Women's Quest

Women's Quest offers women's outdoor adventure vacations and yoga retreats on how women can create a healthy lifestyle through mind, body, and spirit.

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Lori Potter

from United States, November 2017

"The organized athletic women"

Everything was orderly and gave opportunities for different levels of activity or no activity at all!

Loved the positive energy, the spirit of the trip was really lovely.

I can't believe the athletic abilities of all the staff!! Inspiring...

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a traveler

Womens Quest website

Words can not do justice to how Women's Quest has changed my life. The experience gave me motivation and encouragement for me to find what my heart's desire was. Through the experiences and the people I met there, I was able to look inward and tap into my own courage, my own authenticity, and begin to slowly make changes to lead my best life. It's a continuous process, but one that remains grounded in my retreats with Colleen and company.

Deanne Hulcher

Women's Quest Facebook page

Fun and rejuvenating! You may also want to change your whole life after a Women's Quest experience. You'll be inspired in more than one way. Try it, you'll like it!

Cuqui Gorman United States

Women's Quest Facebook page

I have been to 5 maybe 6 Women Quest's camps (all in CO). I was at the very first "retreat" and was hooked! The inspiration you receive, the friends that you make, the courage and confidence within you that find - priceless! Colleen, Jacqueline and staff have been some of the most influential figures in my life. The experiences (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual) that I have had at every camp have moulded me into who I am today. I am working on getting to another camp soon! I love Women's Quest!

Claire Rogge Savona

Women´s Quest Facebook page

What a wonderful way to celebrate turning 50! Thanks so much to Colleen, Jacqueline and Cynthia for an amazing week in Vermont. The setting was beautiful, the activities rewarding and the conversation rejuvenating. Additionally, every other participant was a pleasure to share this experience with. I feel well prepared and excited about many, many healthy and happy years to come.

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