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Workout on Water offers life-changing stand-up paddleboard yoga health retreats hosted by international master SUP yoga teacher, Charlotte Piho.

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Sandy Van Der Gaag

from Australia, July 2017

"Great island getaway doing some awesome SUP Yoga"

Loved the food, the location and the perfect mix of relaxation and fitness. SUP yoga was excellent and I loved the mountain walk across the island. Charlotte was flexible and was able to cater to all levels of yoga and fitness which was great. Sunrise yoga on the water was a great way to start the day and I loved the photos! There is also a good amount of free time so you can chill, soak up the sun & have some of the beachside island cocktails in your spare time.

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a traveler Australia

Trip Advisor website

If I could give this more stars I would- 10/10. Charlotte is an amazing woman who made everyone feel welcome and loved. This retreat wasn't just a SUP Yoga retreat, it was so much more- it was an opportunity to find who I was and what I truly valued. The landscape was to die for and I cannot express my love for the island and its people enough- beautiful, happy smiling faces that make you smile in return. I am definitely not a yogi- that didn't matter, Charlotte took the time to work with everyone and offered various levels of difficulty as you progressed through the sequence. The SUP paddles- OMG, I loved every second of being on the water. The little group became my retreat family, everyone stepped out of their comfort zones and found a new part of themselves during the retreat. Charlotte is an amazing, beautiful and kind hearted woman who makes you feel so loved in return. I cannot recommend this retreat enough and plan on going back ASAP. Do yourself a favour and book.

a traveler Australia

Trip Advisor website

I had a fantastic time with Charlotte and her dad Tuhe over the Christmas break. The retreat was well organised, and also changed depending on the needs and wants of the group (and the weather!) on a daily basis. Both were really welcoming towards me, and I really felt part of their extended family when I was there.

The SUP was fantastic and really great location to be able to do flat water paddling, along with some more difficult longer paddles or ocean paddling. The water was a perfect temperature to cool off mid paddle or do some snorkeling. The yoga was fantastic too and was the first time I had done it on a board and really enjoyed it.

The accommodation and food were fantastic and Charlotte went out of her way to make sure we were well fed over the Christmas break. We also had some time to explore other parts of the island such as Black Rock, or go into town for dinner / market stalls.I would recommend this retreat to others as I really enjoyed it and a great way to see the most of the magical Cook Islands.

a traveler

Trip Advisor website

We spent one week of our honeymoon with Charlotte and Tuhe. Our week with them exceeded all of our expectations - at the end we left feeling happier, stronger and my wife told me she felt more beautiful than she had in a long time. In short the retreat was planned and executed with our wishes in mind. There were times when it was just me and my wife attending Charlottes classes. Since we are both strong paddlers and experienced yogis Charlottes lessons were delivered at a level which gave us room to grow, without being to easy. The equipment is good and the other activities we were offered were interesting - especially the cross island walk with Tuhe with was scary, but fun!

The accommodation is not fine star, but it was an honour for us to stay with Charlotte and enjoy the comforts of her house. Also we can not express enough how good the food was that Charlotte and Tuhe made for us - is was so good that we will have to travel back to the Cook Islands just to have some more of Tuhes chop sue.

Overall we can recommend this retreat to others. Charlotte does a lot of work to make the retreat fit all needs. Since she is teaching a large number of people it is understandable that the level has to be fitted to suit all. This is something to keep in mind. Be honest and speak out if there are things you wish during your retreat - Charlotte will immediately make changes accordingly.

We will cherish our memories from the Cook Islands, and we really hope that we shall se the beautiful smiles of Charlotte and Tuhe again soon. Also we will remember to speak out what we are grateful for everyday.

Stephanie S. Australia

Trip Advisor

A week in The Cook Islands doing yoga, paddling and eating healthy food was exactly what I needed. Thank you Charlotte and Tuhe for welcoming me into your home, treating me like family and opening my eyes to new experiences on the water and on the land. I loved paddling each day on the clear water, looking out at the beautiful scenery in the distance and watching the fish and stingrays pass by under my board. I am so glad to have learned SUP and SUP Yoga from Charlotte, who teaches with such clear direction and passion. This experience has given me the foundations and confidence to continue SUP and SUP yoga back home in Australia. All in all, a great retreat filled with adventure and exciting opportunities to get out on the water.

a traveler Australia

Trip Advisor

If you are wanting a retreat that spends six days solely doing yoga, complete clean eating, no sugar, no alcohol and in my words no fun, then this isn't really the right retreat for you. However, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and truly amazing then Charlotte's retreat is definitely the right choice. She helped guide us by any means possible, she was honest, humble, gracious and so welcoming and kind-hearted. I was travelling on my own and I was never left behind in any of the activities. At times I got nervous and was unsure if I should be doing certain things but I was always given the encouragement to endure it and just do my best. It is quite strenuous on some days. We did a mountain climb, 12 km paddle, 90 minutes sessions of yoga on the stand up paddle boards, underwater rock running and an open ocean paddle. If you go in with an open mind you will have your expectations blown. The food was super tasty and always freshly made waiting for us. I've never eaten so much food in my life. We were always treated with respect and given options if we were not confident in participating in any of the activities. If we wanted to go do our own thing we could but of us chose not to. As it was very quite rewarding spending such a fun and life changing week with such driven and like minded people. Rarotonga is beautiful and Charlotte and her dad Tuhe are even more beautiful. I can wait to make this an annual trip!

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