7 Days Adult Surf Camp Tortola

  • Turtle Bay Resort, East End, Tortola VG1120, British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands

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Luxurious Tortola Surf Camp

Join the most fascinating adventure of surfing in the ultimate spot of Tortola in British Virgin Islands. This unique adventure is designed for everyone from beginners to advanced surfers and takes place on magical islands with translucent waters, soul-warming sun, and sugar-white sands. You can learn to surf, improve your skills, or just go surfing!


  • Surfing lessons
  • Use of surf equipment
  • Instructions of surfing etiquette
  • Transfer from the airport or ferry dock
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • 6 nights' accommodation
  • An SUP excursion

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 6.

  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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Turtle Bay Resort features a restaurant, bar / lounge, and pool with swim up bar. You will stay in a single room during your surf camp.

Upon arrival in Tortola, WB Surf Camp will pick you up and in no time you’ll have your toes in the sand and a cold beverage in your hand. You’ll surf a beautiful beach break on Tortola, have a night time moonlit dinner on the private island, and watch the most amazing sunsets in the Caribbean. After surfing and exploring on Tortola, you’ll enjoy tantalizing island morsels and chill nighttime activities.


Day 1

Flying over the islands of the northern Caribbean, you will be dazzled by the swirling aquamarine colors of the reefs. Upon landing, your WB Surf Camp Director will greet you as you walk out from the frosted glass doors beyond the customs checkpoint.

Your first day is spent unwinding, relaxing, adjusting to the mellow island lifestyle, and shaking off the layers of winter which have been piling up since November. The pool has a swim up bar, so if you arrive early, you can grab a cocktail, relax, while airport runs are being made. As the sun sets to the west of the mountains, your director will gather everyone together for an evening of inviting orientation, introductions, and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant to get things kicked off.

Day 2

Your WB Surf Camp Director has the boards loaded and trucks ready to roll as you double check to make sure you have your sunscreen, towel, and water bottle. Almost as soon as you get comfortable in the vehicle, it pulls up to a magical bay. After arriving and setting up, your instructors familiarize everyone with safety procedures, local wave dynamics, and how to catch your first wave. With each wave, layers of stress, tension, and worries are peeled off!

After a full day of surfing, the group unwinds at the favorite island hideaway. In fact, it’s actually on its own little island. This hidden treasure is an adventure in dining that you’ll never forget. It provides unique music and entertainment, along with some of the freshest and most delicious food in Tortola. It’s WB Surf Camp founder’s favorite spot and by the end of the night, it’ll be your favorite spot, too.

Day 3

You awake to another day with fresh fruit and coffee to get things moving. Today’s focus is on surfing etiquette along with structured surf lessons. There is also a session for time behind the lens, taking photos to later review and analyze with the goal of increasing your skills and wave riding abilities. Lunch is provided daily by WB Surf Camp’s favorite cook on the island. When your arms feel like noodles in the late afternoon, take two steps over and enjoy a cool Caribbean cocktail at the solitary beach-side bar.

Back at the resort, it’s dinner and photo analysis with WB Surf Camp’s professional coaches. Here you’ll be able to see exactly what you are and aren’t doing out in the water. It’s an incredibly valuable tool in surf coaching for everyone from the beginner to the professional level. Every movement and position of the body affects how your board reacts in the water, and your coaches will maximize your wave count, length of rides, and maneuvering through this detailed approach to instruction.

Day 4

After a hearty breakfast, you will be back at the beach and you’re pretty much the only ones here. During the weekdays, there are very few tourists, as it’s a bit out of the way and not well known, which is why you will love it! Ground school starts off the day with a discussion about wave formation and swell prediction. Here your coaches will educate you on understanding weather patterns to forecast conditions utilizing several surfer-friendly websites. Surf until you can’t move and then be transported back to the hotel, where you can join the group for another nightly dinner adventure or take time to yourself to unwind and relax on your own.

Day 5

You will start this day off by exploring the islands on a stand up paddle board excursion. You will make it back to the beach by lunch and hit the water for more surfing. Your strength and consistency will be improving each day as you build a strong foundation. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed as you inevitably begin pushing yourself to catch your own waves, turn the board, and ride bigger sets. With another dedicated photo session, you will again take notes on your progression and positioning. Your directors will discuss board design and function, as well as what to look for in your first board. Save a little bit of energy though, because tonight you’re going to the west side of the island to chill with one of the best living Reggae bands on the planet.

Day 6

For those that have been here before, they can testify to how this magical little gem nestled in the Atlantic’s Lesser Antilles changed their life. Now that you’ve experienced the charm of the local culture, the incredible West Indies cuisine, the picture perfect waves, you have no choice but to begin planning your return. Everyone cheers each other on and you now understand the true meanings of stoke and aloha. The pattern of island lifestyle and the revitalizing nature of surfing have soaked into every pore of your being. Surfing in a secluded bay with a handful of people and your own private surf coach seems like a dream come true, and that’s because it is!

Day 7

Depending on flight times, you’re always stoked to get back in the water for one more session. After breakfast, those who are departing say their goodbyes as your directors make airport / ferry runs. Those who have a little extra time can attempt to squeeze in a last little bit of water time.

You will have a stand up paddle board excursion on the fifth day of your surf camp.

This surf camp will take place at Turtle Bay Resort located on the northeast side of the island of Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands. This island chain is an ideal location, full of friendly people, mind-blowing scenery, crystal azure warm waters, and great consistent surf.

The Tortola islands’ government is adamant about maintaining its serenity by strictly curbing development on this idyllic paradise. You won’t find a single high-rise hotel and only a few traffic lights dot the serene landscape.

You will surf one of the best coves in Tortola. This cove produces a really fun wave that is perfect for all levels of surfing ability. Most of the winter days have ride-able waves because the winds wrap around the cove.

Winter swells are very consistent and super fun. Basically, Tortola gets the same swell that Puerto Rico gets, but without the crowds. It really doesn’t get any better, spending a week in the beautiful Caribbean and surfing perfect waves with other like-minded adults, with little tourists.

Nearby places

  • San Juan (Puerto Rico) - 40 minutes
  • St. Martin (French West Indies) - 30 minutes

During your stay, you will be served daily breakfast and lunch with various fresh foods provided by the favorite cook on the island. For your dinner, you’ll travel together to other areas on the island at an extra cost. After dinner, most of the clients are ready to relax, maybe enjoy a beverage at the pool.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
(If you have special dietary requirements its a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)
  • 6 nights' accommodation
  • An SUP excursion
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Guide to surfing etiquette
  • Surf lessons (3:1 student to instructor ratio)
  • Transfer from the airport or ferry dock
  • T-shirt, stickers, and group photo
  • Use of surf equipment
  • WB Surf Camp tote

Arrival by airplane

You can book your flight to arrive at Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS). WB Surf Camp will pick you up by a shuttle to the resort. The pick-up is included in the price.

Arrival by ferry / boat

You can arrive at Road Town Ferry Dock. WB Surf Camp will provide a shuttle service to the resort. The service is included in the price.


  • Review by Leticia P. from Caracas, Venezuela

    "When we ask what the best was he hasn’t been able to make up his mind or decide if it was the instructors and how friendly and great they were to him, the friends he made, the waves he rode , the fun he had or how beautiful Cape Hatteras was, so I came up to a conclusion, the best thing of the weeks Luis spent at North Carolina this summer was WB Surf Camp. He learned not only how to surf, but he became a surfer in essence, he also learned a new language and a new culture. Our family will treasure all this knowledge he acquired for ever and he will have memories to cherish and share as a great opportunity he had."

    WB Surf Camp website, edited

  • Review by Colin H. from Washington, D.C., USA

    "On the first day of camp, I was asked if I felt “the stoke". I was not quite sure what the feeling of being stoked was. When Rick described the feeling of being stoked I thought it was a little corny at first. He talked about how he loved the feeling of catching that perfect wave, feeling the salt water running through your veins. After surf camp I realized that feeling stoked is not corny, it is the most realistic liberating feeling ever. On the last day of surf camp, as campers started leaving one by one, it dawned on me what an incredible experience camp had been. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. There was no one to impress, no pressure to succeed at surfing. It was all about having a good time, and making some friends along the way. Thinking back to the first day, I was amazed to see how much I developed– not only as surfer, but also as a person. I came to camp wanting to have some fun, and I did. You know what though, I left with something more. I left with a perspective on life."

    WB Surf Camp website, edited

  • Review by Sam from Belmont, California, USA

    "I could say a favorite memory of WB Surf Camp, but this is actually not a memory at all. A memory would mean it is something I’ve lived in the past then recalled in the future, when in fact, my favorite experience of surf camp has lived with me every day since, and will continue to, in the future. I went to surf camp to learn how to shred but I left with so much more. The camp opened my eyes to a new way of living. From waking up at dawn to catch the glassiest waves, to putting on zinc not only to protect our faces but to establish ourselves as warriors of the waves, with tribal markings on our cheeks. We became determined and passionate towards protecting the ocean by doing beach clean ups and visiting sea turtle hospitals. I evolved from a mere student to a club member, a part of a bizarre and vibrant surf sub-culture, full of passion towards the ocean, its waves, and its inhabitants. This is not my favorite memory of camp, but my favorite influence on how I want to live my life."

    WB Surf Camp website, edited

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WB Surf Camp offers surf camps and lessons, letting you catch all the waves your body can stand while their expert coaches fill your mind with knowledge and your spirit with stoke.

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