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Wavesensations - Algarve Surf & Yoga

Surf retreats on Algarve with Wavesensations. Come and discover the Natural Park in Southwest of Portugal. Try the packages and reconnect your mind in Sagres.

Reviews 4

Alan Coyne

from United States, September 2017

"there was no yoga"

the accomodation was fine and everything else but after booking a yoga and surf retreat months beforehand I found out upon check in that they had no yoga teacher and there would be no yoga. I asked for a refund and was given a nights free acommadation but it still ruined my holiday and left a sour taste in my mouth

Brigitte Nicolas

from Great Britain, June 2017

This was a great trip for the solo traveller. I met so many lovely people including the yoga and surf instructors. The lesson were great fun and extra activities like going for icecream and the sunset tour were a great touch. Sagres itself is beautiful, peaceful and safe and everything you need is close by. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend or visit again.

Testimonials 4

Ric UK

TripAdvisor website

So I've been to Sagres a couple of times now, and I'd say that this was my favourite. I'm not really into all this online reviewing as you might see from my profile, so I'll keep it to the point. 1) For me, Carlos and Olly were brilliant instructors, unrelenting in their enthusiasm and just damn nice guys. They made this trip for me. 2) The hotel/hostel is really nice, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The rooms are nice and the staff are pleasant. I was near the stairs so it was a bit noisy sometimes.. But I manned up and got on with it! 3) Because Sagres is such a small place, you end up socialising with the other schools so to be honest, it didn't make any difference to me which surf school I chose. 4) You should just go to Sagres. Full stop. 5) I'll shut up now...

Paula B UK

TripAdvisor website

Hi, we initially booked with Wave Sensations as the surf school at our hotel insisted a nine year old was too young to have all day lessons...boy were they wrong ! Jake took to it from the off, mostly down to Carlos, his instructor, whose enthusiasm and fantastic sense of humor were priceless. Over the first two days, Jake's confidence grew and grew. This then continued when Ollie took over on day three for the next three days. Nothing was too much trouble for either instructor, whether it was driving around to find the best waves, identifying the best board for Jake, or pulling him out to the green waves on days where it was difficult for him to get out himself. Both Ollie and Carlos were very patient and genuinely nice guys to be around...they certainly made our holiday, and we will be booking with Wave Sensations again. Thank you so much.

Cara Y

TripAdvisor website

Just got back from a trip with Wavesensations, so was visiting in the low season. I had three days worth of lessons which were brilliant, Carlos is gorgeous! Brilliant instructor, doesn't try to baby you too much like I noticed some of the other surf schools doing with their groups constantly pulling them out the water and having very structured time schedules, Wavesensations was much more laid back but still attentive which was perfect for me who just likes to get on with it and get help when you need/take breaks when you want. It is worth mentioning that the accommodation you are given is Casa Azul (so look at reviews there too), which is a lovely lovely place, but more of a hotel than a hostel/camp which is fine is you are with people but I was traveling alone with the hope of meeting/socialising with other travelers and found this difficult as this place has no socialising area, reception area or bar or anything like that, you are just given a (very lovely) room, ..but that's it, so i actually ended up paying to stay at a different hostel designed more for travelers rather than holidayers - where I could meet people, but continued doing the surfing with Wavesensations. In high season the surfing lessons may provide an opportunity to meet other solo travelers doing the surfing packages too, but for when I went there was mainly couples that were doing their own thing. So it may be worth bearing this in mind, other than that I had an amazing time :)

a traveler UK

TripAdvisor website

We had a few mix ups with our booking, pick up and lunch. But aside from that Ollie, our instructor was great. He was friendly, knowledgeable and allowed us to work at our pace and what we were comfortable with. Lunch pack was average.

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