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Toni Rodriguez

In love with surfing. In love with snowboarding. I’ve been involved in the action sports industry working in many roles for the past 20 years, most of the time coaching to pass on my passion to others, I love to see clients progressing and smiling through the learning process. I have been lucky enough to travel around the world working with different teams for both surf and snowboard coaching roles, and have gained many qualifications alongside my experience. I have achieved the highest level snowboard instructor qualification and have been working with the French Carte Pro certification

Natasha Cornish

I’m not your stereotypical ‘yogi’ - I don’t live on a diet of kale and turmeric lattes. I’m not filled with an abundance of beautiful, inspiring words. I’m not a vegan. I drink alcohol and eat pizza far more than I should (yogi or not yogi). My class playlist is made up of The Weekend, A$AP Rocky, and Frank Ocean **gasp - expletives!!!** and worst of all… I never meditate - although I do sometimes try. What I am is a real, honest, 29-year-old woman that practices and teaches yoga with more passion and heart than I sometimes know how to deal with. I practice asana to switch off and also to tune

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