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Yoga with Elana offers yoga and surfing retreats in Mexico. Elana structures her classes during this retreat to support the skills and strength needed.

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Elana Cydney Vollen

In fifteen years of teaching, Elana has cultivated a teaching style that is alignment-based and logically thought out in terms of sequencing and structure yet fluid and graceful and not so full of words. Elana aims to lift each other up and celebrate life, not focus on how you compare to others or all that you cannot do. Every asana is a poem that can be done through offering your bodies to the divine. She will be there as a guide and to make sure you offer it safely. She is a surfer and a yogini and it has always been a dream of hers to bring these two worlds together.

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    • Silvia Fioppiano San Francisco CA


      I participated in Elana's yoga and surf retreat this past January. I do yoga occasionally and I had never tried surfing. Both were somewhat intimidating to me. I am 47 and in pretty good shape but not an athlete.

      I was very impressed with Elana's yoga teaching skills. Elana has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and the sequence of poses for each class was well though out, her instruction was calm and clear and supportive of any yoga skill level.

      The classes were geared towards prepping the body for surfing. Also, the restorative yoga sessions after surfing were TRULY restorative.

      I very much enjoyed the hotel, the staff was very friendly and helpful. I loved the location on the north side of Sayulita, a 5 minute walk to the central square but in a more quiet area of town. I STRONGLY recommend Hotelito Los Suenos.

      I cannot wait to go back!

    • Tarah Fardy Alberta Canada


      Yoga with Elana was a dream come true for me. It exceeded my expectations. I decided to fulfill my dream this year which was to go on a yoga retreat. I came across Elena’s yoga and surf retreat on your website and thought bonus, I love to surf every time I get near an ocean and yoga is my passion. I remember falling in love with Sayulita the first time I discovered it and always wanted to go back; here was the perfect/meant to be opportunity. Elana is one of the most charismatic women I’ve ever met. She is so talented in many ways…you will have to go on her retreat to experience them. The moment my eyes connected with Elana I knew I made the right choice. She has such a kindred spirit, a bright beautiful loving inviting smile and made me feel comfortable right away. Her classes were exceptional. She has over 30 years of experience and studied many times in Indian which really truly shows. I absolutely love her style. We did so many different poses and to my surprise a few I have never done before which made me very happy. I love how she would say each pose in sank-script . It gave a real good yogi feel for me. Opening and closing each class with an Om centred me hugely. Elana has a magical voice; we had the privilege of her singing and play guitar to us at the end of class. It was truly magnificent to be on this journey with 16 like minded wonderful women. I was very connected to my spirit while I was there.

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    • Barbara Rankin Colorado

      Yoga with Elana website

      I was lucky enough to be able to go to Elana's yoga retreat in Mexico in January of 2016. Although I did not know her ahead of time the dates and location were perfect and I signed up along with a friend. We couldn't have been more happy with the experience! Elana is a wonderful and amazing yoga teacher and person. I loved all of the yoga classes and meeting all of the other yogis who are fortunate enough to be able to attend her classes regularly in California. The people, hotel, yoga studio, food, setting and pretty much everything were phenomenal. I would not hesitate to recommend Elana to anyone and I am already trying to plan to attend her next retreat!

    • Susan Bloch California

      Yoga with Elana website

      I am new to yoga and was hesitant to sign up for a retreat but as soon as I met Elana, my worries went away. She is so capable of working with any level of student and allows you to do as much as you can. The retreat to Sayulita was a wonderful experience. The town was small enough to get around very easily, the hotel was quaint and comfortable, the food was fantastic and the yoga was a perfect way to start and end the day. It was nice to be with our group and we had plenty of time to ourselves if we wanted some quiet time. I highly recommend this retreat.

    • Daly Schreck California

      Yoga with Elana website

      Over the past eleven years, I have worked with a number of yoga teachers. Elana is the best. I’ve learned through the pains of over extension and misalignment that proper alignment is absolutely essential. Elana pays very close attention to her students’ alignment and very gently makes hands-on adjustments when she notices that someone is “off.” It makes a dramatic difference in the way one feels during and after a class. In the long run, it makes the difference between healthy flexibility and stress injuries. Elana is a wonderful teacher, instructing us on the benefits of as well as the proper alignment of each asana. The Gold Standard for a day in heaven is a yoga session followed by a massage by Elana. She will work out all of the kinks in a lovely deep and relaxing session. Do your body a favor. You will never feel better.

    • Madeleine King California

      Yoga with Elana website

      I have been fortunate enough to have Elana as both a yoga teacher and a massage therapist over the past several years. She is truly gifted in both arenas and I can only imagine that the same is true of her talent in nutritional consultations. Elana has a wonderful energy that is both healing and energizing. I had worked with many different massage

      therapists before I experienced her healing touch and now I don't go to anyone else. She is professional, yet warm, and very caring. The same is true of her work as a yoga teacher. I'd recommend her, and have recommended her, to anyone!

    • Clare Ciafrei California

      Yoga with Elana website

      Elana brings a wonderful blend of light and warmth, strength andchallenge to her yoga classes. She understands the body and incorporatesher knowledge of bones, muscles, ligaments and organs into her teaching, whetherwe are in a sweaty flow or strapped into a restorative Supta Baddha Konasana. Her adjustments are divine!She simply embraces the heart of yoga, and her lovely voice is one of devotion whenshe sings her chants during Shavasana. Elana rocks!

    • Naia Echols California

      Yoga with Elana website

      I have done cleanses before. They were hard. Cleansing with Elana guiding me was different, beautifully different. Elana’s insights, support and knowledge made the difference from feeling deprived to feeling completely rejuvenated. The cleansing program included enhancements like her special veggie broth recipe and “Elana’s Eliminaid”. These enhancements helped me succeed while actually enjoying the process. I felt so much better after the cleanse and more importantly, have carried out her suggestions into my daily life. Thank you, Elana!

    • Anthony Koblenz, Fairfax California

      Yoga with Elana website

      The reason my wife and I were willing to consider a yoga retreat in Mexico is because we have unwavering trust in Elana whose classes we have been attending regularly for about 5 years. It turned out better than we could have imagined. Everything was well organized starting with pickup at the airport. Wonderful hotel, great food, fun town and beautiful beaches. But nothing makes me happier than yoga classes twice a day. I almost forgot we met 18 fellow retreatants who will be our friends for life. I can't wait to go back to Sayulita next year.

    • Marta Van Leuven California

      Yoga with Elana website

      Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. The after effects were surprisingly potent for me, some of the chronic tension areas in certain places in my body felt more dissolved and relaxed than usual. Something deep inside was released and I see now why you always say the body needs the Restorative practice on a regular basis. I always believed that, but I never realized how much my body needs this to be included in my self-care. Thank you for offering such wonderful healing! And, as always, your chanting is marvelous and magical.

    • Michele Scannell California

      Yoga with Elana website

      I recently finished an 8 day colon cleanse conducted by Elana. I had done another cleanse probably two years ago, and was interested in a more detailed cleanse and to gain more knowledge in this area of health. Elana met with the group of participants at the start of the cleanse, explaining that she, herself had a good amount of experience with this particular cleanse. Elana was extremely helpful conducting the first meeting, giving many detailsand explanations of the cleanse and the individual products, also strongly assuring the group that she was always available for questions during the process of the cleanse. Midway through the cleanse, we received thoughtful emails “checking on us”, very reassuring. The second/last meeting was very interesting, as we were able to share thoughts and our experiences with the group. And, lastly, my personal experience with the cleanse was very positive, both mentally and physically, and given the chance, I am planning to do the same cleanse in the Spring.

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