapp message or perhaps uploading one photo.

Talking about Netflix, we travel around with a Chromcast dongle. The wifi authentication service allows to use it, great! So when internet was working we could watch Netflix in the TV screen.

To the investors and authorities that approved THAT building

This paragraph is not about Zorah, so probably you may be not interested in it. Around 500 m left from Zorah there is a horrible 4 floors building, unfinished, and completely our of context. Investors, authorities that approved this, more than probably you are honest people...but believe me that is hard to accept that a building like that was approved without money going under the table!! A real pity.

A traveler

TripAdvisor website

I've been to bali many times. I love indonesia. I love brazil. It's amazing to feel like being on the island of gods for a couple of days when actually staying in brazil.

We loved it.

The architecture and garden designs are very close to indonesia. They imported alot of furniture and decorative woodwork and the like. The gastronomy is fabulous to say the least. Especially the fact of having a tandoor oven and authentic indian dishes! The beach... it's ceara cara, theres no better beaches in the world. The suite is perfect, the bathroom is one of the coolest i ever came across in a hotel. Go there. You will not be disappointed.

Marilia C Spain

TripAdvisor website

My husband and I spent a weekend at Zorah's.

Pool is great, staff is nice, food is good. Beverage prices are high.

It was a great weekend, we were able to recharge our energies and left with the felling we could stay a couple more days.

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