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Zen Den Yoga School offers pampering yoga retreats, enlightening 200-hour YTT, fun dynamic yoga workshops, spiritual growth, health, and wellness to everyone.

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4 Days Stand Up Paddle Yoga Meditation Retreat Florida, USA

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Really Good 8.5/10

Based on 27 reviews
from US$720
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4 days / 3 nights

Really Good 8.5/10

Based on 27 reviews

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Ira Schneider

School Yoga Institute (Yoga)

Ira started to practice yoga consciously in 2007. He says consciously because, after getting his 200-hour certification, he realized there were many parts to yoga besides the physical practice. These other paths of yoga (pranayama, meditation, and positive thought), he had already been practicing from the time he was a little boy. This inward feeling of something larger than himself was always present through his years as an entrepreneur, teacher, consultant, and individual being.

Valerie Leeds

Valerie is a certified bodywork and energy therapist for two decades. She is also Dr. Sears certified health coach and previous owner of lifestyle center personal training studio in Soho, New York City. Valerie Leeds developed a wellness and food program called H. E. A. R. T. which stands for healthy eating always a real treat, designed to help you improve your eating and well-being.

Reviews 27

  • Norma Tejada-foster United States

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Ira and Val make a great team. There were so many opportunities to learn to open my heart and heal from my recent life hurts. I liked Val's support in helping me change my diet and loved her support with realigning my energetic balance. The morning meditations outside on the deck were wonderful!

    The retreat house was very warm and at times uncomfortable during the day.

  • Jaimi Vajda United States

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Ira and Valerie are gracious hosts. I instantly felt welcomed by them and their students. I had the pleasure to be there while they lead a group of six students in a 200hr instructor training course. They encouraged me to attend as many classes alongside their students. I was so happy about that because I wanted to learn all I could in the brief time I had. It was a very comfortable place to be (inside and outside of the classroom). It was clean and located in a wonderful area. Close to everything! I loved beach meditation, the intentions we set, the learning processes we all experienced and shared with each other. It felt like an open and safe place. The scheduled Acupuncture appointment was amazing and the Doctor is nice knowledgeable. The pool and hot tub we're awesome! Thank you for everything!

  • Fernanda Alvarez United States

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Me encantaron las clases, los batidos detox (verde y sobre todo el de proteina) y la casa, espaciosa, limpia, con ambiente tranquilo. Además es un lugar muy central por lo que cuando uno queria salir a conocer era facil desplazarse

  • Anastasiia Makarova Russia

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    If you want to become a real yoga teacher , come here ! Very comprehensive program.

    A lot of homework / no free time :-)

  • Tyler Reaux United States

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I liked the atmosphere that Ira and Valarie provide. It really feels like home there once you're settled in. I also liked all that they had to share about Yoga and Health. There are so many things to learn and love here.

    I was not fond of the meal plan that is provided. While their are benefits and the plan is full of healthy foods, it wasn't to my liking. A personal preference, some people enjoyed them very much.

  • Diane Christiansen United States

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Ira and Valerie are a great team and have so much to share with students and retreat guests alike. I was able to learn so much more to further my yoga practice, and the breathing techniques we were taught also helped immensely. The shamanic breath work was a Life changing experience that I will be forever thankful for. The people I met there made the whole retreat experience all that sweeter. Thank you Zen Den for changing my Life!

    The only thing that could be improved upon is the temperature of the house at night while we're trying to sleep. It's still pretty warm in the rooms at night, even with the air conditioner running and a ceiling fan on all day too. Otherwise honestly no complaints!

  • Carolina Laursen United States

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Valerie and Ira were the best host in the world! We learned a lot in just 4 days!!

  • Anonymous

    June 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The yoga philosophy class and the breathwork class were both fantastic and the highlight of the retreat. I also loved the early morning beach meditation, the massage and energy work. The group of students living in the house while I was there were all lovely, incredibly welcoming, and promoted very positive energy. The food on offer in the area - while a bike, long walk or Uber ride away - was delicious. The house we stayed in had sufficient facilities and the hosts were very welcoming and helpful - I asked several questions and they were all followed up. The pool in the backyard was great for the Florida heat!

    I was on my "retreat" during the final three days of a teacher training course. The group were all incredibly welcoming and lovely, and it seemed as though they had had a wonderful journey over the month they were there. However, I often felt uncomfortable as they were reflecting upon and finishing up their course while I was there - as such, they were having inspiring personal breakthroughs and admirable growth, which is great, but I inevitably felt a little like I was imposing on the group. In addition, my room was used as a thoroughfare for the group to access the yoga studio, and it was an unexpected inconvenience to have to explain that I wanted some privacy in my own room. Furthermore, because the group was finishing up their training course, every physical yoga class was run by the students. It was very interesting to see them learn and I actually really enjoyed experiencing their classes. However, the classes were of a low quality and very repetitive because they were all learning the basics of teaching and the studio runs the same classes every day. The classes also did not always start on time - sometimes they were early and sometimes they were late. This made it very difficult to effectively plan for the day and I was nervous that I might miss a class due to this. In addition, the location was unexpected being right next to a highway. This may have been poor research on my behalf, but I was anticipating much easier access to the beach and more of a retreat from civilisation. To access the acupuncture appointment (which was great!), for example, I had to bike ride along a highway for 45 minutes. The bikes were also broken (whether it be a broken tyre, chain or pedal), there were no bike locks or helmets. The latter of this was particularly concerning given the lack of bike lanes and busy roads in the area. As I explained to the hosts before I left, it is difficult to not have expectations about things like this retreat as this is a natural human tendency; however, it is when they are not met that expectations become the most difficult. My expectations were not met by this retreat; however, I had a very different and incredibly rewarding learning experience in a number of ways that I did not anticipate. I wanted to write this review mainly to help others have a full understanding of the retreat so that they can make an educated choice.

  • Lucie Tabor United States

    April 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I got to join in on yoga classes along with yoga students. Met some very interesting people.

    Was surprised that some of the classes were taught by the students, although they did really well.

  • Armenia Gyalog United States

    April 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I liked Valerie

    Everything else

  • Anna Ilkovics Belgium

    April 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Les quelques cours de yoga que j'ai eue étaient bien, la "massage" (energy healing) et l'acupuncture étaient super.

    Ce n'est pas une retraite, il s'agit d'une maison pour les étudiants qui passent leur brevet de prof de yoga. Ils partagent la maison, les taches ménagères et les devoirs. Cela a l'air bien pour eux.

    La "retraite" est juste une façon de remplir les chambres. Il n'y a aucun encadrement, on fait nos propres jus - les mêmes matin et midi tous les jours (le frigo est bien rempli de légumes et fruits). Le WE, il n'y a quasi pas de cours du tout (yoga dans un parc - gratuit ouvert à tous, meditation fait par un enregistrement, yoga festval dans un centre commercial...) donc en arrivant vendredi, je n'ai eu une vrai journée de cours que lundi et je repartais mardi!

    La maison est correcte mais le terrain/jardin délabré, la piscine sale et sans transat et le jacuzzi infecte. La salle de yoga est le living aménagé de la 2eme maison... bref pas un endroit où l'on se sent bien!

    Ira et Valerie sont fermés à toute discussion, j'ai demandé de partir plus tôt et de trouver un arrangement financier. Ils se sont fachés, m'ont dit que j'étais fermée à toute expeperience, que j'avais de trop hautes attentes, ils ont crié et quasi insulté (attitude pas commerciale sans mentionné le fait que ce n'est ni compatissant ni serein ce qu'ils enseignent dans les cours!)

    Bref une très mauvaise experience, Je suis partie plus stressée qu'à l'arrivée. En aucun moment, on m'a demandé pourquoi j'etais là, ce que je recherchais, comment rendre mon séjour plus agreable.. au contraire!

    (J'ai déjà fait 2 retraites: Soulshine à Ibiza, Life Source à Tulum... totalement différentes et positives!)

    Bref pour moi, il ne s'agit pas d'une retraite... mais une maison de formation. Et en aucun cas, un moment de bien-être. N'hesitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'information.

  • Elise Pak United States

    April 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Val and Ira were such pleasant hosts and I felt like I got the relaxation I was seeking.

  • Carmen Crowley United States

    March 2017, BookSurfCamps

    It was more than I expected. I wanted meditation, yoga and some get away time. I got that and more. New friends and experiences that I will never forget. I'm taking a piece of them home with me. Ira is an awesome yoga instructor with such a great energy. His instruction is thorough and very easy to follow. He can quickly detail the important areas to focus on and your breathing. His voice and energy are so comfortable and supportive. Loved it and would recommend it to others.

  • Christina Brodin Sweden

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    Starting from the beginning. When I started looking for a school I had already been practising and teaching yoga and mediation for a few years but wanted to get a longer and more extensive training to get a better knowledge about all the parts of yoga. I found Zen Den Yoga Schools training on bookyogaretreats and something in my gut told me it would fit me. Said and done I booked the training. Before arrival I had some questions and they were all answered, maybe not as extensively as I would have wished but I was content with the replies.

    I arrived at Zen Den by Uber in the middle of the night and it was easy to find for my driver. The other three girls living in the house were pretty much asleep and I tried to sneak in. The house we stayed in was a 4 bedroom, 10 bed house with a big kitchen and living room (no dining table/study table), 2 bathrooms, washing machine and dryer, patio, garden with fresh grown veggies (!), pool and a jacuzzi. With us as teacher trainees stayed retreat guests that stayed anywhere from 1-10 days. All of them were super lovely and it was great with some new energy winds mixing with us as students. (This is however different now as I think that the students live in one house and the retreat guests in another). Ira and Val, the teachers, live in the house next doors, which was great, I felt that their door was always open for questions and whatever we needed.

    So in my training there was accommodation, books and manual, teacher training as well as breakfast and lunch included. You have the choice to not live and eat in the house as well and then you pay a smaller fee, for only the training. Beforehand I read what this breakfast and lunch contained and it was a green smoothie in the morning and a fruitier protein smoothie for lunch. They provide the ingredients for this and almost all of it was organic, so wonderful. This suited me perfectly as I don't like to practise yoga with a full stomach (who does?) as well as that I eat vegan and gluten free so these smoothies fit great into that. I did for eg replace the banana for example and Val and Ira were so attentive that they even went into detail explaining how they had built the ingredients list and for me to be cautious that I add something else with the same vitamin and nutrient contents. It was really lovely of them. With the smoothies I usually added some avocados, oats or something like that to make it a bit more filling so feel free to do that. Or maybe have something with them? The you choose your own dinner but I do recommend you eat healthy hearty food, you will need it.

    The shala (the place to practise) was located in the house next doors (in total the were three houses with our house, the shala house and Val and Iras home). About a 1 minutes walk and there we could both practise and have lectures inside as well as have lectures outside which was awesome. The shala is a cute wooden floored room that would probably fit 15 people (just guessing, can't remember exactly) and we had great pillow options, blankets, blocks etc which was great as you will notice, which ever teacher training you choose, there is a lot of sitting and lecturing. We had a daily schedule starting usually at 8 am with the first sadhana (practise) of the day, a 20 minute meditation (different kinds) followed by pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga asana (yoga poses). after that we had breaks, lectures, and more yoga asanas alternating during the day. We had a good amount of alone time as well (important for me). We usually ended at 5 pm if I recall correctly and after that we had some homework to do. Although the schedule was not exactly the same every day, they planned sunrise meditations, outside yoga, movie and documentary time etc for us to make it easier for us as 20+ days is intense. As I learn more and more about yoga, I realise that yoga is about being flexible in not only body but mind and attitude as well.

    What will you learn? You'll learn about asanas, pranayama, the yogic attitude, the history of yoga, about the Sutras, about adjustments, about shamanic work, about giving, about opening your heart, about forgiving and so so so much more. I left knowing 3 full 1.5 hours sequences by heart with endless variations which was great. Oh and when you've completed a training at Zen Den you are always welcome to host retreats there for your own students, how great is that! And we got so much practical teaching, it was fantastic. Day in and day out we practised teaching. You're afraid? Of course, so are we all but we are there to learn. I could write a book about all the things we did, learned, experienced but I will leave some for you to experience as well. Val and Ira are so helpful, caring and knowledgable. Time and time again I saw how they supported, aided, gave space and more for us as students, it was pretty cool, I'm not sure I could do what they do, day in and day out, year after year. But there is one thing they are not and that is that they are not mind readers. So play with open cards, tell them what is in your heart, otherwise they cannot help you.

    I did get everything I expected from my training and thanks party to my co-students as well as my teachers and myself, so much more. Not everyone in my group were ready mentally, physically and spiritually for a teacher training and this created friction, as you can imagine. This however taught me so much about myself, I am so grateful. Sometimes nothing you do helps, if you do this it's wrong, that is wrong as well as the third and fourth thing. Val and Ira did, in my opinion, as I was watching for the outside, everything they could, with all the information they had. I am happy to have been a part of this collective transformation that any good teacher training is. But as I said, they are not mind readers, so open up and share everything with them. They can handle it.

    There are a few thing I want to add and they are the following. Don't go to a teacher training, any teacher training, of you are not ready in body and soul. With ready I mean ready to change, ready to learn new ways and ready to let people in. Without that, in my opinion, you are not ready to be a yoga teacher and not ready to deliver yoga to others. Further, follow the guidelines, they are there for a reason, eat well, you will need it, rest, you will need it, do the homework, it's not to much, it's what you need to learn. And most important of all, change your mindset. It's not hard, impossible or heavy. It's a challenge and do it with a smile! You attitude will shape your results and that is all on you! Val and Ira will do everything the can to aid you on you way, but you have to do the work.

    Namaste and lots of love


  • Ramata Eller United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Wow! I don't even know where to start. I'm still overwhelmed by the emotions from all the transforming healing experiences I've made. Going to this retreat is the best decision I've ever made! It exceeded by far my expectations. I fought I would be doing some yoga near the beach and meet interesting people, little did I know, I would get in touch with my soul and all of humanity.

    I could write at length about the nice amenities, the beautiful surroundings, the farm to table smoothies, the nice restaurants in the area, the beach a 10 minute bike ride away but I'll focus on the people. Starting with the wonderful hosts and teachers Ira and Val: they are amazing, warm, welcoming and spiritual people who will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and purely on the yoga side: Ira is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. I also felt fortunate to meet and bond with other retreat participants and future yoga teachers from all the over the US and the world.

    The meditations, the yoga sessions, the chanting, the acupuncture, the energetic massage and the extraordinary shamanic breath-work will bring you closer to yourself and others. I can't believe I've experienced so much in just 4 days! It has been life changing for me. Now I have a lot of work to do to answer my soul ;) Thank you for everything and hopefully till next time!

  • Eszter Gottschall Hungary

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had an amazing time at my 200 hour RYT with Ira, Valerie and my fellow students. Ira's knowledge about the eight limbs of yoga is so inspiring and he made sure all of us leave the program ready to teach. The school is intense but we had a great time with sunset meditation, weekly breakfast together etc. If you're looking for a teacher training that will set you apart as a teachers this is the school to choose. I already miss my little Zen Den family!

  • Vanessa Stewart

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Going to Zen Den was a peaceful experience. I won't go into too much details and spoil the adventure for anyone who hasn't been there before,but I will say that the various flavors of things we did helped me to getting better shape overall. I recommend Zen Den to anyone who wants to "disconnect to reconnect."

  • Nadine Germany

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had an amazing time at Zen Den Yoga school even without being prepared for living in a shared house with Yoga student (future instructors). Everyone involved me from my arrival onwards as being part of the family and the hosts Ira and Valerie were super caring about me!

    Both are so perfect in their professions: Ira in sharing his knowledge (not teaching as I learnt), holding the yoga classes in a special way and organizing a variety of different methods in meditations, only during this 6 days of my stay. And Valerie as a nutrition and energy flow specialist is a great synergy for all their visitors and students!

    For me being a retreat guest, only, they still passionately voluntary organised all activities surrounding such as acupuncture, massage, SUP and other special exclusive classes.

    For all those of you who want to change their lives in terms of learning more about the yoga philosophy and meditation, getting to know more about your body & own behaviours, becoming grounded and still enjoying the beach, sun and the town of Boca Raton I highly recommend to stay at the Zen Den school. It's a magical place and will remain forever in my heart, same as all the friends I made there, totally unexpected.... I believe all was meant to happen (even without my usual ahead planning) and I returned home with a changed and super-positive mind-set!

    Namaste and thank you Ira and Valerie!

  • Thao Ly

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I did the 6-day retreat and extended 1 more days. It was a GREAT JOURNEY for me.

    First, Boca Raton is a very nice city (I was amazed :) ). Very wealthy, clean, and beautiful. You can do so many things there - I tried good restaurants (recommended by Ira and Valerie), went to the beach almost every day, visited Boca Raton Museum of Art, explored different parks along the beach, etc. There are so many places to see and activities to do there. I feel 1 week stay is quite of sort, 1 month would be perfect to "breath and enjoy" Boca Raton :)

    Above the location, the hosts are the best part of my experience. Ira and Valerie are very kind and nice. They are there to help you make the best out of your journey. Yoga classes, nutrition coaching, meditation guiding, acupuncture, massage, breath work... Should try them all! You will be surprised of what it can help your body and your mind.

    Overall, I learned, practiced, and enjoyed every minute of my retreat. Hope you all will have a chance to experience it!

  • Brenda Swanson United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Zen Den Yoga retreat was exactly what I was hoping for. Valerie and Ira were great hosts. The house is well kept and tastefully put together. I found it relaxing, to hang out there, during down times. They also supply bikes for adventures away from the house; and it's a very short ride to stores, restaruants, ect. Uber is another way to venture further out. The morning classes were just right and Ira is very good at giving quality instructions during the classes to avoid injuries and achieve the poses. Very knowledgable, both of them. I plan to return.

  • Danielle Cohen

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Zen Den Yoga was an amazing retreat. Upon arrival, Val and Ira give you a tour of the beautiful home. There is a pool and hot tub in the backyard (hot tup a definite plus, especially due to the soreness from all the yoga!). They also taught us how to make our breakfast and lunch shake, which were flavorful and made me feel great! There are multiple yoga classes offered each and every day.

    Val and Ira were amazing hosts. They made sure all of their guests were happy during their stay. They were able to recommend fantastic restaurants around the area. They also offered use of their bikes to get to the yoga studio, beach, restaurants, etc. Ira runs most of the meditation and yoga classes - which are all awesome! Val gave a wonderful massage. They set up the most relaxing acupuncture appointments for us.

    This stay was the best way to spend a vacation. Both mind opening and relaxing. Thanks Ira and Val!

  • Zen Den Yoga School in response to Sarah Miller's review United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    What is the truth is always what it seems to each individual in each moment given our states of mind and being. We have had over 200 students graduate from our yoga teacher training's and over 200 retreat guests stay with us over the past two years. So we are writing to share feedback as to what took place with the retreat guest who didn't even stay the night to experience her retreat. This guest shared a tremendously long story of her personal life details, poured out her emotions and points of views to me for the half an hour ride where we had picked her up from the airport. She shared that she took herself off of her meds, that she practiced yoga once a week, and everything else was to much for her to handle given her mental state of mind and the events leading up to her coming to our retreat. We arrived at the house and I gave her a tour of our hydroponic vegetable garden in the front of the house. (Take a look at our pics on the website zendenyogaschool.com) I spent time describing how the timers, the feed barrels, and the pumps all worked around the clock to keep everything growing. I explained the difference between the tower grows, box garden and jack pots. We are currently growing cabbage, kale, carrots, tomatoes, arugula, spinach, onions, basil, sun flowers, cucumbers, kolrabi and more. All of these fresh organic vegetables are for our retreat guests and yoga teacher training students. We then entered the house and I brought her to her clean private room with organic cotton sheets, bedding an area rug, and an orchid. It is true this orchid didn't have flowers on it, however the orchid was far from dead. It is alive and well with four beautiful healthy large leaves and roots growing out absorbing the moisture from the pot and air. I am assuming this guest didn't know anything about the stages of orchid growth. In the common areas, we make a point to change our cut flowers out each week. On a daily basis we clean out the flowers that die along the way. I then made her an organic fruit and protein smoothie and gave her a tour of the rest of the house. The house is very zen with yogi quotes, paintings, Buddha statues, and a large Om adorning our walls. The bathroom mentioned above (there are 2 in the house) has a full tub and shower along with a sink and toilet. It is Italian tumbled marble on the floors and walls. The tub is not only a tub but also a jacuzzi. It is likely this guest mistakenly hit the close the drain button as if to have a bath but didn't know it. Among our many weekly guests, housekeeper, and ourselves, we would know right away if there was a bad drain in the shower and would fix it immediately. To continue, our sink counter is made of wood and granite, with a big bowl sink made from stainless steel. The toilet is an efficient water use toilet and the bathroom door is wood with frosted glass. The entire retreat house has wall to wall Italian porcelain floors, an open window floor plan with lots of natural light, a state of the art kitchen with European appliances all stainless steal, stove, microwave, appliances, and oven. Our dishwasher and refrigerator are top of the line, and we have a Vitamix, a commercial grade juicer, as well as full set of pots, pans, coffee maker etc. It's possible the pool could have had some leaves in it because we have bamboo trees around the pool and it is often breezy here by the beach. We personally skim the leaves twice a day, and we have a pool maintenance person come once a week to keep our salt water pool running in tip-top condition. It is possible the hot tub cover may have some dirt on it from time to time due again to the beach breezes, however we can assure you the hot tub is very clean, and it is even an ionized hot tub so we do not use chlorine.

    After I made her the smoothie and gave her the tour, I showed her the map we have of the area. Around that time some other happy jovial guests came into the house, grabbed some things and jumped on the bikes we offer for use and went to the beach. This said she just wished to settle in, then she changed her mind and said she would go take a walk. She was a very nervous woman. I assured her she was safe in East Boca Raton, we are one of the wealthiest zip codes in the entire USA. Our own daughter who is 10 rides her bike on the same roads this woman took her walk on, and so do all of our guests who are 98% women. I then left the house and went to my store. About 15 minutes later this guest walked in our store, which is just two blocks from the retreat. I said hello and introduced her to my store manager. She left shortly after. On my way back to my own home, two blocks away and one house behind the yoga retreat house, I saw her walking. I honked and waived and she waived back, we are guessing based on her review that she has poor vision and confused me with a stranger. Four hours later at 7pm, she did not show up for class. I asked our other guests if she was coming and they mentioned that they saw her get into a cab. I called her to see that she was okay, particularly as it concerned me that she was off her medication and seemed so nervous. I reached her on the phone, and she explained she was having panic attacks and a break down. She said was afraid she was going to lose all rights to her baby because she abandoned her to come to South Florida for a retreat. She then told me she rented a car and was driving back to Jacksonville, Florida. She told me not worry about the money, she said that she was not ready to leave her comfortable environment and that this was all her fault. I assured her that when she was ready that she had credit with us and we would always welcome her here. She thanked me and got off the phone.

    Sarah we are truly sorry you are going through so much challenge in your life right now. Be assured that everything will work out, just focus on the good. When we are not healthy our mind is a hard adversary instead of a good team mate coloring everything we experience. We wish you the best during your recovery from your traumatic experiences with your family. We really wished to have been able to support you through this as we do with so many people who come to us from all over the world. Namaste.

  • Sarah Miller

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a horrible experience there and did not even stay the first night. The quotes healing environment, is right off of a very busy, loud road. The house is very hectic and nothing is state of the art. The only decoration in my entire blank room was a dead, rotting orchid. There was also a huge vase of a variety of dead, wilted flowers in the entrance to greet you. Very bad energy wise. The pool was covered in leaves, the hot tub was filthy with dirt. I took a shower in the one, very small bathroom for three people to share and the shower backed up water to my calves before draining. I tried to take a peaceful walk and was honked and hollered at by so many men I felt nervous and went back to the house. It is not in a safe area for a woman to walk alone. Nothing about this environment was healing, peaceful or Zen like and I feel truly duped. When I fled by taxi without sleeping in my bed or taking any yoga courses, five hours after I arrived Ira Shneider Ohm told me I had already been charged and not to expect any refund. I plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. I was in a very vulnerable emotional state and was really seeking peace.

  • Catherine Canada

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Step away from your daily routine and offer yourself a different kind of vacation... combined it with a retreat that focuses on health, wellness, meditation,yoga, and more, joined with walks and sunbathing on the beaches of Florida. (It would be good to have a car to explore the beaches or you can take one of the bicycles available at the house). Zen Den Yoga School offered all of that which is what attracted me to it. You can go on your own or with a partner, friend, parent, or group, and experience life for as many days as you choose in a zen-like house with saltwater pool and hot-tub. If you are open to learning and to new experiences, and if you believe that life is a journey of expanding and discovering more about who you are, then you have come to the right place! Both Valerie and Ira, your hosts, have big hearts and aim at providing a holistic experience so that you come away feeling more knowledgeable and grounded than when you first arrived.

  • Dan United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Ira and Valerie were great and helped me with so much. This retreat with all the yoga and meditation was just what I needed. The house was nice and well equipped and also only a short walk from the studio. I came away from the retreat feeling completely revitalized and knowing things about myself that I previously didn't know!

  • Estella United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The retreat at Zen Den Yoga was filled with yoga and other classes. Ira is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. The acupuncture and massage treatments helped to refresh and energize me, and the shakes were nourishing. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile retreat with my friends.

Testimonials 34

  • Christine Hurta

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Experience @ Zen Den

    Transforming, enlightening - mind/body/spirit connection, finding the soul/self. I enjoyed the teaching/experience/hospitality. The retreat center & studio are super cute! Great enviroment! Met so many amazing people & felt like a little family here. Unity <3 Helpful tools to cope with mental/physical/emotional pain - lots of release through energy work/shamanic breath/practice. Teaching Vinyasa to the class I felt confident & supported - instructed well! Continued journey to the Self. Lovely experience/yoga teacher training. Fun and light hearted.

    3 things that could improve:

    Treat all students equally, be careful with favorites.

    2. Make sure to give all Juice Plus info not to be misleading. Make clear that it’s not vegetarian & that 3 additional installments will automatically come out (that they have your card info)

    Be careful with appropriate/inappropriate comments - be professional - certain students won’t mind but others will who will potentially mention these things in reviews.

    Tell students ahead about additional activities involving more. Grateful for the experience!!!

  • Daniela Romero Montes

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Thank you for the hospitality! I felt welcomed and very happy. Congrats on what you are doing. You all are amazing.

  • Gaynor

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Zen Den Yoga School has been a very unique and unforgettable experience for me.

    Having lived a single life for many years, I thought it might be challenging to live in a house with 4 otehrs; however I have loved every moment of sharing, what I have become to consider, a home.

    The deep and close connection during the yoga practise, meditations and workshops have lifted my spirits and I surprised myself when I took the plunge to ride a bike for the first time in forty years! This was very empowering and I intend to continue to do this when I return to the UK.

    Sum the experience up as a journey, within a journey, within a journey.

  • Kate

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    One of my best memories thus far at Zen Den Yoga School occurred during the second week of the intensive teacher training program. After having spent all day in the studio practising our breath work and Vinyasa sequence, a few of us decided to study after hours at the beach.

    Being one who learns by doing, I took my practise to the shoreline, alone. After spending nearly two hours practising the sequence and cues that Ira had been teaching us for the past 2 weeks I walked upshore and returned to the group.

    I could see that they were excited to tell me something. The girls approached me with pictures, showing me that I had inspired several individuals to go into yoga poses on their own, behind me as I practised. This deepened my desire and inspired me further to become a yoga teacher.

  • Alex Bourguignon

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I was not convinced I was ready or even wanted to do yoga teacher training, I did not think I would be the right fit or have the ability and wasn’t planning on teaching afterwards, just having the experience to improve my own personal practise. Now at the end of the month I have changed in a way I wasn’t expecting. Starting with Val and Ira and the other twelve people in my class, they shared and opened up with so much trust, love and respect that is hard to find. This was an intense month with many ups and downs but the environment at Zen Den is contagious and everyone is so positive and supportive, after the first few days we all felt like family. This was much more than what I was expecting. I did not just enhance my knowledge of postures and sanskrit words, but really learned a lot about all the mind, body, and spirit yoga truly is. I’m leaving with more confidence and with the desire to teach and share that I did not have before. This was a life-changing experience and I am so grateful and feel so privileged to know the beautiful people here and to have so many memories. Namaste.

  • Kezia Hearn

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Name some of your favorite things about your Zen Den Yoga & Wellness retreat: The variety of styles of yoga/meditation classes. Excellent teaching & adjustments. The clean, simple & relaxing environment of the retreat house. Love the gardens!

    What was your experience of the nutritional shakes: They were energizing and filling

    Green drink: Enjoyed it but tweaked the recipe a little to meet my taste

    Complete protein drink: Loved it!

    Will you continue them at home, why or why not? Yes, along with occasional juicing. I felt more energetic after the am smoothie. The protein smoothie helped me to maintain energy thru the afternoon.

    What was your experience of meditation: I enjoyed the different meditation styles & journeys. It was helpful to get advice on supporting a comfortable posture.

    Which yoga did you prefer: Sivananda, Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin yoga with live music, I enjoyed all of these.

    What did you feel about your Shamanic Breathwork Journey with Ira Ohm? It was very intense & I feel that I shifted a lot of energy during the session.

    What did you feel about your Integrative Bodywork & Energy Therapy session with Valerie? I think she was an excellent guide in assisting me in releasing some emotional blockages from my body.

    Did you feel you experienced what you came for? (rate on a scale of 1-10): 8, I might recommend visitors to get a rental car if they aren’t skilled at biking in high traffic areas.

  • Thao Ly

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Green drink: Great, I feel my body is much lighter.

    Complete protein drink: Great but I feel it’s too sweet for me.

    Will you continue them at home, why or why not? Yes, it’s healthy.

    What was your experience of meditation: I’m learning. It was a good experience.

    Which yoga did you prefer: Sivananda, Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa, Hatha Healing, Restorative and Yin yoga with live music, I guess All! :)

    What did you feel about your Shamanic Breathwork Journey with Ira Ohm? Amazing experience. I think that journey is priceless!

    What did you feel about your Integrative Bodywork & Energy Therapy session with Valerie? It’s amazing. You have the magic touch.

    Did you feel you experienced what you came for? (rate on a scale of 1-10): 10+

    Would you recommend Zen Den Yoga & Wellness to a friend. Yes, definitely. To as many people as I can so they can get help to live happier and healthier. Namaste.

  • Thao Ly

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Green drink: Great, I feel my body is much lighter.

    Complete protein drink: Great but I feel it’s too sweet for me.

    Will you continue them at home, why or why not? Yes, it’s healthy.

    What was your experience of meditation: I’m learning. It was a good experience.

    Which yoga did you prefer: Sivananda, Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa, Hatha Healing, Restorative and Yin yoga with live music, I guess All! :)

    What did you feel about your Shamanic Breathwork Journey with Ira Ohm? Amazing experience. I think that journey is priceless!

    What did you feel about your Integrative Bodywork & Energy Therapy session with Valerie? It’s amazing. You have the magic touch.

    Did you feel you experienced what you came for? (rate on a scale of 1-10): 10+

    Would you recommend Zen Den Yoga & Wellness to a friend. Yes, definitely. To as many people as I can so they can get help to live happier and healthier. Namaste.

  • Ruchi Kumar

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    My experience this past month

    This past month has been a fulfilling one. Here, I met great people, formed new friendships and deepened my yoga practise. I also learned a lot of theory and asana practise from my teachers, Ira and Valerie. This program, although intensive, taught me how to relax through meditation + in the hottub and pool. Finally I gained real life experience as a yoga teacher which I feel will aid me in moving forwards as a teacher in life.

    Three things to improve:

    More time off

    Longer breaks in between yoga practises (morning + afternoon)

    Meals other than shakes provided

  • Natalie

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I had such an amazing experience here at the Zen Den, I learned so much and found a new found passion for yoga.

    The classes were great and very informative. I wish I could stay longer and learn more about yoga.

    I’m excited for the journey ahead and I’m sure I will continue my education. I made wonderful friends and am so grateful for this experience.

    Thank you Ira and Val for your time, energy, caring hearts, pushing us to be the best we can be. It’s tough love, but in the end it was so worth it!

  • Penelope Shae

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Overall I enjoyed the month long intensive 200h yoga course. I learned more about yoga + practising yoga. My practise is stronger + I increased in upper body + arm strength which had weakened due to several accident in the past. I enjoyed getting to know all the people in class. Ira + Val are very knowledgeable + I enjoyed learning from them.

    3 things to improve:

    Schedule classes to have week 1 Monday-Saturday classes, Sunday off, week 2 Monday-Friday classes, Saturday-Sunday off, week 3 Monday-Saturday classes, Sunday off, 1 Monday-Friday classes, Saturday graduate. Time to relax muscles + also time for you each week.

    Lectures in a room w long rectangle or oval table so we are sitting up + can all see each other this also helps us all to stay focused

    More organization - what things we need to bring - index cards, school supplies, white outfit, $ for outings with class etc. Less discussion about pot, drugs and getting high

  • Venida

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Experience from Zen Den yoga School

    More knowledge, mind open, spiritual, awareness.. As leave in the house learn to connect with each person. In class too. Help me to open myself up to next level. And learn about nutrition for better life, long and strong.


    3 things to improve:

    Would like to adjust the post as beginning of class

    Notice: white outfit for graduation

    N/A :)

  • Ariel Bartolo-Kira

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Zen Den YTT Intensive July- August 2016

    My name is Ariel Bartolo-Kira - 20 years breathing in this lifetime. Prior to my discovery of and sudden proceeding enrollment in the Zen Den 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Progen, I had already attended and graduated from a 200H YTT Intensive Program in September of 2014; I’d also been teaching yoga for almost 2 years at LA Fitness, one year with FAU Campus Recreation, and a few months now, at Yoga 4 Life Studios by Juliana.

    My purpose for stepping into another YTT Intensive Program had initially been to deepen my personal practise in every which regard and thus, authentically enhance and further my teaching practise (an additional intended function, yet also a beautiful byproduct).

    It is my dream and dharma to selflessly strengthen the Sadhana that saves me and allows me to truly live - my practise, rooted from love of Self, uniting the whole in pure and blissful peace/Samadhi.

    There must be growth and a progression in a teacher’s personal practise in order for said teachers teaching practise to organically flourish and thrive.

    The way in which Ira Ohm and Valerie Leeds constructed, structured and delivered the program has allowed great capacity for depth and expansion of consciousness to be explored by the students. For those open to the journey, Zen Den offers an impactful guide and tools in which to utilize along the Self-reflective path.

    Personally speaking, the number of self discoveries and “ah ha!” moments that I’ve encountered throughout this program is beyond recollection. Particular neural pathways that are in control of my thought process have called my awareness to attention and the tangible and intangible items that’ve been unveiled through this spotlight has sparked a shift in perspective in some regard. I am able to witness a distinction between the mind/body & the Spirit, whilst also recognizing that all the distinctions and dualities are grand pieces of the united “whole” or space seamlessness that comprises all of life (and death) as we know it. Every day, through the process of unfolding, I see my ego and watch as it gradually fades away from my sacred space of infinite light that is all that I am and forever will be…

    I’ve attained an extensive range of knowledge and with this knowledge, I’ve conceptualized the philosophy involving application as a means of acquiring wisdom, on a much deeper level. I now feel I can more forward humbly, as a teacher and as a guide, feeling much more confident and self-assured in my personal practise of meditation, pranayama, and asana; I intend to continue to strengthen my belief in my Truth through the daily study and practise of the 8 limbs of yoga and to never become complacent, for I know I must continually expand and discover. I know to be content, always, and to carry this peace in every situation and in all that I represent myself to be - not out off selfish desire, but out of love for divine Source present within me and in all of life’s elements/Prakriti. I have come to learn that I am the playwright and that the powers of the Universe reside in me. I am the creator of my own blockages - I am also the creator of all my liberating moments; it is my power of will that tears down or unities the whole world.

    I thank Ira & Val from the depth of my very core for allowing me the space to connect with individuals that are within my same frequency (themselves included) and also those souls (as well as mine) craving balance in vibrations, in which the Universe has brought each of us together to grow individually and as a unit.

    The journey home is eternal with infinite possibilities. I intend to travel powerfully and with the purest of love.

    I will continue to write my story and manifest a reality that best suits what I consider to be my Truth, without infliction of harm (ahimsa). I do not anticipate where I may wind up next, I simply move towards and accept and embrace whatever may cross my path with the understanding that the universe is in balance; everything is perfect… Everything is OK. Om Tat Sat. Whatever will be, will be and I am content to “just be” wherever I am, in any given moment of the eternal Now. It is the peace of knowing, that, no matter the situation or wherever I exist in this physical dream-like illusion that we call “reality”, I am safe. I am already home.

    Emphasis on sutras & gita - great.

    Suggested Improvements

    I feel that spacing out the test in such a way that the additional homework for that day would be review/answer the questions pertaining to that particular day’s subject matter/discussion (when it’s the most fresh in the intellect), rather than cramming all 100 questions in the last few days. The questions/answers provide another great tool out of the program to be utilized for continuous study, so I feel there should be a great span of time in which to thoroughly reflect and assess.

    I felt Ayurveda was not really covered/discussed much; I feel it would be a great topic for discussion in depth.

    I speak this with the purest love in my heart.. Be mindful of the tone in which you speak to student; there were several moments in which the energy expressed felt dark, condescending and egoic/arrogant. Speak and teach with compassion, always, sometimes word that were spoken and in the manner they were expressed felt contradictory of the teachings.

  • Mariah

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Zen Den Review

    Zen Den will give you a greater insight on your spiritual journey. I provides a way to make friends for your yoga experience here & beyond, and Ira + Val really, really care about being there for you in this training.

    3 things to improve!

    Make sure to tell people (in writing when they sign up) aout Yoga Alliance fee, be prepared for insurance costs & additional money for going out to eat + graduation. Also being a white outfit. That way the money can be budgeted properly before hand, supplies etc.

    Half days on weekends - have the afternoon be used for self study (reading etc) the body needs a break.

    Not the biggest deal but in the summer in the afternoon the room can get kinda hot.. I know cold AC is more expensive but it also help keep people awake.


  • Michelle

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Asking for a definitive moment during my time a yoga teacher training, thus far, would be like asking me to part the sky revealing the source. However, there were several moments that arose which allowed for the opportunity to learn and grow.

    Attending a teacher training has allowed me to deepen my practise by means of proper alignment and extra attention offered in a small group setting. I find myself growing stronger despite my physical limitations allowing me to truly understand the poses and going further within.

    I can also appreciate my first day of practising Mauna. Not being able to verbalize my thoughts enhanced my understanding of how we are all truly connected and the presence and energy we emit superseeds any word based communication. One would be surprised with the knowledge of knowing when to speak and when to be silent.

    The best moment lingering in my mind would be the day I taught my first flow. Some parts were on point, others not so much but the day I taught, I came to realise the knowledge will always be there and all I had to do was present it.

    Without ego or arrogance, only finding my center and peace from within the mind and the instructions will spell out effortlessly.

    Having chosen to attend this program as my “third time’s a charm” scenario, I can honestly say that I came in with a beginners mind and learned more about my practise in two weeks than I have in two years. So you can understand my predicament in not narrowing this down to just one experience.

    I believe I found my calling and with yoga I will be able to focus on my path with love and positivity while retaining the definitive moments of life’s lessons.

  • Emily Mann

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    A friend of mine referred me to Zen Den Yoga School. These classes have helped me find my peace. After taking many of Ira's classes, I was able to learn how to focus and most of all let go of my stress. I was never really a big yoga person, but now I have converted and it feels amazing.

  • Edely Mussa

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Amazing class. The restorative class is the most popular (and I can tell); well of course, after a hard day of work we need to be restored physical and mentally!

  • Diana Fernandez

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    The Zen Den Yoga School teacher training program was great. I´m practicing everything what I learned, and my students are really happy. Ira is very good teacher, and he knows all the things related with the program that he offers. It is a very good choice to become a yoga teacher. The price is good and the yoga house has everything to make the study time very nice! I highly recommend it.

  • Maylin Ramirez

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Teacher training experience at this studio has been a very interesting journey! Joe'class is great. Everybody at the studio shares an amazing energy and I look forward to come back every week. Thank you Ira.

  • a traveler

    TripAdvisor website

    Zen Den Yoga & Wellness Retreat - great experience w/great hosts! Very transformative experience - many different and unique activities like acupuncture, shamanic breath work (one of my personal favorites), Tai Chi, Qigong, Bars, massage. All this plus bike-riding to the beach (15 minutes away), and Mizner Park shopping and restaurants. Valerie and Ira were wonderful hosts - both with their own expertise. They were professional and personal at the same time. I'm certain I'll be back in the near future!

  • a traveler

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Zen Den Yoga was an amazing retreat. Upon arrival, Val and Ira give you a tour of the beautiful home. There is a pool and hot tub in the backyard (hot tub a definite plus, especially due to the soreness from all the yoga!). They also taught us how to make our breakfast and lunch shake, which were flavourful and made me feel great! There are multiple yoga classes offered each and every day.

    Val and Ira were amazing hosts. They made sure all of their guests were happy during their stay. They were able to recommend fantastic restaurants around the area. They also offered use of their bikes to get to the yoga studio, beach, restaurants, etc. Ira runs most of the meditation and yoga classes - which are all awesome! Val gave a wonderful massage. They set up the most relaxing acupuncture appointments for us.

    This stay was the best way to spend a vacation. Both mind opening and relaxing. Thanks Ira and Val!

  • Patricia Grullon

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I finally made it to Zen Den Yoga School and I also spent 4 days in their yoga retreat. Val and Ira are so helpful and the classes are unlike any other yoga classes I've been to because they make sure you get so much out of it rather than focusing on themselves. This was the most important part of my journey, to be able to be supported rather than seeing people growing and feeling left behind.

    I also spent 4 days in their yoga retreat and I love that you are away but at the same time within walking distance to shops and good restaurants. I had a much needed healing and deep tissue session with Val and I was impressed how strong she is. I am so glad I did this, you showed me I was ready for this journey. Thank you Val and Ira!

  • Katherine K. Czyzewski

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I took a chance with a friend and went to Zen Den Yoga School for my spring break this year. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, but am still learning. On the first day, Val and Ira were super welcoming! They greeted us and showed us around their beautiful home where we would be staying. I stayed in the "beach" room, which had great open windows with picturesque trees.

    Yoga classes are offered in the morning and afternoons, with morning meditation. I learned how to make smoothies for breakfast and lunch, which definitely kept me nourished during yoga classes.

    I felt that I was able to experience the best of both worlds. I practiced yoga, relaxed and also took in the sites and restaurants Boca Raton had to offer as well.

    Ira was able to teach me how to correctly position my yoga poses, and I really enjoy the small class atmosphere. I felt like I had made new friends quickly in both Val and Ira and other guests staying at the retreat. Val's massage and energy therapy was absolutely amazing. She is a true talent.

    I would recommend staying and would love to travel to Zen Den again in the future. Namaste :)

  • Rose Ericson-Caen

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    My Zen Den Yoga School 200 Hour experience has been everything that i Had hoped for and more. I decided to take the 30 Day Intensive and intense it is! My main concern when choosing a school was finding one that supported my yogic beliefs, one that was inline with the way i was introduced to yoga by the amazing instructors at my home studio. I am happy to report that Zen Den Yoga School answered all my desires plus more. Not only was traditional yoga asana covered with an emphasis on alignment, meditation, anatomy and physiology, sacred text (yoga sutras and bagavad gita) we also were taught nutrition, and were introduced to other cultural beliefs and helped to understand how all are similarly related. The learning environment is one of structure and flexibility with open discussions and no one ever being right or wrong. Zen Den offers housing at their Yoga House. Although i live locally and had no need to stay there, we would have some lectures at the house and it was comfortable and serene environment and the ladies that stayed there seemed to enjoy it very much. I would highly recommend this school for anyone interested in becoming a yoga instructor or even for deepening one’s own practice. I do intend, and at some point in the future on returning to pursue my 500 hour training with Zen Den Yoga School, Many thanks to Ira and Val.

  • Devin Yannie

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    To my Yogi Family, It has been a pleasure attending the 200 hour yoga teacher training and getting to create a bond with such beautiful people! The universe brought us together for a reason and i want to thank all for being a part of my growth. Ira, I want to thank you for taking your time with me and helping me awaken my soul. This is the beginning of a new book to put on my shelf and it is truly a blessing to have started at Zen Den. I want to thank of you at Zen Den for the atmosphere you created and the ever lasting impression that has been left on my heart and soul. I love you guys and i am forever grateful! This is not good bye or a farewell; it is a connection that will be lasting and more memories that will be made.

  • Esther Goette

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Hi Val! Hi Ira! Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time! I do apologize for not having properly said goodbye, I left Miami too late, (we were having fun) and missed Friday night's class. Sarah and I went out that night, she probably told you. ;-) I arrived in Geneva with a fit body and a rested mind, with lots of intentions to come back! I really enjoyed my time at the retreat, the classes and the interaction with you two and the rest of the folks. Have a great start of the year, and hope to see you again! Warmly, Esther

  • M. M.

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I really enjoyed this retreat! I learned so much! To name a few: Meditation, chakra clearing, yoga sequences, healthy lifestyle and eating habits! Come and see for yourself! You will feel energized, relaxed and happy when you leave! Val and Ira will nurture and support you on your journey to find inner peace and Zen!

  • Alex Torres

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I just completed my 200 hr yoga teacher training at zen den yoga school with Ira Ohm. My time spent was truly a trans-formative experience. I have learned so much in regards to mind, body, and soul connections. This course was so much more than just learning and being able to teach yoga; it was an in depth dive into the history and life style of yoga and a deep soul searching moment. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get certified to teach at the 200 hr level or anyone just wanting to strengthen their practice. Truly and whole hearted blessed to have had the opportunity to grow within the teachings of Zen Den Yoga School. Namaste.

  • P. Wilson

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Going to Zen Den is always a great experience whether it is for a class or an event. The atmosphere and people in the den are very welcoming and knowledgeable.

  • Bill Wilson

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I have been practicing with Ira and his teachers for the past 4 years. Ira is an amazing teacher. It’s has been a great pleasure to practice along with many of his students during teach trainings. I have seen incredible changes in many of his students.

  • A. Hills United States

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    Zen Den has been like a second home since I moved to Florida. Between the innovative teachers, exciting workshops and classes there is little to do but enjoy yourself in this beautiful space. As a newly certified 200 hour teacher and practitioner of Ira Ohm's for almost 2 years I can say with gratitude and confidence that Zen Den has changed my life.

  • Jenny Murphy

    Zen Den Yoga School Facebook page

    I recently visited Zen Den. Very glad I went. Valerie and Ira are knowledgeable coaches and treat you with respect. Loved the Yoga house and the surrounding area. Great value.

  • K. Parekh

    Yelp website

    Zen Den Yoga is the place which clearly translates the definition of Mind, Body and Soul. Had an amazing experience at the retreat and yoga classes connecting and rejuvenating with self. Val and Ira are so much full of knowledge and experience with health and wellness. Can't wait to go back whenever time and opportunity arises. So much to learn and gain yet from this amazing yoga school.

  • Nadine Lauterbach Germany

    Zen Den Yoga School website

    I took the Zen Den Yoga Teacher Training in August 2014 and since I´m from Germany I had to stay at the beautiful Yoga House for the whole month. I have to admit: it was the best time I ever had. Was it challenging? Totally! Was it worth it? More than that! It was an awesome experience, I met great people there, the energy was unbelievable and I´m still thinking back on the time I had there! I´m grateful I took the chance and the challenge to fulfill my dream which I am now working with everyday! Get your Yoga on, it´s totally worth it! Namste.

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