Surpacifico Spanish School is based in Ecuador, offering Spanish, surfing, and yoga lessons in a relaxing and professional atmosphere.

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7 Day Amazing Wave Surf Camp in Manta, Manabi

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024

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Aimee Sthilaire

from United States, January 2023

"Traveling Classroom/Surf Camp"

The agency agreed to make me a special package including Spanish school and surf program, taking place one week in the Amazon and one week Manta. The also allowed me to travel with them to Montañita where I went off on my own, but was able to keep in touch with my friends from the 'traveling classroom' experience. The Gaia Lodge in the Amazon was incredible; great food, awesome tours, and friendly staff. I felt it worth the extra money for a private cabana. The host family in Manta went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable, relaxing, and educational. The two Spanish teachers were the best I have come across in all of my experiences with Spanish immersion programs. They quickly assessed my level of Spanish and offered a nice balance of structured conversation, vocabulary acquisition, and grammar work. The surf in Manta was a bit of a challenge; some days the waves were quite powerful and the instructor was concerned for my safety. Independently renting a board/getting a surf class on the beach is not easy, as it was in Montañita or Olón. Ecuador is a place of strong currents, riptides, and pounding surf so if you plan to hit the outside/green wave at a beach break, you will likely need a higher level of conditioning than in other places. If you are an experienced surfer, be sure to communicate this prior to arrival as most students were novices and never got out of the white wash.