Vertical House Bali

Vertical House is a guesthouse and surfhouse in Bali, the perfect place where surf, relax and do multisport adventures

Instructors 5

Andrea Bardini

Andrea is a proper "surf addicted", at least 2 sessions every day and 2 dishes of pasta every meal! I.S.A surf instructor certificated he works in Vertical House Bali and TFR Surfhouse in Hossegor in France. He knows how to teach from zero to 100% and he is always ready to take some freesessions with the guests.

Riccardo Chiura

Riky is a sports lover, from the mountains to the oceans he loves outdoor life and "fresh air" sports. I.S.A Certificated surf teacher, he works for Vertical House Bali and Verticalife tour operator.

Stefania Basile

Stefania is a surf and wellness lover. She like to enjoy the waves and what the ocean can gives to her. Certificated Yoga teacher

Paz Mateo

Paz is a new I.S.A certificated surf instructor with big potential and big passion for surf. As soon as she took the first wave, her progression has been really fast, she is the perfect surf buddy for our guests. Surfbags and surf accessories producers, made with a beautiful balinese style.

Endy Burhanto

Endy is the proper Local surfer. He born and lives in Bali and he knows perfectly all the Balinese surfbreaks. If you are loking for a teacher that knows exactly "when and where" he is the man. Stylish surfer and vintage scrambler motorbike driver.

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