Based in beautiful Ban Nam Khem, Thailand, Thai Surf School offer family surf camps, family surf course, and surf lessons up to 20 people every time.

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Greg Hodge

Somphorn Hodge

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Miranda Moore

Thai Surf School Facebook page

Rented surfboards from here during a weekend trip to Ban Phe. The owners were absolutely fantastic! They had good prices and were very friendly. They even let us keep our valuables at the house instead of just leaving them at the beach. Would recommend 5/5!

Moris Suter

Thai Surf School Facebook page

A very nice surfspot in thailand and the owners of the school are very friendly and helpful! It is only 3 hours away from bangkok downtown and a great place to escape from the concret djungle for the weekend! Busses start feom Ekamai station in the middle of bangkok and cost only around 160 baht.The surf equipment is in a perfect condition and the prices to rent boards or to take lessons are great! We were there for three days and we had a lot of fun with a wide range of different conditions depending on the daytime as well as the weather. The waves were actually bigger then expected and at our last day the waves were about 1.5 meter/ 5 feets height which was a lot of fun! We will come back for sure!