Surfer Paradise

Surfer Paradise's mission is to cultivate love and respect for the ocean by building trust, developing character, and inspiring safety, fun, and learning.

Surf Camps (1)

7 Days Refreshing Surf Camp Senegal

Available all year round
    from US$541
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    Instructors (1)

    Oumar Seye

    Oumar is Senegalese professional surfer. It all started in 1998 when he went to Europe to pursue his passion: surfing. Being a young, talented, ambitious, and open-minded man, he is very early noticed by the prestigious American brand, Rosty, with which he signed his first contract as a professional surfer.

    Testimonials (3)

    Mayita Rose Mendjisky

    Surfer Paradise Facebook page

    All day every week-end dayzzz!

    Yann Ballerin

    Surfer Paradise Facebook page

    The Best place to BE. Very Nice place with amaizing people

    Ottee Ey

    Surfer Paradise Facebook page

    Great spirit! Nice place. The owner is a great person.

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