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Essaouira, Morocco

Yoga Laila has been offering yoga retreats and teacher training around the world between India, Morocco, Malta, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, and Italy.

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  • Brigitte Europe

    Yoga Laila website

    The week in Italy was superb , it was an absolutely fantastic holiday and a big thank you goes to Laila – Her teaching and guiding us through the various poses not only shows that she has a very deep knowledge about yoga - I found it extremely useful and valuable how she patiently and skillfully guided us into doing various asanas properly, without harming ourselves and how she pointed out the importance of various asanas, what effect they had and what the impact could be if not held correctly - hence a very professional approach which to me shows Laila’s expertise and caring. Apart from her ‘ hard skills set’ she also proved to be a wonderful guide, took great care of us and came across as a gentle, warm person who can handle every situation and individual needs really well. She made this week very very special - both in a professional as well as in a personal way.

  • Susan D. Europe

    Yoga Laila website

    It was an inspiration doing yoga with you and I feel so different to a week ago! More peacefully grounded in the body and expansive in the heart, mind, and soul.

    Thank you also for including those stretches for the liver and gall bladder which are going to be very useful.

    I want to keep working with a safer approach for the back and moving more gracefully in the practice and between the asanas. Also I really loved the moon salutation you showed us.

    Your guidance in meditation was wonderfully clear, and to remember that all internal and external events are arising out of an infinitely wider, more expansive space is going to be so helpful in the busyness of the daily routines.

  • Monique D. Australia

    Yoga Laila website

    I had a fabulous time in Italy, I feel really healthy and strong more so then when I arrived. Lailas way of teaching is different from any other teacher I have experienced. I love Lailas art of teaching because she encompasses the mind, the body and the spirit within her movements. Plus she really takes the time to make sure we are doing the poses correctly and I really gained from that. I can get quite really lazy or get into my comfort zone with the poses. So it is great to come on a retreat because you really get to challenge yourself.

  • Eva M. United Kingdom

    Yoga Laila website

    This was my second retreat with laila and I booked a second time because I enjoyed the first retreat so much and I felt really confident about booking the retreat with Laila again. And because I knew that I would feel great at the end of it. In the yoga class Laila always gives you options. So depending on where you are with your yoga and your journey there is always an option on whatever you need on that particular day. The yoga is really amazing. She understands the body and she understands how it works, how it is going to make you feel afterwards and explains it.The restorative yoga is what I really enjoyed because, I do Viniyasa yoga most of the time at home. And I find the restorative part of yoga really amazing. It really opens your mind, helps you relax, ease out all the tensions you have in specified areas. And because you do it every day you sleep amazingly well, it is just fantastic. When you come on a retreat with Laila you feel like you are rested afterwards. It is almost like you downloaded everything and walk away lighter and that you have achieved something for yourself that will help everybody else in your life.Everything is been care for from taxis to specific diet to working on specific areas of your body during yoga or working with certain things you want to achieve. And then Laila will always follow up on it and answer all the questions you have and spends her own time. During the week she is always available so you feel like you are being looked after. I will definitely be coming back on another retreat as I think most of us will

  • Harnake H. United Kingdom

    Yoga Laila website

    This is my third retreat with Laila and the reason why I like going on a retreat with her is because I know I am in safe hands. She basically teaches you so much every single class. There is some Viniyasa which is standard, which is nice to do because you know you go through the regular flow which actually sort of gets you going, and then we do so many other moves that I have never actually done before. And every single muscle and part of your body is touched during these classes and it is a real privilege and you will feel better for it. I had work wise quite a few bad weeks before and emotionally I had a really bad week before coming here, but I just found after only two days I looked completely different, it was almost like a veil was lifted. I feel I have really benefited from this experience and I will be coming back again.

  • Sandra P. Canada

    Yoga Laila website

    When I came here Ive been travelling for the past three months through Europe for professional and personal reasons and my mind was buzzing with a lot of projects, also very busy and restless. So after a few days of Lailas mix of yang yoga in the morning and then really restorative in the evening, I settled into myself again and my busy mind calmed down. And what I will take from here is the peace and calm and the connectedness with myself and I am actually ready to put all these ideas and plans into action now.

  • Nicola C. Ireland

    Yoga Laila website

    I feel I was really in need of a break before I came to Lailas retreat and I got a wonderful break. I feel really refreshed, recharged. Laila is an amazing yoga teacher, she has a very wide knowledge and techniques and skills, and she is very generous with that knowledge and you feel like a new person leaving. It has been a beautiful setting. Laila and Massimo are both amazing hosts, made us feel very comfortable, and showed us around. I just couldnt recommend enough coming on one of these retreats.

  • Francesca G. United Kingdom

    Yoga Laila website

    During the retreat you were a great host and excellent teacher, helping us a lot during our stay, booking things and taking us to places, plus I really enjoyed your classes.

  • Ray United Kingdom

    Yoga Laila website

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful yoga and the treatment and all the help you gave during the yoga week. You have a beautiful energy and to be around you feels very easy and comfortable. Thank you also for all the good advice on my yoga practice and how to work with physical challenges.

  • Ladan S. United Kingdom

    Yoga Laila website

    I wanted to drop you a line to mention that you really made my yoga holiday. Being a yoga teacher myself, I have to say that you were very professional, authentic, not forgetting an amazingly outstanding teacher.

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