Surf with Amigas

Chinandega, Nicaragua

Surf with Amigas hosts many retreats for women every year in Central America including El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama for all levels of surfers.

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  • Madeleine Canada

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    This is a week you will never forget, the surf instructors are talented, warm and super fun. The yoga was wonderful, the food was amazing, the days were packed full of different adventures or you could just laze about in your hammock.

  • Cindy California, USA

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    It’s been two weeks since my return from Surf with Amigas in Northern Nicaragua and I am still buzzing over the entire experience. WOW! It was so much more than I had imagined. Holly Beck and her team of instructors were incredible… patient, personable, talented and totally good people! I learned so much from them in the ocean and out. They created an atmosphere of fun and trust and pushed us to our limits, but no further than what we could handle. They had us frothing for more as we pursued each day’s activities which included surfing, yoga, volcano boarding, horseback riding and even kickball with the local community. Every day was a special treat! And the camaraderie… such a huge part of the experience! Meeting and bonding with positive-minded amigas from across the world was food for the soul. I arrived at Coco Loco Resort with just one friend, but left with 20 new friends… my surf amigas! If you want to learn how to surf or just need to refuel and rejuvenate, Surf with Amigas is the retreat for you. I loved everything about them and will most definitely return for a repeat sesh in the not so distant future. Kudos to you Surf with Amigas for creating an unparalleled experience! You guys rock!!!

    Cheers, Stitch :-)

  • Sondra

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    I went on this retreat by myself, and I left with 16 friends for life. The waves in Northern Nicaragua are just perfect. Lots of surfing time! But lots of relaxing yoga and pool/lounging time as well. The meals were all fresh and tasty - FOUR meals a day! Despite this, I lost 3 pounds on this vacation. Overall, this was a trip of a lifetime. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Nicole Daniels

    Surf with Amigas Tripadvisor

    If you are considering booking a retreat with Surf with Amigas, do it! This trip was so incredible. Every part of it. First of all, I was the least experienced with surfing and the coaches and the amazing girls I met were so helpful and encouraging! There is coaching in the water, coaching on land and videos to review after each surf to help with technique. The week was packed full of adventure, there was surf and yoga everyday, horseback rides, hiking to waterfalls, a boat ride to surf, a girls night out, chocolate making and a wildlife hike! Just incredible. All of this and there was still enough downtime to feel rested up for the next adventure.

    I cannot forget to mention the food too because, oh my goodness, everything was so delicious! I’m now home and trying to recreate all of the meals I was lucky enough to get at this retreat. This was such a great experience all around and I know I now have lifelong friends from this trip. I will be back the first chance I get!

  • Sarah S

    Surf with Amigas Tripadvisor

    This is my second trip with Surf with Amigas and I honestly did not think a vacation could have been any better than my last trip with them in February 2016 in Costa Rica. Truly amazing in every way! The surf and yoga instructors, accommodations, food, location, Magnific Rock staff, zip lining, volunteering for an afternoon with a 15 kids from the local area and all the new friends you meet and bond with are hands down an epic adventure that I promise you will never forget! You will not find a better surf and yoga retreat in my opinion. I love the outdoors and adventure without crowds mixed in with a spectacular places that not many people know about or have seen. I am extremely lucky to have found this retreat and plan doing another one in Panama next year!

  • Susan C. Texas, USA

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    I have been on all types of trips but this one has stabbed its place at the top easily. I went alone and immediately felt the great energy and friendliness of the surf instructors. They are there to make sure you improve your surf experience but also to have fun at the same time. Even though it was only a week, the closeness you felt with the instructors was very strong so it was hard to leave them. Yes, it was a kind of experience that will never make you feel alone or bored.

  • Marti K. California, USA

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    I went on a Costa Rica retreat and had previously done a Nicaragua retreat. The surf was a lot of fun. The instructors were fun and insured we caught a lot of waves. The water is super warm. The instructors were very laid back in that you didn't have to surf. I actually went on a bike ride and explored the area one day. The horseback riding was phenomenal. It was a jungle tour and then running on the beach. The staff were very nice. The accommodations were what to be expected. We were in a dorm type room and shared with 4 other women. It was right in front of the beach so I could hear the waves crashing at night.

  • a traveler New York, USA

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    I did two Surf with Amigas retreats in 2015, both in Nicaragua. They were both fantastic. The instructors work very hard to make sure you learn, feel safe, and push yourself to the limit you are comfortable with. The food is also authentic and delicious. There is a reason everyone is obsessed with second breakfast-my favorite meal of the day!

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