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7 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in The Algarve, Portugal

  • R. da Ladeira 5, 8670-065 Aljezur, Portugal

7 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in The Algarve, Portugal

  • R. da Ladeira 5, 8670-065 Aljezur, Portugal

One Week Surf and Yoga Retreat in Portugal

The Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat offers you a very unique yoga and eco surf retreat. At Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat, we combine yoga and surfing. Feel the perfect moments of bliss when surfing and Yoga are combined as a lifestyle. These two disciplines compliment each other in both beauty and purpose. By harnessing the energy within ourselves and nature, we find our surfing improves, our outlook on life is elevated and through yoga, our sense of the here and now is heightened and our mind, body, and spirit are in perfect harmony.


  • Two daily yoga classes
  • Fully kitted out surfing lessons
  • Professional yoga and surfing instructors
  • Membership to Algarve Surf & Ecological Association
  • Only minutes away from beautiful beaches
  • 6 nights cozy accommodation
  • Daily meals and snacks
  • 7 days with instruction
  • Portuguese, English
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The surf and yoga retreat lies nestled in a secluded natural valley amongst 16 acres of native cork trees. Still we are within striking distance of four superb local surf beaches. Our Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat is aptly and affectionately known as 'Tipi Valley '.

Living close to nature replenishes our energy and natural beauty inspires us. You won't find a reception, office, radios, noise or disturbance. But what you will find is inner and outer peace in Tipi Valley. This environment fosters mindfulness whilst also offering a fun and rejuvenating stay.

Our yoga and surf camp reflects our philosophy of 'Simple Living'. Accommodations and facilities are simple with a rustic charm, yet tasteful and suitably comfortable. We are not a luxury retreat nor do we aspire to be one.

The Algarve surf and yoga camp aims to be as ecologically friendly as possible. Our two showers are built from local cane and bamboo and are private, clean with a tinge of the exotic. The water heats by day naturally from the sun during daylight hours.

We draw water from our well which is soft and clean and is not treated by fluorides or chemicals. Natural gravity creates the pressure. No power, no resources depleted. Our toilets operate as all modern toilets do. They are conventional in design, private and ecological but of a modern construction. They are self composting and non damaging to the environment.

Our yoga platform overlooks Accommodation and valley. It is a beautiful space and is a great place to begin and end the day. Facilities are set up to accommodate small groups only. Therefore guests are assured an intimate and a very personalized stay. Our local surf school we contract also keeps its numbers to a minimum. Rapid progression is a direct result of greater individual attention. Also we believe in low volume, low impact and ethical social contribution that is less intrusive on the environment and its culture.

Shared or Private Tipi / 7 nights

Built from 12-meter long eucalyptus poles cut from our property, the 8-meter diameter Native Indian tipi tent is at the centre-stage of our camp. A wooden floating floor keep the occupant off the ground and the symmetry of the tents form makes for a natural, non-imposing monument. The sound of nature and the ocean can be heard through the natural cotton canvas liner.

The beauty in tipi living is being able to live that much closer to nature than in more conventional dwellings. The ambiance at night is simply spell-binding as the tent resembles a gigantic lantern, putting out a soft hue across the valley.

In this one week Yoga and surfing retreat, there will be 2 daily yoga classes as well as optional rest and rejuvenation day on Thursday to restore the body. Classes are conducted in the Tippi valley with one beach day per program.

Yoga at the Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat roots itself in traditional Hatha. Our teachers instruct an often variation of differing styles to suit our program and the students personal ability and needs.

Classes take on a more dynamic flow (Vinyasa ) in the mornings and a more relaxing and meditative style in the evening. Fresh ocean air, regular stretching and steady postures and proper breathing combined with surfing and other outdoor activities on offer. A stay at Tipi Valley will not only be a relaxing and healthy holiday but also a completely rejuvenating experience!

Drawing on over 25 years surfing experience in countless surfing countries and world class surf breaks, it is Surf Algarve's pleasure to pass on that surfing stoke to beginners and intermediate surfers alike.

Surf Algarve contracts a local, fully licensed and insured, official Portuguese surf school to conduct all surf lessons. Our long standing partnership with the Odeceixe Surf School insures numbers are kept to a minimum An excellent range of foam long boards are used which are ideal and safe for beginners. Guests are free to sample a full range of equipment, picking and choosing boards as their surfing progresses

The Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat is a tented, organic and eco friendly camp. Simple accommodation and a "homespun " rustic style, give our seasonal retreat its essential charm. The yoga retreat lies hidden away in an untouched valley, surrounded by native, cork oak trees and our own organic vegetable gardens. A nearby river follows the valley and spills out to our local surfing beach.

Relax and revitalize with yoga

Through yoga asana (postures), you will become more flexible in your body and more at peace in your mind. Gain strength, flexibility, and deep relaxation as you practice yoga daily. A sense of deeper purpose, a sense of belonging will come along with devoted yoga practice. Practice yoga in the morning and evening, enjoying clean ocean air. Breathe in the essential life force that surrounds and sustains us all. Relax and revitalize the body, mind, and spirit with yoga surf and nature.

Surfing for all

With The Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat, a unique surf experience is guaranteed. You will not just get a chance to surf, but you will surf beautiful waves. The Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat passion first and foremost is surfing! Whether you're getting up for the first time, riding that tube ride of lifetime or just sharing some ocean time with friends, you will feel the good vibes, share a good stories, and above all, take home great memories!

Transport between Tipi Valley and three stunning local beaches, including Amoreira Beach and river and Monte Clerigo. Amoreira Beach is a beach within Aljezur. The beach has a wide expanse of golden fine sand which is backed by deep sand dunes. At the southern end of the beach is the mouth of the river Aljezur. The sea is a popular spot for surfing and body boarding. When the tide is out a shallow lagoon is left on the beach. The lagoon is a safe popular stretch of water both for children and there parents.

Monte Clerigo beach is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The beach is near the village of Aljezur and is totally unspoilt by the ravages of tourism. The beach has good access points from the road and car park to the rear of the main beach area. There is a timber ramp and stairways down to the sand. The beach is of fine gold sand and is very clean. The southern end of the beach has unusual and extensive rock formations, amongst which visitors can observe a diverse marine life in the pools and gullies between the rocks. There is an abundance of starfish, crabs, Shrimps and Barnacles. This beach is also a popular spot for surfing.

  • Lauren Hill

    Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

    Lauren splits her time between snow flakes and salt water; in the French Alps, Portugal, Devon, and the US. Lauren's dynamic and conscientious approach to her work and classes will guarantee you are experiencing varied, fun and safe classes in a magically holistic environment.

The Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat is ideally situated to combine access to amenities, towns, tourist sites and airports, yet maintaining the peace, quiet and tranquility of a secluded retreat in Portugal. Not to forget, access to without dought, some of the most beautiful untouched beaches in Europe!

The Surf and Yoga Retreat is located in the Western Algarve of Southern Portugal. The Algarve is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal. The Algarve is a popular destination for tourism, primarily because of its beaches, Mediterranean climate, safety, cuisine and relatively low costs.

Positioned minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, our eco retreat has close access to both Amoreira Beach and river and Monte Clerigo. The picturesque and quintessentially Portuguese village of Aljezur is just 2 km away.

Faro International Airport is 1 hour 15 minutes away along a sealed motorway. The historical tourist town of Lagos is just 20 minutes by car. Lisbon is approximately 3 hrs to the north. The rugged and crowd less western Algarve offers stunning scenery, birdlife and nature walks. Aljezur also boasts quaint seafood restaurants and of course fantastic coffee and cake shops.


  • Aljezur, 2 kilometers
  • Faro International Airport - 1.25 hours
  • Lagos - 20 minutes
  • Lisbon - 3 hours
  • Odeceixe - 15 minutes
  • Sagres - 40 minutes
  • Diving nearby
  • Horse riding/rental nearby
  • Massage
  • Mountain biking
  • Bar nearby
  • Caf nearby
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Bicycle rental
  • Shop
  • Shop nearby

You will be provided with daily wholesome meals as well as flavorsome snacks and drinks throughout the retreat. In Tippivalley Algarve Eco Surf and Yoga Retreat, organic vegetables are grown at accommodation and are as well part of its ethos. Tasty, organic food is provided (when possible and in season) and guests eat together in the Moroccan lounge or alfresco. The aim is to provide excellent wholesome food with an emphasis on sufficient portions and quality produce when available.

The Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat is in a visually stunning location. Outdoor fun of all kinds is available and our close proximity to the ocean, mountains and rivers means that there is always something to do. Sometimes however the most precious moments are when we just stop and relax!


The beautiful natural river of Aljezur runs directly through the quaint village of Aljezur, past the Algarve Surf-Yoga Retreat before finally spilling out to Amoreira surf beach. A leisurely 40-minutes paddle through a habitat of marshlands and grassy flats will take you past birds nesting and the other local wildlife.

Horseback Riding

Whilst at present we dont have our own horses, a stable holding five horses is only a five minute drive away. The stable can arrange two-hour beach rides, gentle trots through eucalyptus forests, or fast cantering through the plains.


Kite boarding is taking off in a big way and fantastic conditions can be found just 40 minutes away in the Alvor Estuary and Mia Pria Beach Algarve. Ask us to refer you to one of the many quality schools in the area.


Laurie who works part time as a skipper for the Southwest Yacht Charter Company located in Lagos, can easily arrange a full or half day on the water off the beautiful south coast of the Algarve. Whether you want performance sailing or just to laze around on the water on a small runabout, Southwest Charters has everything from Yachts to fishing boats.


On the rare day when the surf is either flat or blown out, a great alternative activity to surfing is wakeboarding. A combination of surfing and snowboarding, wakeboarding can easily be picked up on the first lesson and power turns, carves and airs can be done by the radical.


Lagos, also located in the Southern Algarve, is a great place to dive. Whether it would a Padi course/ wreck dive or just one or 2 tank dives, the clear waters off the South Coast can offer some exhilarating sights.

Mountain Biking

At the Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat we have 3 bikes available to hire. There are excellent tracks and scenic tours on the property and around the surrounding area.


The possibilities of hiking from the surf and yoga camp and around our property are endless! Trails that run along the cliffs on the coast, gentle walks along the river, beach strolls or more strenuous climbs of the local ridges and hills offer an incredible hiking experience in the Algarve, Portugal.

At Tippivalley Algarve Eco Surf and Yoga Retreat there are available onsite qualified wellness practitioners and masseuses that will gladly pamper you with enjoyable massage. Massages are done at camp in a private, comfortable setting. Additional costs applied.

  • Enchanting comfortable accommodations (including linen)
  • Sumptuous daily meals (organic when in season)
  • Snacks & drinks included
  • Two daily yoga classes: morning invigorating & afternoon deep relaxation
  • Fully kitted out surfing lessons. excellent selection of boards and wetsuits, including safety & theory tuitions
  • Transport between Tipi Valley & 3 stunning local beaches
  • Optional rest day with onsite rejuvenation programs
  • In addition to the above, your contribution provides you with temporary membership to the Algarve Surf & Ecological Association
  • Available onsite qualified wellness practitioners and masseuses (extra cost)

Arrival by airplane

There are many airlines servicing Portugal. Some offering exceptionally good prices when booked in advance. Public transport within the Algarve is very safe and reliable.

The nearest village to our eco camp is Aljezur (5 minutes). The nearest large town is Lagos. The closest international airports to the camp are Faro (1hr 15 minutes drive) and then Lisboa (approximately 3 hrs drive)

Faro is closer, smaller and more relaxed and has an excellent new motorway for drivers. Lisbon whilst further away has the advantage of 2 daily buses passing directly through Aljezur our local village rede-expessos.

Arrival by bus

Private Transfer (4 people) Shuttle Transfer (1 person). Faro to Aljezur c. 22.50 GBP each Faro to Lagos c. 24.00 GBP.

The cheapest option for solo travelers is the shuttle bus to Lagos then a bus or taxi transfer from Lagos to Aljezur.

Verified reviews

  • Review by Shez from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Tipivalley Algarve Eco Surf & Yoga Retreat - What can I say? What an amazing experience! Firstly, the staff were wonderful! I had an unfortunate start to the week at Tipivalley Algarve Eco Surf & Yoga Retreat (TPV) with loosing my bag at the airport and not being returned to me for 3 days. The TPV staff handled everything for me so i could still enjoy my time doing yoga/surfing and enjoying mingling with my new friends. They even gave me a bag of clothes/towels to tie me over until my belongings were returned back to me!TPV has a fantastic vibe. As soon as you walk into the valley, you instantly feel relaxed and in the right hands for a week of healing . I couldnt speak higher of the staff, helpful, kindhearted and interesting people, it was a delight to be around them. The surfing school was awesome, David and Ricardo who picked us up and dropped us off everyday were hilarious. Making pit stops and showing us around their town was something they loved doing, you could tell how proud they are of their country. The instructors of the school were very helpful, going through step by step of how to surf the most efficiently. Everyone always felt very safe and in good hands with the boys from the school- we had a blast!We were lucky enough to be able to experience all different types of yoga with our instructors, who were more than happy to answer any questions and to cater to any muscles soreness or injuries. For someone who hasnt done yoga before, it was a great way to be introduced into the world of yoga and will most defiantly keep it up when I return home. The Tipis were cute, very clean and very homey, with cute little lights inside for you to read or chill out whenever you needed. Food was excellent, with any dietary requirements you needed and there was always plenty for seconds. Tipi Valley attracts like minded people. Above everything else at TPV it was the stories that were had and the life long friends I have made. I already wish I was back there baking in sun and having fun with my new friends!"

    BookYogaRetreats, edited


  • Review by Lisa
    10 out of 10

    "I had the best experience at Tipi Valley 19th-26th Sept '16. The communication from my first inquiry about the holiday was excellent. The site itself is stunning, set in a valley that looks on down to the sea, it's so peaceful and removed, perfect! At night time the light comes from the stars and moon so views of the milky-way are spectacular. The tipis and tents are great, mosquito nets and actual beds as well as a beautiful wee vase of flowers on the bedside table (definitely glamping!). The 'Moroccan Lounge' is perfect, provides a great social chill out area for the evenings after food. The food is incredible, never failed to be delicious and nutritious! I loved the lunches for the beach as well, just my cup of tea! The programme itself was very well organised, 2 yoga lessons a day with the most wonderful teachers (Jordan and Noelia) and the most spectacular views from the yoga deck. We were woken in the best way possible - firstly by the birds and then by the yoga teacher with a Tibetan gong. Post yoga = delicious breakfast then pick up by the surf school drivers who were great craic. Surf lessons were great, really good teachers Roger and Manu from Odeceixe Surf School and Jeffrey from Boa Onda Surf School. By the end of the week everyone had managed to stand the wave they caught! Beach pick up at 4 to go back to camp shower and relax before yoga, dinner and evening chill out time. I loved showering outside too. Truly one of the best trips I have been on and I would highly recommend it!!"

    Tipivalley Algarve Eco Surf & Yoga Retreat, edited

  • Review by Charlotte
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed at Tipi valley in July. The staff, the food and the yoga were really good. It offers a very unique and "off the beaten track" retreat experience in the midst of nature. The whole experience is very authentic. It was also the very first 'real' retreat to open in the area of Aljezur over 10 years ago."

    "It's quaint and simple but very nice and quiet at night. The sky is amazing. Make sure you bring your mozzie repellent and a sweater for the cool nights. The group was really great and very happy with their experience too. "

    "I had heard so much over the years about an amazing off the beaten track retreat experience with the ethos of yoga truly at its core. which I believe is what Tipi Valley manages to offer. Because it's the longest and original running retreat, it's also obvious in the organization and spirit of this operation and it is why it continues to get such strong credibility. I have seen many places in villas, hostels, urbanized areas calling themselves "retreats" (which after visiting them are really a type of hostel) but Tipi Valley is - in my view - really a ' retreat'."

    Tipivalley Algarve Eco Surf & Yoga Retreat, edited

  • Review by Kathy from Mexico

    "A beautiful valley place with a unique combo of Yoga and Surfing. Amazing peaceful place. A lovely getaway for beach lovers. You get to visit 3 different beaches and do yoga and surfing there. This was our first retreat in the journey, wish we could stay longer and enjoy the beauty of nature. The instructors are loving and give personal care and instructions. The yoga instructor Lauren, Cindy from the Surf School & Pedro the masseuse, were a great pleasure to be with. The beauty of the place lies in its location , right in the lap of nature.It was a pleasure just to breathe in pure air. We are on a yoga retreat tour in Europe and India. Definitely a place I would suggest for all eco lovers, those who want to enjoy the rustic beauty and simplicity of Nature - both greenery and beaches - with the rare innovative blend of yoga and surfing.Highly recommended for surfers and yoga and beach lovers."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Georgia from United Kingdom

    "Tipi Valley has been beautifully set up in a lovely part of the Algarve. The tipis are very comfortable and everything is well organized - great yoga teachers, delicious food and then each day surf lessons on the beach. Above all though the staff is incredibly nice and genuinely care that their guests have a wonderful time. For anyone wanting a short break from modern life this is the place to go. Don't expect phone signal or Wi-Fi."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Galatea from United Kingdom

    "I loved being a guest at TipiValley. It's such a special place, unspoilt and wild, welcoming and secretive at the same time. Highly recommended for whoever is searching to reconnect with nature, is easy going and sociable and is not scared of water ;)But Tipi Valley is also so much more then a surf and yoga centre. This retreat glamping site is a space that is in complete harmony with its natural setting. I'm so pleased I stayed there!There's the hope in me that things around that area of the Algarve are never going to change, as it really feels like it's the kind of place Europe should treasure and protect from touristic exploitation and unconsidered development.The staff is also amazing, everyone is so genuinely helpful!Expect outdoorsy blissfulness, no internet connection, solar powdered showers and beautiful night skies :)"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Sacode Palha from Portugal

    "Freshly returned from a wonderful week spent at Tipi Valley and I miss it already. It was the perfect retreat for a few days well spent in a peaceful and relaxing environment. A happy balance between physical activity and moments of rest in this Algarve valley surrounded by nature and dream beaches.Everything is impeccably organized; from the day we are greeted by a fantastic team that does everything to provide us a comfortable and cozy stay. The quality and variety of the meals was TOP! Made with fresh and organic ingredients extremely well made! Simply delicious!The daily routine of yoga and surf activities are well balanced, yoga is accessible to everyone and surf lessons are given by a team of dedicated professionals!Congratulations Tipi Valley and thank you!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • "This was the most perfect place to escape the stress and noise of everyday life. I can't recommend it enough. The combination of yoga and surfing, sunshine and nature, delicious food (seriously!) and the friendliest staff made it an all-round winner. The relaxing effects of the camp stayed with me long after I plunged back into city life. Don't hesitate. GO GO GO!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Kathi and Anas from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I don't know where to start, as I was truly impressed by this holiday, probably one of the best holidays I ever had so far.This retreat is very well organized, and the carers are real sweethearts, all very professional and simply great. I can't thank enough Gabriel, for his kindness and care, our fantastic yoga teachers Dakota and Shivani, who truly made me love yoga, our brilliant cooks, who cooked delicious and inspiring healthy food, and our surfer instructors, especially Joam, Roger and Jeffrey who tried very hard to get me up on the board for the first time, and never gave up on me.This place is a haven of peace, nice weather all along, great nature. We were around 14 people from all around the word, all very friendly, and enjoyable to be with.We cannot express enough our gratitude to all the organizers, I definitely recommend this place to all the people who want to reconnect with nature, and get away from daily stress, and don't be afraid if you are a beginner in yoga and surfing, it doesn't matter, the teachers are so great, they will make you love it."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Kristina S from Germany
    10 out of 10

    "I have just come back from a week in Tipi Valley, I booked my stay quite spontaneously and ended up having one of the best holidays in my life.The camp is located in a natural park, in a valley hidden among beautiful hills, olive trees and dog rose bushes all around. Everything was very well organized, every day was perfectly structured: yoga one hour in the morning and in the evening, surfing and beach from 11 to 4. I have never tried surfing before but by the end of the week I was finally able to stand up and ride a wave. Kudos to teachers, they were extremely helpful and friendly, even when I snapped once or twice in frustration! And all three beaches we went to were stunningly beautiful.Yoga is suitable for all levels of practitioners (although I must mention that its not really the place if you are seeking for an advanced yoga retreat).Sleeping in a tipi was one huge adventure; it feels great waking up to the birds singing in the morning. Although I must mention in Portugal it gets really cold at night, make sure you ask for one or two extra blankets. Food was delicious, toilets and showers are not much different from home, except for the open sky above. The Tipi Valley staff is very friendly and helpful and really looks after you.Important tips: when you read that you must bring a repellent spray and a torch - take it seriously. There are no electric plugs at the camp, bring everything with you to the beach when you go surfing, you can charge it at one of the beach cafes (and enjoy exceptional coffee).Plan your itinerary well. Public transportation is quite unreliable in Portugal and bus connections are not very good. Book a taxi in advance through one of Faro taxi companies and you can get to Aljezur for about 80 EUR. Or get a bus from Faro to Lagos (5 EUR) and then taxi to Aljezur (around 30 EUR).On Thursdays, there is life music in one of the surfers bars in Amoreira. Its definitely worth going!Use sun block! Even on a cloudy day. I cannot stress this enough.Room tip: For single accommodation book a small tipi."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Switzerland
    10 out of 10

    "I just got back from one week of yoga and surfing in Portugal while staying in a tipi valley. The setting is beautiful, and as we were joking during our stay, it was worth getting up at night to go to the WC just to see the stars. LolAccommodation is very comfortable, I was expecting a camping mat and ended up having a French size bed with a new matress, bed linen and a night stand. Tents are spread around the camping grounds, but far enough from each other to enjoy your privacy. The days flew by quickly, due a full day program activities, that don't really leave you with much - nothing to do - time. Organization was impeccable, stuff friendly, teachers at the surfing school always smiling and willing to motivate you to learn to surf. A program is not a must, if you feel like having a day on your own, you can do so.I was enjoying the company of amazing people that made my stay simply superb and eased the pain of hundred mosquito bites we endured. I was there first week of May, which was also the first week of the season, and hills were full of flowers. Absolutely beautiful! The only downside was the food; majority of participants were health freaks, and the food (for me) was a cheap version of a vegetarian meal. Mainly carbs (cereals and grains) with a bit of veggies. Almost no proteins, not even once tofu or fish a d rarely a fresh salad. It would be more enjoyable to go and eat in local restaurants than chewing another portion of beans, or white pasta. Seemed like the cooks were changing all the time, and there was no concept behind the weekly meals.The yoga level was basic and oriented for people who have never tried yoga or are the beginners. There was one teacher during the week and for people who stayed whole week had an opportunity to have another teacher during weekend. The same concept applies for the surfing school. Looks like they offer a 5 and 7 day stay which is a bit strange, especially when half of the group leaves on Saturday and the rest on Monday.The location is not easily accessible and as mentioned in previous reviews, the bus connections are not so frequent. If you book a taxi from tipi valley, it will cost you more than if you do the other way around (ex. Trip from Faro airport to tipi valley costs 120 EUR booked from tipi valley and 80 EUR if you take the taxi from the airport to tipi valley)."

    Trip Advisor website , edited

  • Review by a traveler from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I spent an amazing week at Tipi Valley. It was blissful from the moment I arrived! I stayed in the large tipi which was beautiful, very comfortable and clean. The programme was extremely enjoyable, we had an excellent yoga teacher (thanks Oli), a master-mind chef (Bertie I miss all those delicious and healthy meals) and surfing was super fun and challenging! The team at Tipi Valley are very helpful and their warm personalities make you feel right at home! The programme activities were nicely structured which allowed you ample free time to read, relax or get a massage! I really miss waking up to beautiful blue skies and tranquil environment. Thank you Tipi Valley, a place that is truly special!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United Kingdom
    9 out of 10

    "If you need some time away from it all in a spectacular location in Algarve this will do the job! I chose the 5 day yoga surf package and was lucky to have a really fun group staying with me. The food was excellent, the staff were really friendly and the quality of the yoga instruction in particular was excellent. The beaches were beautiful and really fun places to try the surfing. The site is in a lovely wooded valley, with amazing stars at night. I stayed in the hill top tent which was spacious with a great view.In all honesty the site could do with some renovation and making it water tight (if you happen to be unlucky and time it with a rainy spell!). Be prepared for a lot of mosquitoes - to be expected in such a natural setting of course but they did make it hard to properly relax in the yoga sessions. It's very much camping rather than glamping, so if you go with that expectation you won't be disappointed. You can find similar packages around which you may find more comfortable, but if you want to escape from it all, be amongst friendly people, see a beautiful part of Portugal and get good yoga and surf instruction then you won't be disappointed. The hilltop tent is good value since it's larger than other ones of similar price, but it can feel quite isolated in the woods at night since it's a bit separated from the others, so for some people that may be a positive and others may prefer to feel nearer the group.I'm glad I went and definitely feel better for the break. I flew into Faro and got the train to Lagos, then the bus to Aljezur which was easy and cheap to do. If you leave on a Saturday, which I did, bear in mind there is no bus in the afternoon and so you'll have to be prepared to pay for a taxi to Lagos which is around 40 euros if you're not sharing. I think it's worth doing that and getting the last day of activities rather than getting the early morning bus that day. Some people flew into Lisbon and were able to get a direct bus in both directions so that's another option."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Rosalee and Jonathan from United Kingdom
    9 out of 10

    "Just thought I'd drop you a note to thank everyone for such an enjoyable stay at Tipi Valley. You have a really great team in Carl and co keeping the wheels oiled and the camp running smoothly. Great food, great company, and a willingness to go beyond the call of duty to make our stay as enjoyable as it could be. Even the other guests were great! You were a fine host, as chilled as I imagined, knowledgeable about the area, and patient enough to answer without complaint (to us anyway!) what must be the same questions every week from guests. I really hope you manage to keep Tipi Valley going for years to come. I returned to the UK exhilarated and chilled out from the experience. Thanks for the update, Laurie! We had an absolutely amazing time at Tipi Valley, and actually ended up getting engaged in Spain a couple of weeks after we left (August). So, we will always remember our time there."

    Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Liz Montalbano from United States
    9 out of 10

    "I'm back in NYC and just wanted to say what an amazing experience it was coming to your camp. You've really created something special there. It's truly impressive what you have done in terms of the construction, the vibe, the level of service and the community you have there. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to Portugal in this way and to have experienced that unique part of the world in general. It really is magical! Please once again extend my thanks to the folks're an awesome bunch."

    Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Wendy, Kate, and Izzi from USA
    9 out of 10

    "Just a quick E to let you know how much we all enjoyed our stay with you. Your staff are amazing, the location fantastic and the holiday was everything we could wish for, but too short! Please pass our thanks on to Cherie and Karl."

    Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat website, edited

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat offers surf and yoga retreat from May to October every year. We also promote sustainable living and tourism.

  • Availability: The Surf Camps of this organizer are available 0% of the time.

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