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8 Days Surf Lessons for All Levels in Lourinha, Portugal

Underdog Surf House, Av. António José do Vale, 7 Praia da Areia Branca, 2530-213 Lourinhã, Portugal

Surf Camp Portugal

All difficulty levels
Breakfast included
Airport transfer available

Sure you can find other places to surf around the European continent but nothing beats the country of Portugal when it comes to consistency! Portugal is known for a large variety of wave types and most surfable days per year in comparison to other places. Ask Underdog Surf House about what you can expect when planning your next surf trip to this region and find what they offer to get you on your feet as soon as possible!


  • 2 two-hour surf lessons daily
  • 5-day surf course with certified instructors
  • Whole-day board and wetsuit use on course days
  • Surf theory class and sports insurance on course days
  • Free equipment use during weekends
  • Roundtrip surf spots transfers
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


5 days with instruction
Airport transfer available:
Lisbon Portela Airport (US$95 per person)
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  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Barbeque facilities
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Board rental
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tour assistance

A surf hostel for all

If you're looking for a surf hostel in Portugal, Underdog Surf House is the place to go. The surf house is located in Lourinhã, one of the best places for surf in Portugal, where the average temperature is 16 degrees Celsius and there are over 12 kilometers of beachfront.

The municipality is fully committed to creating some of the best infrastructures for surf in Portugal, all the while seeking to make the practice open to all ages, from summer to wintertime. The village is also very close to Lisbon, only 63 kilometers from the capital, and even closer to Peniche, or the must-visit architectural beauty of Óbidos, so there's always something to do when you're not surfing.

So, if its interesting in the sea, its certainly not boring on land either. This means Underdog Surf House can provide you with some of the most interesting off-water activities to make sure you make the most of your stay in Portugal and enjoy summer to the fullest. It's as a part of this project that Underdog came to be, with a firm commitment to offering surfers from around the world the access to one of Europe's best surfing spots, regardless of your difficulty level, expectations, or family size.

It doesn't matter if you come alone, with friends, or your family, nor does it matter if you are an experienced surfer or someone seeking to learn the ins and outs of riding a wave, Underdog has crafted accommodations and activities that will suit all your needs and expectations. The surf house is very family friendly, with strong considerations for all around safety.

At the house

Only a five-minute walking distance to the sand on the main beach of Areia Branca, Underdog Surf House welcomes a variety of different guests each year. There is a mix of cultures and a healthy social atmosphere that sparks a group/family feel. But, as not everybody wants to have a "new family" on their surf trip, it´s okay, because this house has the dynamics that allows any and all guests to either interact with other guests or just enjoy their own space.

You will be located in walking distance of several surf spots and driving distance to a very large variety of other surf spots that allow any level of surfer the chance to have their ideal conditions close to home. You can choose from different styles of bedrooms equipped with wooden floors and balconies. The private swimming pool, game room, gardens, and leisure area provide guests with multiple leisure areas all there to let you live like you deserve to.

The spacious and fully equipped kitchen allows for easy cooking while the comforting living room makes for a perfect indoor relaxing spot. Never has the house´s comfort been an issue. It really is perfect as a surf house, your surf house. Welcome home!

Facilities and amenities

  • Bed
  • Breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free use of surf boards
  • Cable T.V.
  • Swimming pool
  • Game room
  • Front and back private gardens
  • Outdoor barbeque area
  • Large kitchen and living room
  • Wooden floor bedrooms
  • House maintenence


  • Blue Room

The Blue Room faces the south and the pool area. On this side of the house, you will get the late afternoon sunlight beaming through the balcony sliding doors. Spacious enough for a group of friends traveling together and fits three to four people.

  • Yellow Room

Just like the Blue Room, this room faces the south side of the house with the pool area and afternoon sun. The room fits two to three people. It's great for a pair of friends or just a single person interested in booking a private accommodation.

  • Couples Room

The Couples Room faces the north side of the house and the garden area. The morning sunlight is beautiful on this side of the house. Opening the door to the front balcony to be met with all the large garden is a pleasure each time. The room fits a couple with extra space for one more person.

  • 4-Person Room

The four-person room is the largest room available at the surf house. Also facing the front garden, it benefits with morning sunshine that sets your day at a perfect pace. It has a private bathroom and balcony and fits four to five people, ideal for a larger group.

  • Pent House Room

The Pent House Room is the best room of all. Located at the very top of the surf house, it´s spacious and comfortable and more private than the other rooms. Having the private terrace at the very top of the house allows for a great view of the ocean while benefiting with a beautiful late afternoon sunset. The room fits three to four people, perfect for a couple or small family.


Why you should surf in Portugal?

The world is full of gorgeous beaches and mighty swells but there are plenty of reasons why for surfing, Portugal is your must-go-to destination. Forget Northern Europe; it's gorgeous, right? But you can't exactly surf the Norwegian fjords!

It's a whole new story for surf in Portugal, a country at the western tip of Europe, with an ample Atlantic coast and one of the most balanced weathers in the whole continent, making up for warm summers and moderate winters. Water temperatures will go down in winter but it never gets really as cold as elsewhere, allowing for an all-year-long surf practice.

The country's geography means that any wave you want, you will have it, since it doesn't matter if you want a reef or point breaks, right or left waves; Portugal has got it all. Some of the country's better known spots, like those around Peniche, feature sheltered bays and peninsulas, making for superb offshore wind conditions most of the time. Indeed, there aren't many places in the world that can top Portugal's high index of surf days per year.

For lovers of surf, Portugal also represents great value. The country arrived late to the international surf scene but is catching up fast and there are plenty of modern and safe infrastructures for surf practice, and most of all, very welcoming people now well-accustomed to surfers and beach sports. All this comes at very fair prices and with an ample choice of packages and programs. If you're planning a surf vacation, Portugal has plenty to offer, and you'll be definitely hooked.

Beginner Surf Lessons

Beginner surf lessons focus on absolute initiate and also mildly experienced people looking for a quality fun time with surfing in the ocean. Classes reach from six to eight people per teacher. All lessons are given by certified surf instructors. The theoretical and practical activities taught throughout the lessons provide all the students with an opportunity to try and improve their basic skills.

While surfing can be challenging for some people, the overall experience tends to bring a joyful feeling that is commonly spoken about amongst surfers. The main focus for a beginner is to be comfortable enough with themselves and their board in the ocean to manage to stand on waves repeatedly. Any student that manages to improve rapidly on the initial surf techniques can be invited to bump up to advanced surf lessons.

Many people do not have the time to take on surfing and learn it on their own. That´s when the beginner surf lessons become the ideal option for them in order to make the best of their time. They will receive professional guidance and lessons from instructors and commonly achieve better results for the amount of time spent surfing. If you have surfed before and are not sure which kind of lessons would best suit you, you can find out when you begin, the surf instructor will help with that. If you are on the improver level, there will also be video feedback included.

Advanced Surf Lessons

Advanced surf lessons hold the same format as beginner surf lessons but are more focused on the experienced beginners that need further guidance to help them continue with their surfing evolution. Standing on a moving surfboard can turn out to be something easy to do after a while but when it comes to dropping down the wall of a wave and learning how to bottom turn, etc., things become a little more challenging.

The correct guidance with tips and techniques at the right time will help you with your current capabilities. Local knowledge from the experienced instructors will place you at the right place to be sitting on the outside when waiting for the next wave or finding out about what to expect from the behavior of different types of waves. Video feedback is included.


Portugal happens to be in a unique location benefiting the country in great ways. Having such an exposed coast to the northern Atlantic storm swells give you not only great surf but also a feel for what the Atlantic Ocean really looks and feels like. Visiting Portugal, especially small towns away from any type of city life, guests will find a special lifestyle, unique when in comparison to other European countries.

Passion is real here and the people that permanently live in Portugal know it. A mix of all the cultural aspects and long history placed in this unique landscape with the ocean's influence makes Portugal something else that has inspired many of its people, which include great poets like Fernando Pessoa, to explorers like Vasco de Gama, and with the genuine national music (Fado), artists like Amalia and more recently, Mariza. There is a feeling you get when you are in Portugal which is worth all travelers' time. Open your mind and come visit!

Ever get a feeling like you are the first to find out about something? Well, that is still a feeling that you will get at this beautiful beach town and surrounding beaches. Small but big; yup, it's perfect; with surf, shops, restaurants, supermarket, and bars and clubs, it's complete for the vacationer looking for a corner away from it all but close enough to reach other areas like the capital Lisboa and the city of Peniche.

You should know, Peniche and all the surrounding beaches, 12 kilometers north from the house, is like "the surf center of Europe". When convenient, on any specific day, making the trip north to Peniche is not an obstacle at all. Meanwhile, this jewel of a location, the beach of Areia Branca, has so much to offer with the number of surf spots available. Throughout the four major beaches, you will benefit from more uncrowded spots in comparison to places like Peniche.

The average yearly temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. Average summertime temperature range from 24 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius. The council town is Lourinhã. Neighboring beaches add up to 12 kilometers of coast. The council total population is 26,000.


  • Vale Pombas
  • Paimogo
  • Caniçal
  • Vale Frades
  • Malhada
  • Areia Branca
  • Areal
  • Mexilhoal
  • Peralta
  • Porto das Barcas
  • Zimbral
  • Porto Dinheiro
  • Valmitão

Surf spots

  • Areia Branca

The main beach of Area Branca has about five breaks varying from sand bottoms to reef bottoms. There is a river mouth that shapes the inside banks towards the southern tip of the beach. Tides play a major role at this beach so a watchful eye will find a better time to go in for the best surf although any tide is surfable. Counting on how certain currents will behave, tides here will make great rips that create powerful walls.

  • Areal

This beach is all sand bottom. Currents and rips are what create the banks and what shape most of the waves. This beach is the kind of beach you should check up on every day to be on top of what is going on with the bottoms. Although any person can approach this beach to check up on its waves, a local surfer will know where and when to expect the better conditions.

  • Ericeira: Among the best in the world

Thanks to its extensive Atlantic shoreline, Portugal has a lot of privileged surf sports and when it comes to Ericeira, surfing there is one of the most sought-after experiences at an international level. But what makes Ericeira's surfing so exciting? Ericeira is a village with tremendous touristic potential, quiet, picturesque, and with very hospitable inhabitants, all very accustomed to surfers. It's located only a few kilometers away from the architectural magic of Sintra and Mafra but when you turn to the sea, Ericeira and surfing are clearly meant for each other.

In total, you have eight kilometers of beaches like Praia dos Coxos, areas with point breaks, beach breaks, and also reef breaks with difficulty levels capable of pleasing everybody from beginners to world-class surfers. Farther south, beaches like Foz do Lizandro, with its beach breaks, are superb to beginners with both right and left-hander waves, while Ribeira D'Ilhas, deeply modernized in these past years, has very strong right-handers that are still very safe for less experienced surfers.

If you're after something more demanding and rewarding though, the tubes at Praia dos Coxos with also right-handers and reef breaks are really sought-after by surfers across the world, but, yes, they are really only truly accessible to the most experienced surfers. But the single most important thing in Ericeira's surf grounds is how stable the swells are throughout the year, allowing you to surf whenever you want to and in varying conditions or difficulty levels.

All around, you also get to enjoy great, quiet living, and very well developed infrastructure. You're also in short distance to other famous beaches, like Magoito, Guincho, Carcavelos, a well sought-after spot for when the swell is a little too big at other places. These are the conditions that make Ericeira, the first European surf reserve. São Julião e Foz do Lizandro is the surf spot for all difficulty levels, Praia do Sul, Praia do Norte, Matadouro, Ribeira D'Ilhas, and São Lourenço are for intermediate and experienced, while Backdoor, Furnas, Reef, Cave, Crazy Left, Pedra Branca, and Coxos are only for the experienced.

  • Peniche: The land of the supertubes

There's absolutely no better place for surfing than a peninsula and surrounded by sea from three sides, there's always a place in Peniche with offshore wind, creating some of Portugal's best sets, with gorgeous, organized, consistent, and strong waves. All you need is to pick the right spot from about 20 that make surfing in Peniche possible all the year around.

Weather conditions in the peninsula mean that the summertime is about the only time when surf in Peniche is not exactly top-notch, with a lower swell and the beach fronts filled with vacationers. Still, sunny weather and predominantly beach breaks make for an excellent opportunity for a calmer surf time or for a beginner to take his or her first steps into this sport, as these are particularly safe beaches around this time of year.

As for the rest of the year, everything changes, from winter and up to the springtime, Peniche is a surf spot by excellence for anyone who wants to live the sport to the max. When the crowds are gone, the waves grow to over four meters tall and water temperatures never go below 15 degrees Celsius, making Peniche one of the places in Europe with the warmest waters during the coldest months of the year, truly Europe's envy.

Since Peniche is at the Atlantic heart of Portugal, with plenty of cliffs to go around and sheltered bays, even when weather is rough, there's always a spot waiting for you. One of the best Peniche surf spots should really be mentioned here: Supertubos, precisely "super tubes", if you haven't guessed it already, with fast-breaking waves workable up to a three-meter swell height (sometimes more). Even larger are those at Consolação beach, hitting workable five to six meters, while further north, the reef breaks at Lagide deliver very vigorous but workable four-meter high swells. And, if you're a beginner, though, you really can't go wrong with Cantinho da Baía. Belgas, Almagreira, Lagido, Praínha, Cantinho da baía, Baía, Cerros, Molhe Leste, Supertubos, Consolação, and Porto Batel are the main Peniche surf spots.

  • Peralta

This place is a little further down south than the other beaches. Although its close enough, most people don´t check it often and that results in a lesser occupied place to surf. Nevertheless, this beach is packed with good breaks varying from sand bottoms to reef bottoms. The predominant northern swell makes that the further south you check waves the further away you will be from the shadow that is created from the Peniche peninsula making that Peralta is normally giving you bigger waves in comparison to the other beaches.

Surf conditions

Surf spot:

 Lisbon District

Monthly wave size

Best months for beginner surfers


Best months for intermediate surfers


Best months for advanced surfers


Monthly water temperature

Monthly recommended wetsuit



Daily breakfast is included in the package.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

Things to do (optional)

Near the house, you may find a number of interesting things to do. Take a look at the list below to check out what you can do on your spare time while in Praia da Areia Branca.

  • Go-Cart riding
  • Horseback riding or Chariot ride
  • Bicycle riding
  • Restaurant lunches/dinners
  • Nightlife
  • Lourinhã town´s dinosaur museum
  • Lourinhã town´s "Award Winning" cognac tasting
  • Skateboarding at the Lourinhã skate park

Car Rental

  • 1 to 3 days: Starts at 32 EUR
  • 4 to 6 days: Starts at 30 EUR
  • 7+ days: Starts at 28 EUR
  • Price is liable to change depending on the choice of car

No doubt that car renting is one of the best options to get to discover in depth all the sights which are located near the Underdog Surf House. For example, compared to public transport, by car, you can visit even the most hidden places and often discover great treasures for surf lovers.

Indeed, with car renting, you have high freedom; after all, you can always stop when you want. This feeling of freedom is also evident in the absence of schedules to meet, something that does not happen when traveling by train or bus.

Wetsuit and Surfboard

  • Half day: Wetsuit - 10 EUR | Surfboard - 15 EUR
  • 1 day: Wetsuit - 15 EUR | Surfboard - 25 EUR
  • 3 days: Wetsuit - 35 EUR | Surfboard - 65 EUR
  • 7 days: Wetsuit - 60 EUR | Surfboard - 140 EUR
  • 15 surfboards are available free of use at the surf house on a first come first serve policy.

To have everything that a surfer needs, Underdog Surf House includes the rental of wetsuit and surfboard. First of all, the wetsuit is extremely necessary so that the surfers can protect themselves from the cold, both in and out of the water, as well as protection from the scorching sun and any rashes caused by contact of the surfboard with the body.

On the other hand, the surfboard is a key piece of equipment to maintain balance even with the larger waves. The larger the surfboard, the greater the surfer stability.

Scuba Diving with Haliotis

  • 1 day: 100 EUR

This trip is inclusive of a full day at the Berlengas Island, a boat trip to the Island, all gears, a light meal, and insurance. There is an obvious advantage associated with scuba diving, with this activity, any sportsman can find new types of flora and fauna, seeing that aquatic life is diverse! After all, viewing the unknown is a major attraction for many divers who've developed a practice with scuba diving.

Of course these aquatic discoveries will remain successful if the scuba diving is done with the maximum security and with the most appropriate material. Fortunately, the Underdog Surf House offers all the necessary conditions for unforgettable scuba diving in the island of Berlengas. Haliotis is a PADI five-star center which was born from the passion for amateur diving.

Underdog proposes to offer each visitor experiences with diving and snorkeling in the Natural Reserve of the Berlengas Islands. The facilities include classrooms, pool, spas, four vessels with a total capacity of about 60 people, staff trained to the highest level, two vans to transport clients, and equipment.

With all this, the goal is to provide an unforgettable experience to those who visit to take part in the activities. In addition to the center in Peniche, there are two other centers operating today, one located in Sesimbra in the Sesimbra Port Shelter and another in Santa Maria in the Azores Islands located in Harbor Village.

Underdog offers various activities and diving courses. All of which are available for those who have an affinity with the sea and the aquatic environment. The activities presently being highlighted are sought by vacationers that are curious about discovering the “West Portugal” and along with the magnificent island of Berlenga.

One example of these activities is the Baptism dive (first contact with the underwater world and all dive equipment). Others include snorkeling and even diving courses lasting from two to four days. All activities are conducted at the Berlenga Island and last a full day including all necessary equipment, plus lunch, insurance, travel, trainers, transfers in the area of Peniche (more or less than 15 kilometers), and towel service at the end of each day.


  • 1 day: 55 EUR per person

This trip includes a full day at the Berlingas Island, boat trip to the island, all gears, a light meal, and insurance. Through snorkeling, you can explore the small Berlengas archipelago, situated about 12 kilometers west of Peniche, consisting of the island of Berlenga Grande and adjacent reefs, Estelas and Farilhões – Forcados.

Recognized as a nature reserve since September 3, 1981, Berlengas Island receives the practice of snorkeling with open arms, the first step to learn to observe the seabed from the surface, ideal for any participant at any age and without training in diving. For example, with the snorkeling, you can always find marine species. Take the case of beach to Carreiro do Mosteiro, where one sees small sea breams and hogfishes.

Shuttle Services

Besides the shuttle service done to and from the Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) shuttle services are also available to different places. You may want to move around the region to get to know the place or just to go check out other surf spots or maybe even go take a look at some shops or restaurants. The shuttle services will help you get to when you want to go! Take a look at what are offered as the basic shuttle services:

  • Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) to and from the surf house: Up to 4 people (One way) - 80 EUR, Up to 6 people (One way) - 100 EUR, Up to 8 people (One way) 125 EUR
  • Local beaches: Up to 4 people (One way) - 30 EUR, Up to 6 people (One way) - 45 EUR, Up to 8 people (One way) - 60 EUR
  • Large supermarket: Free of charge
  • Party night out of town: Up to 4 people (One way) - 30 EUR, Up to 6 people (One way) - 45 EUR, Up to 8 people (One way) - 60 EUR
  • Please Note: for the Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) the normal hours are between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Other houses have an extra cost of 30 EUR.

There are many reasons for wanting to know the shuttle service price of Underdog Surf. Firstly, it is a transport quite safe and comfortable. You will feel like a VIP! On the other hand, the shuttle service is punctual. Believe Underdog, rarely, this transport does not arrive on time. It must also be emphasized that the shuttle service is a more affordable and practical alternative compared to other options, such as taxis or bus.

Tour Activities

Portugal is such a great place to surf but surfing is not the only thing available to do there. Underdog has organized some extra stuff to do while you are visiting that they are sure can be a lot of fun! Check out what is available this year on the list below:

  • Lisbon Trip - Half Day: Includes drive from the surf house to the city of Lisbon, basic tour guide, choice from either Old town "Bairro Alto" and "Baixa" or the River Side District of "Belém and "Praça do Comércio", bus tour (additional cost), the "Cristo Rei" Jesus Christ monument (additional cost), transfer back from the city of Lisbon to the surf house.
  • Lisbon Trip - Full Day: Includes drive from the surf house to the city of Lisbon, basic tour guide, choice from either bus tour and Columbo shopping mall (additional cost), Expo ´98 – Parque das Naçoês, or Old town "Bairro Alto" plus "Baixa" and "Alfama", Tejo river Sail Trip (additional cost), the "Cristo Rei" Jesus Christ monument (additional cost), and transfer back from the city of Lisbon to the surf house.

What's included

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • 5-day surf course with 20 hours of surf lessons per week (2 two-hour sessions per day)
  • Certified surf instructors
  • Transfers to and from surf spots
  • Board and wetsuit for the whole day (on course days)
  • Free equipment during weekends
  • Sports insurance (on course days)
  • Surf theory class
  • Video feedback for the Improvers Level

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by bus

The Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) is 67 kilometers away. The price from the main bus station to Praia da Areia Branca is about 8 EUR. Take a TAXI or the Metro from the Airport to the main bus station in "Sete Rios" (Metro station: Jardim Zológico). From the main bus station, buy a ticket for the next bus to "Praia da Areia Branca". Contact Underdog Surf House and they will pick you up from the bus station.

Arrival by taxi

The price from Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) on average is 80 EUR. The address you'll need to give to the driver is: Av. Antonio Jose do Vale º7, Praia da Areia Branca, 2530 213 Lourinha, Portugal.

Arrival by train

If you're coming in by train, your destination station is Bombarral. That´s the closest stop. From there you can either catch a taxi or contact Underdog Surf House for a shuttle service.

Driving directions

To find the house, just make sure you will keep an eye out on the left side of the street when you turn into "Praia da Areia Branca". The house address is: Av. António José do Vale, 7 Praia da Areia Branca, 2530-213 Lourinhã, Portugal.

Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport Airport transfer available: Lisbon Portela Airport (US$95 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
8 days / 7 nights
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Pricing information

The Blue Room is available for quadruple occupancy at 1345 EUR (Low Season), 1479 EUR (Mid Season), and 1659 EUR (High Season). While the 4-Person Room can be occupied by five guests at 1659 EUR (Low Season), 1865 EUR (Mid Season), and 2095 EUR (High Season). The Couple Room is also available for triple occupancy at 979 EUR (Low Season),1095 EUR (Mid Season), and 1219 EUR (High Season).


This vacation is available all year round, please select an arrival date below.

Low season
  • November - April
High season
  • July - September
Mid season
  • May - June
  • October

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