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The Point Galapagos offers Surf House, Guides, SUP, Snorkelling, and transportation to all surf sites available in San Cristobal island and more

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Nicolas actively promotes surfing as an ecotourism alternative to the Galapagos National Park. He shares his fascination with the raw beauty of the islands and his amazement for the face-to-face encounters with its wildlife to photography. He is an active certified naturalist land and scuba diving guide and SDI master diver, surfer, paddleboarder, and photographer.

Jonathan Guilcapi

Jonathan is a surfer, sailor, and paddleboarder who grew up having fun at the see. He always connects and very respects with nature. He is also a very creative and simple person who befriends with everyone as well as always has a positive attitude and big smile on his face.

Reviews (2)

Justin Hill

from United States, December 2017

"Great surf/adventure trip!"

Nico is basically the guy everyone in town knows and likes. I have been surfing most of my life and still his knowledge of the breaks around San Cristobal was invaluable for me. He was always fun to be around and interesting to talk to.

He found plenty of stuff to keep my wife and I entertained in between surf sessions. We always had a great time with him no matter what. He’s also pretty much a living encyclopedia of any flora/fauna in the Galapagos which was awesome.

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