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New South Wales, Australia

The Perfect Wave offers surf experience and adventure holidays with teams of travel experts and devoted surfers in Australia, Europe, Maldives, Japan and New Zealand.

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  • Richard

    The Perfect Wave website

    Hey I really appreciate all the stuff you guys at Perfect Wave did for us and getting us back forms the Mentawais after the tsunami. I think we forgot what you guys were doing behind the scenes for us working late, calling our fams and embassys as well as taking care of hotels, accom, transport, etc. Thanks heaps!

  • Mark

    The Perfect Wave website

    Ive been meaning to thank you for the brilliant job you did organizing all our flights & connections and accommodating the last minute changes. We will wax lyrical to all about the quality of your work.

  • Dean United States

    The Perfect Wave website

    When 10 intrepid surfers, who are getting close to qualifying for their seniors cards, thought it was time to rejuvenate the soul and hit the waves the common view was to hit the Mentawis. In the quest to stay young, but being realistic enough to acknowledge that the number of cutbacks done per trip equate to what we most kids are doing on a single wave, we chose the MV Midas as our craft of choice to chase these waves. Why? Boat speed and comfort it was fast enough to explore numerous breaks when the wind, tide and the crowds became a factor and comfortable enough to savor the joy of a great days surf.Throw in the bonus that the crews are sensational, food is great, the Bintang is always icy cold, the Skipper knows where the best waves are and that everyone has a focus of making it the best trip possible then you cannot fail to have the trip of a lifetime. The MV Midas did that and more and we have already booked again for the next 2 years as we challenge the theory that it only gets better next time around.Our first trip produced great waves with great friends and watching some of the footage again the other day I couldnt help but notice the smiles all the boys had on their faces mission accomplished as we all had the grins we had as kids, the stories get better and the tube ride is still achievable. Life without the thrill of surfing pristine, challenging and perfect waves just cant be contemplated so if you feel the need for rejuvenation then I recommend you organize your own trip of a lifetime on the MV Midas and let the Perfect Wave Team, especially Rhonda, plan it for you. You wont be disappointed.

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