Vineyard Eladío is where you can live the surf camp experience or co-live in their community in the beautiful countryside of Charco del Pino.

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Scott Carver

Reviews (3)

Carolina Massie

from Belgium, January 2024

"Surf vibes"

-Katha's yoga classes were excellent!

-Scott's hike was fun!

-Harry's surf lessons were great - he is patient and a very clear and kind teacher.

-The beds in the tents were comfy. I had a double bed and found the tent to be very spacious.

-The food was good. At times great. Katha, Carlos and Mirjiam are excellent cooks.

-The outdoor showers and toilets were really nice and clean

-Rough and ready vibe

-Overall friendly and welcoming hosts

-This is not luxury accommodation. It is fairly reflected in the price.