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Two Brothers Surf Retreat offer easy access to adventure and incredible full-service surf camp and self-catering accommodations, boat trips, and board rentals.

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It is only 24 hours since I returned from a week at Two Brothers, and already I am wondering if I was really there or only dreamed it. I have traveled to many places in the world, but few if any as magical as this one, from the long days of surf on an incredible variety and consistency of waves, to the family-style meals cooked by the wonderful Chef Henry, to the wise and wonderful stories told by Robert Gregory, the maverick dreamer who bought this idyllic Las Salinas hillside two decades ago and envisioned what it might become. Gregory and his two sons (the "two brothers" of the title) are among the pioneers who first discovered much of the country's surfable coast, and entering into the life they have made for themselves there is like discovering a real-life Swiss Family Robinson. Alight here and you are no more than 20 minutes from more than a dozen world-class surf spots where head-high barrels are considered "small" and more than six guys in the lineup is "crowded." You will surf from sunrise to sunset, and you will dream of waves in your well-deserved sleep. And when it is finally time to go home, you shall begin counting the days until you are able to return.


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My friends and I stayed in a 6-person villa with Two Brothers in August 2016 and had a top-notch surf vacation as a result. The accommodations are comfortable (not lush, though, FYI), tons of character, and enough sun and wonderful (recovery) hammocks to put stars in your eyes.

Marsh (the older of the brothers) was our guide for the week, and is beginning to take the business reigns from his father. The Two Brothers family has been operating and mostly living in Popoyo for 17+ years, granting them unparalleled local knowledge,surfing/fishing experience, and community reputation. They took us surfing 2-3 times a day at different spots, and would have given us more if our bodies had been up to the challenge. Since Marsh, Auggie, and Robert discovered all the best Popoyo breaks to begin with, you can have confidence they'll always bring you to the best spot for your skill level given the swell, weather, and crowds.

It's important to note-- some of us were rather "green" surfers; Marsh, being an extreme surfer, was very humble, considerate, and easy-going with respect to the skill differential. He's a genuinely nice guy, loves what he does, and always kept us safe and happy-- in and out of the water.

The Two Brothers property-- "estate", as I'd call it-- sits at the peak of a massive hill in Popoyo, where they can step out of bed to scope the waves morning, and where you will have complete peace and quiet and refuge from the mosquitoes. There's a dope pool and plenty of delightful hammocks and chairs.

We did the "meal inclusive" option, and it was a game-changer. Chef Henry is very talented, whipping up three DYNAMITE meals per day with hefty portion sizes to keep the surfer bodies fueled. I'm not sure, but I believe they import meat from the US... either way, none of us experienced sickness during our stay in the country. Two Brothers will provide filtered water for you.

The scenery was gorgeous, the waves were epic, and Two Brothers was a home run. What are you waiting for?

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